Thursday, February 28, 2008

Is it spring yet? Please? I am so sick of being sick. I got the tummy bug. BAD. The boys so far don't have it. I have been dealing with the loss of my stash of fun on my EHD. I am pretty sure going to go with Mozy. I have almost recaptured most things I bought. I lost a few layouts and some goodies I have created. sigh. But NO pics. phewwww.

I celebrated birthdays (mine and Hayden's) to come soon.

Hayden had his four year old check up. All ok...except...get this...higher than normal Lead levels. Almost at level 6....they put on special meds and really worry at 10. Not enough to panic....but enough to say what the heck!! She said we DEF need to figure what is causing it and get away from it or problems WILL happen. I checked the recall lists...we don't have ANY of those toys. But...I am wanting to throw every toy we have away. Chase and I go in for testing next week. She said it could explain his anemia and headaches. If anyone has advice I would love it. We live in a 10 yr old home in California. No lead paint. We don't work around lead. We don't know anyone who does/has either. So I am stumped. news coming up....teaser alert teaser alert. Wanna know how you can get this kit? hmmmmm. And other fun stuff? hmmmm. stay tuned....details coming soon.

I also released two goodies from my vault (I took some things out to give as a bonus)....and for super deal cheap. Click here to go to Scrapdish store

let's hear it for the boy....$1.00

and funky town...$1.25

and cause I love ya'll....a little bonus to The Boy....(stay tuned..might be a bonus for funky town soon) ;)If you got the original a long time ago...this was in it.

click here to download. please don't' share...send them here. And say hi! tell me What fun plans you have for spring! I am so excited it is almost here! woohooooo! to finish prepping for tonights Spaghetti Dinner for Chase's school. I need to pick up last min stuff for our raffle baskets and go help set up.

hugs to you all. have a fun day!!!


Saturday, February 16, 2008

It's my birthday and I will shake it if I want to!!! wooohooooo! watch out...once this thing starts shakin...never know when it will stop or how far it will go!

I have had a great morning...breakfast, flowers, singing tinker bell balloon from the boys and lots of kisses! ahhhh. Now I get to scrap! woohooooooo!

but...before I go play...I wanted to share with you all. I have received so much happiness from this community. Met some great people. It has helped me through some tough times.

So...with out further ado....for YOU all.

a card, envelope and template. (click image to see larger preview)

click here to download.

please do say hello. please do NOT share, sell, claim, alter and do the previous. Do not play fetch with your bearded dragon. do not line your cupboards and/or drawers. do not line your pickup with and then haul dirt and rock for your garden prep. do not throw at cute guy in car next to you to get his attention.....with your friend's phone number since you are either a chicken, involved already, wanting to hook up your friend....or to really embarrass her since she irritated you the other day. Just enjoy and have fun with.

and a re-release of my bday kit...for $1.00 through the end of this month (in honor of bdays heheh) at scrapdish (plus I extended the template super sale).

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day....wooohooooo!

I love this holiday, but I think I am too tired to enjoy it, lol. Hayden was up from 10:30p to 3:45a wanting to be held and just crying about his ear. I tried everything....we are on our way to dr now. poooooor guys.

also....last couple days for sale...then my templates will be back to normal price...see the previews below.

Here is a little goodie for you today...I gave it out a year or so ago....but someone asked me about it a month I thought today would be great to share it.

click here to download. make a sweet heart card out of it...I even have a free card and envelope template a few posts down!

Also...grab the fun heart shape masks in the post below...towards the middle...will take them down soon.(they look like this....)

To use...just drag your paper(s) over them and group/clip. easy peasy.

I will put up some better directions...but there is an instruction sheet in the download!!

have a wonderful dayyyyyyyyy!

Monday, February 11, 2008

The best laid often go awry! It seems like every time I make a plan to get organized, blog more, get more done...something happens. This time it was the cootie bugs! Chase got sick on Sunday night...lasttttt Sunday. And boy did he get sick. Started as a cold, went into bronchitis, then he was throwing up mucus and crying that his cheek and jaw hurt. went to dr and he had sinus and ear infection. he is finallllyyyy feeling better though still choked up. Bran and Hayden have been sick for days now...and now I am getting it. holy moly! this is crazy!

But annnywaayyyys. Not going to go all wahhhh wahhhh poor me tooooo much ;)

So....what have I been doing at 1am after I finally get Chase to sleep??? I have been preparing for Scrapdish's awesome sale! Wooohoooo

Almost everything is on sale in my part of the store 20-50%.

Here are some of the new goodies:

New Templates w/Attitude set 11 available in 12x12 and 8.5x11

New Templates w/Attitude Love Edition available in 12x12 and 8.5x11 (These are made with love on the mind...but definitely not limited to only valentines layouts. they can be used for anything and everything!!)

Alphatime--a pack of seven alphas

and as a little gift for my readers....Toolbox4 bonus (shape masks) just place your papers over the different shapes for great fun results!

click here to download...make sure to leave me a little never know when I might give a little giftie to a commenter ;)

I would like to show off some of my buddie's goodies on sale at Scrapdish too.

First...they hybrid queen Melinda...

Make your own unique gift bags for any person or occasion with this digicraft template collection.
The templates are designed so that you can print them on a standard letter-size printer, even the largest bag size.

There are 4 different sizes:
Mini- 3.75x4.5x 2 inches,
Small- 5x7x3 inches,
Medium- 6x10x4 inches
Large- 9x10.5x6 inches
They are available individually, or you can buy the whole collection and save.

and Kim Jensen the queen of unique elements

Now...non scrapdish items. my friend Kim Hill (from scrapbook-elements, CGessentials and A Cherry On Top) has released some fab goodies. to put up some more super deals for you all...and there will be some more freebies too...this is my bday week after all, lol!

Friday, February 01, 2008

Welcome to my fave month!!! FEBRUARY! Love the month of Love. The month I was born. The month Hayden was born! The chaos of the holidays is gone. The promise of spring is around the corner. This month makes me warm and fuzzy. The possibilities seem endless. The energy is returning! I just love it! And tons of fun things are happening in digi land!!! I am so excited. The designers are cranking out gorgeous goodies for us to use...and I have been scrapping my little heart out. What does that mean for ya'll?? It means I have new templates for you!!!!

Templates w/Attitude Love Edition! Available in three sizes...12x12, 8.5x11 and a new 6x6 size (these are slightly different than the larger version.) Click here to go to my Scrapdish store

here are some bigger views of the 12x12

and here is a template share for you....12x12. I hope you like it...leave me a hello and a howdy! don't use it for papers when highlighting hair, for hate notes on the 14th, for covering your plants during the freeze, for trying to scrape off your windshields, for floor mats in your car...just make pretties with it,l ol! no sharing no claiming, no selling etc etc.

click here to download--link fixed

click here for rectangle version:
I have to lots of cleaning to do...we are having the girls over tonight.

but I hope to get back to lots to tell ya!

hugs and happy scrapping!!