Tuesday, August 29, 2006

What a great day we have had today!!! Last night Chase had his first soccer practice!!!! We carpooled with his buddy...they live across the street and is on the same team...how cool is that arrangement? The fact that I like his mom and dad is really cool too! Tyler (Chase's friend)told his mom...I really hope we don't miss them...it would be a shame if you and Tracy dont' get to spend some time talking! hahahahah..how funny is that?!?

So..I was reallllly proud of the way Chase paid attention at soccer. I was worried since he was tired (does not even like the WORD nap anymore!) and he didn't pay attention during t-ball. But he did such a great job. I liked the coach and they got right to work showing them dribbling and passing! Very impressive! I talked with some of the other moms there...they were ALL nice and sweet...not cliquish at all. I was just in heaven.

Chase, Hayden and I were really stuffed up all night and today though. The wind started to blow and they had just mowed the field. We are still a mess, lol.

School went good...I am finding her to still be relaxing---each day a bit more, though I do NOT like the way she talked with this one little girl. She is one who really likes me and she came over to me and was talking at lunch. I told her she had to go sit down at the table. Well...the teacher comes flying over and tells me...."don't let her walk all over you. she is a maniulative one....she already got in trouble with the bus driver this morning and the principal had to get involved"...then she looked at her and said in a really stronnnnngggg voice...you sit down RIGht now. So I just walked away....then when we were leaving the lunch room, she turned to the boy behind her and said something to him...I am not sure what it was...but the teacher grabbed her shoulder and spun her around and said reallllly loudly..."we DO NOT talk like that in this class....do you understand. That is not allowed"...so the little girl started crying...it was just a little unnerving. I am all for discipline...but gosh lady, lol. She tells me every day how sweet and well behaved Chase is...but I just hope I never see her grabbing on to him like that....hisssss ,lol.

Then we took Joey...a little boy that Chase had in preschool for the last two years and became good friends with...and I adore his parents and siblings...well...he is in the classroom next to ours...the one I wanted to get Chase moved in to....but I picked him up too and took them and Hayden out to my Father in laws orchard. Their cousins are visiting...Hannah is 12 and Ian is 9.....so the boys were excited. We don't get to see them much due to some issues that their parents have with the family...very long story. So they ran and played and got filthy. I made everyone lunch...my MIL is in Texas and he is very much used to having her do for him. He could do it himself...but I just thought it would be nice...especially since he is working so hard in the orchard right now. When we dropped Joey off a little bit ago...they were all so exhausted, teehehee.

So...that is that.

Today I have a new kit out at Digital Freebies (will be at SDK next week). It is the follow up Cowboy kit that some ppl were asking for! I just love working on these! It is on sale 30% off for the rest of the week.

I also am so excited to announce that I am once again on Amy Knepper's design team. I am so honored to be among the great gals she has chosen. Here is a layout I did using her newest kit at Digi Chick....Young and Carefree. It is a layout of the last trip Brandon and I took before Chase joined our family....the last time it was just the two of us. I was 8months preggo with him, lol. Click on it to make it bigger.

ok....that is all for now...love and hugs!


Melinda said...

Isn't soccer for little guys cute?! Glad the other moms are friendly. We had a good team for a couple of years and then things started to get too competitive and cliquish. It was fun for a while.
Glad Chase's teacher is settling down a bit, but I would still be keeping an eye on things too ;)

slkone said...

Colin had his first soccer practice today, too! DH took him so I didn't get to see. :( Enjoyed chatting with you last night. :) Lovin' the cowboy kit!

jane said...

i had tory in soccer for a bit...but besides one great day when she scored two goals, all she did was spin around and circles and pick flowers, lol! The teacher sounds a bit up tight i think..hopefully she will mellow out for sure.