Thursday, July 26, 2007

just dropping in to say hi and howdy. Had a lot going on this week, as usual. plus, I wasn't feeling to spry. A bit under the weather and a bit depressed, truth be told. won't get into it here, but it will pass.

I am heading to my aunt's tomorrow for the weekend. she and my mom and I and the boys. need to get away from the house and the dh for a bit and my aunt is feeling blue also. so we thought...pool, family, kiddos, margaritas, laughing and looking at photos ( I am soooooooooo missing my Gran right now too) was in order.

I am almost done with two sets of templates....some stuff for the bargain basement and for SDK...adn some fun freebies for you guys too!

I promise when I come back I will check in more.

Oh...btw. When I was on the CT at rakscraps, we talked about a digi girl trip to Vegas one day. I have been talking to some buds, and we are thinking about next year. Look at your calendars (I know it is in advance, but I have to plan these things) and I will put a poll on here soon for those who are seriously interested. I think it would be a blast. Some even thougth of bringing their dh's too. They could golf in the a.m. and we could hang...then we could all hang at night. Or we could do just a girl's trip too. (I am for that one, heheh). I will put that in the poll too. I know a girl who does party, conventions etc and can help maybe get us some deals or somethin. Too fun!!!!

ok all.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

hi guys!!!!!!!!!!!

It is already HOT here! ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh have I mentioned that I HATE the hot? what? only a bazillion times....well it is true dang it trueeeeee~

so...yesterday I was a lump. got a few things done, but was tired and a little under the weather. so today is catch up day. I have laundry, kitchen and room to do. Must print out some papers to do some crafts. Must plant flowers flowers and more flowers. Must fight and win against suckers out in garden. Stinkers grow where ever they want and will not stop.

I was looking through the gallery at DST this morn and saw this layout by Nikki. Girl has been on fire with her layouts of late. Go leave her some love while your at it...flip through her gallery for lots of inspiration. (layout used with permission)

besides being a totally awesome layout with great design...the journaling really drew me in. while looking at the pic and the childish delight going on and then reading the journaling...I became so wistful for childhood.

It made me think of how much has changed since childhood

Then and now

I ran for fun--I run only if someone is on fire

I love to play in the dirt--I do NOT like dirt anymore. I tolerate it

chocolate for breakfast was awesome--ok...hasn't changed,l ol

I trusted everyone--every one is suspicious to me...especially if my kiddos are
involved. I watch too many crime shows, lol

I liked everyone-- a lot of people irritate me...especially on the road, in the
grocery store and in the news, drunk people at public events

I would throw on whatever and just go--I worry too much what I look like

I loved myself and thought I could do anything--I am too hard on myself and always
doubt my abilities

I loved to go through boxes in the closet...might be treasure--I avoid those boxes
at all cost. They might require me to sort and figure out what
to do with them

I loved to climb trees, houses, jungle gyms, etc--very afraid of heights now

I loved to pretend to fly...wanted to be a bird--hate flying and planes

I wrote stories and poems allllllll the time as well as kept a journal--I miss
writing. I miss poems. This is as close to a journal as I get.
Though I have 5 looking at me from my shelf.

My mom and dad and aunt irritated me....hulllllooooooo what do they know.--I spend
tons of time with them. My best buds. Love them and am so thankful
for them

I believed in happily ever after and fairytales--love the concept. but now know that
they require work and maintenance. still possible though ;)

I had boundless energy and spunk--my get up and go got up and went

I would be in the pool allllllllllllllll day-- I dip in now and then get out since I
have so much to do (that is iffffff you can get my butt into a suit)

I wanted 6 kids-- WHATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT (heheheheh. though I would like
more...but SIX) heheh I have no energy for that.

Just fun to think about these things. I could go on and on. Try to remember what you were like and how you thought back then. Don't you wish you could recapture some of that. The dreams, the confidence, the energy...oh please the energy. To be a child again for a day. To laugh and jump and run. To dream and sing so loud and not care who listened. To have some one hold you in their arms and rock you as they sang. To have someone tuck you into bed. To have your booboos kissed. I wanna have a tantrum some days. I want to be king of the mountain. I want to wear a feather boa, mismatched socks and my mom's big white sunglassese to the store and claim I look fabulous to everyone who looks. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


I have a new challenge up at SDK's blog. I really really really would love if you played. I don't ask much from you...I know I know...I have a lot I ask with my spitballs, to birdcage liners, etc...but besides those ;)

So pleaseeee come play! pleaseeee heheheh (pathetic enough???)

It is about stepping outside your scrapping comfort zone. you can win a GC if you play!!!! come on over

ok my dears...of to work.

hugs and happy scrapping!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

awwwwwwwwww. you guys are just the sweetest. it warmed my heart to know that some of you missed me and even worried about me. I am so the same way,lol. My dh just doesn't understand how you can become friends and feel like you know people that you only talk to online. I feel that you get to see their most true self (in some cases...I know that there are people out there who play games and pretend to be who they aren't)....with me...what you see here is who I am (though I am a bit sillier irl,lol).

So..thank you.

and for the positive thoughts regarding our home situation. I just don't know what to do. Sometimes I just can't get over the wanting to just pack up and relocate and start a new life if you will. I have never gotten to do that...pick where I want to live and build the life I want. I have always just been a participant in other's (mom and dads and husbands) and just try to make my way in it. blah blah blah, lol

my bud Brooke wanted the recipe for the yummy chicken my dh made me the other ya go babe!!!

2tsp cipotle chile in adobo sauce (they have it at Raley's and winco)
3 tbsp lime juice
2 tbsp olive oil
1 tbsp chopped cilantro
1 1/4 tsp sugar
salt and pepper
3 med garlic cloves minced
1/4 c tequila
4 boneless skinless chicken breasts trimmed

1. Whisk together adobo, 2 tbsp lime juice, 1 tbsp olive oil, cilantro, 1/4 tsp sugar, salt pepper. set aside

2. in another bowl, whisk remaining lime juice, olive oil, sugar, salt and pepper, garlic, tequila. poor over chicken in gallon sized ziploc bag.. toss to coat. press out air and seal. refrigerate at leaset 30mins. flipping a couple times.

When time to grill:

3. remove chicken letting excess marinade drip off. place on grill. cover w/ disposable pan or tented tinfoil and cook until bottom of chicken just begins to develop light grill marks and is no longer translucent (6-9mins). Flip chicken and rotate. cover and continue to cook.6-9 more mins

4. move chicken to hottest part of grill and gook uncovered to get dark grill mars 1-2mins. flip and repeat until all the way done. remove from grill aand keep covered for a couple mins. slice and transfer to plate. drizzle reserve sauce over. garnish with cilantro and lime slices (we love a pretty plate ;)) )

oh yeahhhhh baby! I like mine a tad I would use a bit of hot sauce. just me though.

we served it with grilled mango, onions and pineapple (w/ jerk sauce and brown sugar sauce) and some grilled yellow and green squash w/ cinnamon.

so...I finally put together Tracy's Tool Box I and II. I had done one for a prize while at DF and have had requests for it to be released. So I doctored that one up and created a whole second one. Full of all the things I turn to time and time again for layouts etc. I have a commercial version as well as non commercial version available at SDK and they are 40% right now!!

And...if you run over to the sdk blog...I have a little bonus for ya ;)

I also promised you square scrappers my pirate qp resized just for you! so here ya go :))

click here to download. no selling, claiming, linking, burning, drawing ransome notes to be paid in chocolate, jotting down grocery lists to be left in car etc.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

hi my little lambchops. Have you been singing the "oh where oh where has our tracy gone...oh where oh where can she beeeeee?" Let me tell you...been wondering that myself. lol. It has been major crazyiness with a cap C in this house! Seriously.

First and foremost...still trying to figure out what to do with my mom and dad. Man. She doesn't want to stay in their house since A) she wants to be up here with us b) with retiring 1 1/2 yr early her funds are a lot smaller than they would have been c) if she lived with us, she would have someone to take care of the house while she and dad traveled more (and they would have more money to do so).

So...we looked at houses. and houses. and houses. we found two we really liked. we figured we needed at least 5 bedrooms and someway that my dad could have a little room or extra space to go to watch tv and play on his puter away from us. My aunt was going to have to buy the house and pay the mortgage until we sold our two houses. (she makes very good money and is not married nor has children so she was looking for an investment) well....yesterday she told us she can only pay xyz a month. We cannot come up with the rest until the houses sell. So it all just blew up in smoke. And our house is too small for all of to live according to dad. So my mom and I have the blues and are totally stressed. And I feel like we wasted so much time!!! I wish she would have told us in the beginning what she could and could not do. She know that my family currently lives paycheck to paycheck...and with bran's job...we never no when one will come having your own business ya know....and my mom and dad are now both retired. sigh. so there ya have it.

I am still on the search for cool hybrid projects to make. I am GOING to do some I mean it!!!

Here are a couple I just had to share with you!!

My buddie Melinda and friends have some great ones up at dani's team blog...girltalk

those girls never fail to inspire me.

I found this blog and love her and her projects Julie Ann Shahin scroll through her posts to get some great ideas

My digital muse always has some fun hybrid challenges to try out....check them out here

also...look through the scrapgypsies team gallery and member gallery for great ideas

one cannot forget DST's hybrid gallery

here are a couple great places I found free templates for projects: happy scrapping here girls!

love those stampers...never fail to dissappoint me.

so much more. just google what you want to gift card holder templates. accordian album templates etc. so many uber taleneted ppl out there.

in other news....I have got some layouts done....that is a good thing. the bad thing is the reason I have is I am having my insomnia again. It happens anytime I am stressed. I go to sleep just fine....but wake up anywhere from 1 to 3a and can NOT go back to sleep no matter what I do. So I have been scrappin a bit. here is what I have come up with.

used miss mint's (peppermint creative)party pants kit for this one. isn't she ever so generous to share her talents with us for free every month. wow.

for this one I used Jan Hosford's Craft drawer kit from Scrapdish (background paper from her Jan's garden spot kit from scrapbook elements)

used all jessical bolton goodies from scrapbookgraphicsfor this one of chase and his kindy teacher

and of course...I have a goodie for you. The two pager that I did with miss mint's wonderful kit....I made a template for ya (well...two,lol) a bit more simple than my normal...but you can dress it up as you see fit.

as usual....use it to create your own personal pages or pages for someone else. Do not sell the template, do not include on your site. do not direct link to the template...send them here. Do not claim as your own. Don't let your children make it into little balls and stick up their noses. or ears. or someone else's noses or ears. Do not tear into little strips to use as packing material. And for goodness sakes don't let your dh fold them up and put under his hat or arms to catch perspiration as he mows the lawn or does other yard duties click here to download
those of you aching for another set of 8.5x11 templates...they should be released this weekend.
hugs and happy scrapping

Monday, July 09, 2007

hi chiquita bananas! how are you all today? I hope wonderful. I am well rested and happy for once on a monday,lol. bran (dh) watched the boys quite a bit so I could rest and get some things done. and then he cooked me the most amazing dinner last night. yum yum. tequila, lime, spicy chicken; grilled jerk pineapple and mango; pasta with alfredo sauce and red peppers and sundried tomatoes; yellow and green squash with onions and cinnamon and bread. yum yum. I am going to restart my diet today (yes AGAIN smart alecs) and he made my fave things for me. what a dream boat he can be.

the boys have been pretty good ;)

my mom is coming up today.

how much better can it get,lol.

thougth I would share some things I have found lately.

I realllly want this...forearm forklift. We do a lot of lifting in my family and it just seems like I have to have it!

and this seen on tv guys...they always beat the prices of the informercials, lol

Just finished reading Khaled Hosseini's second novel, A Thousand Splendid Suns (the author of hte kite runner). Wow. I loved it! I didn't want to put it down. I was drawn to the characters instantly. Felt their emotions as if they were my own. I was able to follow all that went on in their contry and learned a lot too. Just a wonderfully written book. I can't wait to see what he writes next.

I have a deep fear going on right now. I don't spend A LOT of time here on the puter...but am starting to get carple tunnel. my wrist kills, fingers are swollen, pad of palm under thumb hurts and is numb. feeling it now in forearm. I have tried to fix my a gel the exercises. Any help and advice is welcomed...I hate to think I might have to step away from my beloved scrapping. shivering in horror.

anyhoos. here are a couple new pages (still trying to finish that shutterfly book :) )

phewwww. still a lot to go,lol.

does anyone have a konica minolta dimage z10 camera??? I still don't know how to use it well and it will be awhile before I can get a new camera...sighhhh,lol.

I am also looking for some good hybrid ideas and templates. have the urge to get my hands dirty again in crafting. any links etc appreciated.

and why oh why haven't more of you sent in your words for the bingo game? hmmmmm. I ask with hands on hip. hurumph!

and I thought I would share the page I made for the pirate...workign on a 12x12 for you too. but here is the rectangle for now. all made by me. used a paper from alec on and his idea for the map. I am going to make a mini kit to use as a prize for some future contest ;) any ideas or desires for the kit???

click here to download...leave me a hello and a howdy....I really do read them.
Please no selling, claiming, sharing. No rolling up and using as a ball for badmitton (sp). No using to fill the holes in swingset so wasps can't get in. No filling potholes in the grass with it. bad girls bad girls.

hugs and happy scrapping.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy 4th everyone!!! Anyone have some fun plans? We are hanging low. We used to have a big shindig every year at my aunt's and everything. Lasted like a week. But things have changed over the year...have had some family problems and then, with my gran's passing, we don't really feel like it. My mom, dad and aunt are heading up to Lake Tahoe and my little family will just set off some fireworks tonight. I have never really been all that into the whole thing.

I am having MAJOR computer issues. My adobe photoshop keeps closing while I am trying to open things. My windows folders keep closing down too. I have run spyware and virus checks. Ran clean up. I just don't know what is wrong and I am sooooooo sad. Today is REALLY bad. Can't even work on anything. sniff sniff sniff. Any clues guys?

Yesterday it did work for quite awhile so I got a freebie done for you...and it is a square! ;)

click here to download...leave me a hi and a hello. Don't sell, share, claim or anything bad! REmember karma people heheh. Also. Don't fold into sharp little nija stars and throw them at teenager's who are skateboarding in the street and loose control and the board goes flying into your car (ok ok...a tad bitter, heheh), no trying to light them into sparklers tonight, no making paper boots and putting your animals in them in the pool! Just have fun!

I also have a set of 7 12x12 templates over in the bargain basement for you ( most were one time freebies so make sure you don't have them before you buy them. 7 for $3. I will hopefully have another set of rectangles finished for you guys (glad you liked them ;0 ) as soon as this computer starts behaving. :(((((((((( to look for some answers to this problem before the boys come home.

hugs and happy scrapping! enjoy your day!

Monday, July 02, 2007

hi cupcakes! I am home and halfway sane. man what a trip,lol.

The weather was fantabulous! I have never had it so good there (we went to Fort Bragg). We found a great campsite for us and a pretty good one for our friends. Set up really quick and then Bran and dsd Brea went Ab diving. Came back with 4 (brea got one yay!!!)

Friends got there and we cooked up the ab and chowed and visited.

Next day Bran, Brea and Jim went out diving and we hung out at camp. well...our friends brought along a buddy for their 13 yr old son and the boys felt the need to torture and attack the two older boys. They were very good sports about the whole thing but you can guess that they had had enough. There was also a 4 yr old next door for the boys to play our camp!! Talk about melee (me·lee ( ) also mê·lée ( ) n. Confused, hand-to-hand fighting in a pitched battle. A violent free-for-all.) YIKES. Cahhhhhh raaaaaaaa zeeeeeeeee especially with Hayden's new found love of whining and fit throwing. Terrible twos my foot. It is so terrible threes...don't care what you say.

Brea left later that day and we had hamburgers and corn for dinner and played this game called apples to apples. It was actually pretty fun (especially after the kids went to bed and we started sipping MoJo's on the Go Go margaritas. OMG...the BEST margarita mix I have EVER had! EVAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! I should have bought some more to bring home but thought that to be dangerous. Couldn't find a website for ya'll.

The beach was nice, lots of rock climbing and walking.

Overall it was fun but I am tired Yeehawwww.

today I am trying to find my house and put all the crud away...oh the joys of the end of camping. yuckkk and bleahhhhhh

No template today or new layouts...but I do have a couple fun things.

My part of the June supa mega kit is released and free right now. If you like it, you can tell me here ;)

I am also having a bingo hunt over at SDK. The winner gets a $5 GC to my store and everyone gets a mini kit for free. Hurry over and pick your words and email them to me to play!!!

(while there...check out the new releases the girls have out...really cute and dirt cheap at 40% off!!!) to cleannnnnn! Hope to have something fun for you tomorrow!

hugs and happy scrapping!!