Wednesday, June 28, 2006

So excited for DEB! Her Stop! layout is the digi pick of the day! Whhoooooootttttt!
uh huh...go Deb...shake your bon bon! lol. Awesome job babe! I told you I have some of the most talented gals on my design team! And...I finally get to see my kit on her site, lol. Here is her layout...using the newest Creative Expression kit I released.

Love the layout and the journaling.

Go leave her some comments here. Look at some of her other awesome layouts while you are there.

I really love how Melissa really pays attention to the layouts she puts up there. She always has in depth things to say about them. It really makes the layout creator feel like someone is really looking at and appreciating their work! REally awesome Melissa. Go check out what she said here

Off to hit the showers...pack up the car and go visit my aunt and grandparents again. More later! Have a fab dayyyyyy!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

ok....wanted to get this up before I forget. Here is the prize I am giving for doing the two sketch challenges for June over at Digital Freebies. You get one part for each challenge. Now...the first is already over, but if you go do it...and say, said I could on your blog....I will still give you the first part of the prize. Cause I am in such a good mood, lol.

Now...I am going to turn this into a full kit. And I need your help. What should we name it and what other elements would you like to for a theme or just in general. Let's bout you have till Sunday morning to cast your votes. You can email them to me at or you can post them here. I will post the winner then...if anyone votes, lol. Winners will get the full kit when it is done.

hugs...have a cranky boy wanting me.
well....I made it through yesterday ok, lol. Though...I did not get all my errands done. know what I will be doing today. Other than that...not much to talk about yet. Sad isn't it? The woman who never stops talking having nothing to say.

I am going to try to find something fun to do with the boys today. It is so stinking hot and muggy that we don't want to go outside...but they get so stir crazy doing art all day ,lol. So...will let you know what trouble we get into, lol

I do know that there are lots of great sales out there right now. You know Khristy...the one who's cute kit I showed you below? Well...they are having a super huge sale. You can get most of the stuff (including that kit) like 50% off. The Daily Scrap. Cute stuff there.

Digital Freebies is having another 40% blowout sale! wooohooo. All my kits are on sale! Take a look at some of them I have in it!

Even my brand new one...creative expression...scroll down to see it, is on sale.

have a great day...will check in later today...hopefully with a layout or two.

Monday, June 26, 2006

First a little scrap news...made a new scrapping friend....Khristy Schmidt. She has been around Raks and TDS for a long time...but never really got to know her. She was sweet enough to give me love on her blog and I hope to get to know her better on Hello...yesssssss I will be getting my butt back on there. Been scolded lately from Jane, Missy, MaryAnn and Julie. lol. She showed me one of her kits that I just loveeeee. You have to see it.

isn't that just cutesttttt?

You can get it here as well as see more of her awesome designs. I found lots I want.

Here it is....another hot and humid day in Northern California. The boys and I didn't get up til 8:40a....since we were up half the night. Not sure what was in the air...but Hayden and I could not we hung out together and cuddled while we watched cartoons. It must be a moon cycle thing...I was born Feb 16th and he was born the if you are a fellow aquarian and couldn't sleep last night...let me know. I am curious. hehe.

So...I am learning some things about life. It is messy. It is loud. It is nothing if not ever changing. It is complicated. It is glorious. It is inspiring. It is all about learning. One thing I am not so great with is change....especially in plans. And boy do I have to roll with it this week. I am being tested, lol. Due to Brandon's work...we won't be going on the vacation like we planned. We are now not leaving until Saturday, won't make it to the reunion, will miss the party like we planned. Geesh. But I am being ice baby! wink

I am also struggling with this time management and organization thing. I have like 16 balls in the air, two arms flailing about and no one taught me to juggle. My mind is just spinning out of control.

So...this is what I have going on today.

1. Go get paper from doctor and get it to chase's school
2. Find out where to register that boy in soccer and do
3. finish baby shower invitations and mail out
4. mail out kim's package
5. get phone chargers from store
6. get some short sleeve shirts...ackk those armmmmms, lol
7. finish laundry
8. Call Becky and cancell party and see if she sent out her stuff
9. Get menus from Caterer's to my MIL

come home and drinkkkkkk

cracking up. Be back later sweeties.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Happy Sunday!!! Hope everyone is great! I am a little sleepy...had bizarre dreams all night that made it hard to go back to sleep. Hayden did NOT understand that when I told him....let momma sleep a little bit longer this morning angel. lol will be spent cleaning house, finishing up laundry and getting ready for our trip. We were going to leave tomorrow, but it looks like it will be Tuesday or Wed at the latest. Daddy still has a lot of work to finish before we go.

Speaking of getting ready for trips....I am making a list so I don't forget something. What is it that you always HAVE to have on a trip with kiddos (remember...we will be camping for a couple of the nights) First on my list is a good first aid kit I put together...with my little accident prone monkeys...this is a must. What is it that you always wished you had brought...but always forget?

Oh...and the name this kit is cancelled. Not enough time, lol. But...we will do one soon, I promise.

Since I felt bad about that, I made a little freebie to go with the new kit....feel free to grab it...just please leave a comment if you do. Also....just because I am giving it away free here...please don't think that you can do the same. Just send them over to the old blog to get it, ok? Pretty Please. I made it, so I should get to be the one to give it away.

Down load it here
The new kit is done...I had to stop myself....I could have just kept going...really like the colors and the concept. I have a feeling more will come from this, lol.

Here is the finished kit: It will be released on Tuesday at Digital Freebies...I really like this one for some reason. Not that I don't like all my kits...this one just really sits well with me.

The doodles I drew to make the flower paper etc will be a freebie from Digital Freebies soon.

Have a great day!!

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Meet my newest CT member...Stacey Schweiger. I am so excited to add her to my team. I first "met" Stacey at Rakscraps...she has been a very active member...joining in the forum chitchat, the challenges and the daily banter. I lover her layouts (which you can see here in her gallery) and thought she would make an awesome addition to my team!

I look forward to getting to know her better, making her my friend and sharing this journey with her and the other wonderful ladies on my team.

Read more about Stacey here:

My name is Stacey and I'm 31 years old. I've been married for 6 years to Carl, who is a Chemical Engineer. We live in a suburb just outside of Austin, TX with our two little guys. Colin is 4 and Alex is 18 months.

Currently I am a SAHM to my boys, but in my "previous" life I was an RN. I occasionally miss my working girl days, mostly because I miss the adult interaction, but I keep active in local moms groups and, of course, RAKScraps to get some sort of daily intellectual stimulation! :)

I've been scrapbooking for about 3 years and started digiscrapping in September 2005. I still have my paper supplies and I do occasionally use them but only for things like making cards and altered journals. I don't think I'll ever go back to traditional scrapbooking again!

I am so excited and honored to be a part of Tracy's team!
Ooopsss...just realized I forgot to post the winners.

The last two to win my birthday doodle add-on kit are shawna and michelle!!!

The winner of both kits is MaryEllen!! Woohhooo....I will contact you via email.

hugs and smooches!

Friday, June 23, 2006


ok. so...I have never claimed to be a rocket scientist. Nor any other super genius type of person. But I thought I was reasonably smart. Not so, my friends, not so.

I had received an email from paypal....stating that I needed to update my records. So...I clicked the link, went to my paypal acct (where the link took me) and filled in all the requested information.

What part of "does not ever ask for you personal information via email" did I not understand when I registered????

So....I logged on to my email guess what...someone made a payment from my paypal acct....wasn't me. So....I spent my morning contacting paypal, my bank, the credit beaureaus,etc...what a fun way to spend the day. sigh.......

NEVER EVER EVER EVER give out this info!!!

so..on to other not so stupid me news.....

the boys and I have spent the last several days with my aunt and grandparents. We were hot...she has pool...they miss us....we miss them.... = go visit

boys had a great time frolicking in the pool...I waited on everyone and tried to work on computer...not so easy. EVERYONE wanted to chat or be held. not so bad actually.

We will spend the weekend getting ready for our trip. Not sure if I shared or not...we will be going to hubby's family reunion in Oregon. We will camp our way up there, stay in Seaside, go to the shindig, then come on home. I cannot wait to see how the boys do.

I am spending all free time trying to get all prizes etc ready to pass my freebie contribution for SDK and Raks.

I guess I will jump on the bandwagon in the design community...Name this Kit. I will Release it Tuesday...not much time I know. It is not completed, but you can get the gist of it here. There will be some more elements added. Please email me your name idea and your email addy here so I can contact you * Winners will receive this kit for free.

what I have done so far:

some close ups of the elements

and here is a close up of some of the papers

So...I have some answers to questions I saw on Ash's Blog:


wowza kowbowza batman...we have scars!!!! hmmmmm....I have a big un on my right elow from the pizza one of my jobs


some asian latern/candle/scones; some art work from the boys; some dried wild flowers


average black flip phone


I love old school, alternative, top 40, jazz

the boys

to be out of debt and to have the money to fix up the house


my old body and self confidence

12:03 pm

retired lawyer...golfer guy

hmmmmm......before of lies and wasted time...I was just passing time with him...nothing serious


shhhhh....yes I do


Mrs Gator at Rakscraps....story of her son's friend's death


I love the discontinued bath and body works White amber and ginger

usually dark and dark


yes...though I am trying to get off them...both drugs and things like shopping and eating

diet soda

pepperoni, olive and pineapple


I would like a really yummy Dairy Queen Blizzard...made by me


hmmmmmm....I guess the a %#@@@@ who stole my info

a tiny bit of spanish,...took 5yrs of it but lost most of it

Now...some for you.

What makes you want to read a blog....I am curious as I only read the ones of my friends or that seem to get the most traffic..just cause I have to see, lol

So...what attracts you??



Juicy Storyline??

To see what the hoopla is?

list as many as apply...also write other things that apply

I am not really trying to get my readership higher...I am just curious about the human psyche. you always, almost always, rarely or never leave comments for the blogs you read.

For the most part...I leave comments when I read them. There are some that I don't though. I guess the one's that have a super amount of traffic...I figure they won't even read themm if I leave them. For those...I only leave a comment if I really like something they said...or if I downloaded or used something of theirs. My goal is to start leaving comments no matter what. to do 2 more loads of laundry, get boys in jammies, read to them..collapse under a is still so hottttttt.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

helllooooo again. I don't know why every time I talk on this blog, I feel like I have to say hello. Isn't that funny???

So....not much has been going on....but I know you are DYING to know, lol

Let's see...last night I got to meet with some ladies from the Preschool's new board. I got to give my huge binder full of the disks I made, plus lots of notes over to the new vice president. You have NOOOO idea what a huge weight off of me that was. Now....let's have a bit of background info shall we?

When I first got talked into running for the VicePresident of the school's board, I thought...sure why not? I used to do all the scheduling for a State Senator!! I made all his appointments, his engagements, got all the staff scheduled for meetings etc. After that...I moved on to doing ALLLLLL the travel for the entire State Legislature of California. The three of us did it all. Regular trips, delegations name it we did it. How hard could it be to do this?

Well....after being elected, my husband lost his job and decided to work for himself. We started having lots of "domestic" problems. My youngest son (who had lots of health problems) also started to become quite the handful. That combined with the normal goings on of a Stay-at-home mom aka Domestic Diva...I kind of lost my organizational skills, lol. That combined with the neurosies of a lot of ummmmmm interesting was a LONG Flippin year. the future...YESSSS I want to be involved...NOOOO i do not want so much to self...just say no!

On to other news...I told you I have rejoined the gym. I have actually even gotten to work out. Hayden (who last time cried for me so hard that they would come get me and have to leave) has let me get an hour to an hour and 10 mins each time. He is sad when I come to get him, but he is doing better. I try not to feel guilty...when mommy is happy...everyone is is only an hour for myself, etc etc...but the thought of him crying for me just hurts my heart.

Funny story alert:

So Bran took the boys to Sonic for lunch. They got these little squirt guns in their meals and Chase asked what it was called. Bran read the package: Sonic Squirters. They played and all of a sudden, Hayden bounced the squirter off of Brother's head. Chase flopped around all silly and dramatic and said in a really funny voice: "Woahhhhh....I guess that is what they mean by a Sonic Boom"" Bran started laughing and laughing. That little four year old just cracks me up all of the time...he is always saying funny things like that. Silly monkey boy.

Then today...we are all hanging out...and the boys are showing us their muscles...Bran observes for a bit and comments....Chase is built like me and Hayden is built like you...chunkier. I sat for a min and said..."you do realize how that sounded don't you". He looked sheepish and said..."no, no!! I meant that you get muscles so easily when you work out". I just laughed. He is such the silver tongued devil, isn't he.

When I was pregnant with Chase I was sad that I was getting bigger...I said..."I am not your delicate flower anymore." He said..."there is just more petals to pluck, lol. Poor guy.

Chase and Hayden have been asking for a baby sister...and I am done having kiddos..not by choice, but dictated by health.

Here is Hayden holding baby Madeline...our dear friend's baby.

Here is a layout of Chase's first Christmas trip to smmmmallll.

I used Santa Line by Erica of Timeless Memories

Here is a layout I just loveeeee. I put so much work into this. I cut out all the little squares and applied atomic cupcake's inked edge action to them all. Then stitching, scalloped name it.

I used Miss Mint's South Hampton Kit from Peppermint this kit.

My mom holding Chase for the first time.

Here is another layout I love...put a lot of work into it too. Cut out all the shapes from the kit's papers. Got the idea for that from Gabby Fekete's Top Dog layout in Scrapbook Answers April issue

Here is the preview for an add-on to Raks' June Mega Kit. I made it as a posting prize for my Sizzling Summer Scheme Challenge It's almost over, so run over and join in.

ok...that is all for now...hope you are all doing awesome! love and kisses.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

happpyyyyy Thursday! was great to have everyone at the Raks Exchange club Chat! We always have a great time, don't we? I laugh so hard with ya'll, hahahahha. For those of you who don't know what it is....we meet every month (usually on the 14th). We get kits that are donated to us and we make quick pages or ploppers if you will. Then you upload yours to some server and then email me the links. Around the 11th I send out the links to everyone...waalaaaa. you have a whole bunch of premade pages to play with. And you get kits....what more can you ask?

After the chat my momma came over...boy have I missed her! She is a 911 dispatcher for the University of California Davis. They have been working her to the bone!!! Poor momma. and poor us...the boys miss her like crazy!!! So we hung out and talked and played squirt guns and talked and talked and did I mention talked? lol. My mom is my best buddy and we get a long splendidly! She spent the night which Chase just loved! Today we will hit Khol's, Sams Club and lunch before she leaves. I STILL haven't cleaned the house yet!!! Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...I mean it is BADDDDDDD!

Oh...and guess what???? I re-joined the gym! I know I know...I said I didn't want to go because we have the bike, treadmill and elipitcal trainer here at the house...but this is what was happening. Boys climbing on me and machines, hubby coming in to ask where something was, someone coming to the door, phone ringing and I let it go to answering machine and it was someone I NEEDED to talk to, me looking at house going "man I should be cleaning" boys coming in asking to play or getting into a fight with eachother! sigh. So...I rejoined. $20 a month (they let me back in under my old rate thankfully or it would be no way). I went yesterday. Took it slow since I am still not feeling too great. But...I have have have to get healthy again. Plus...I wanna wear all these cute clothes and not look hideous, lol.

Brandon (hubby) and I are getting a long a lot better. We are making a real effort to be more affecionate with each other, to talk, etc. We are making up a schedule of nights he can work late, nights that will be for family and nights for me to "work" aka scrap, lol. I actually am starting to like him a little bit again, lol. It is so funny...when we hug or kiss...the boys are like ewwwwwwwwwww and then run between us for group hugs. It is so cute. is the last part of the blog bonus. geeshhh...promise not to drag the next one out like and Shawna was Tuesday's winner! woohooo.

click here for freebie part 4 leave a comment for a chance to win

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Read through all the hoopla to get part three of the freebie, lol.

Hi all...boy it has been a tad long since I have been able to blog...haven't been on the computer much at all, actually. Been a little under the weather again.

But back and feeling pretty good.

What have we been up to...let's see.

Thursday I took the boys to the mall and target...boy was that fun let me tell you. They both argued and just picked on each other. At the mall I let them run in the play area. Bent down to kiss Chase on his head....and OUCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Didn't know he was jumping up at the same time. His head went super hard into my mouth! Man aliveeeeeee. Hurt sooooooo badly. Blood coming down my chin (my big front tooth went straight into my lip). It was super swollen and the darkest of purples. Oh so pleasant since we were taking our friends out to dinner for their birthdays that same night, sigh. So...I got dressed up and did my eyes really pretty so you wouldn't look at my lip, lol. We took them to this cute little mexican restaurant that just opened up...but it was very hard for me to eat with the lip. I mean oucchhhh. And NO margaritas???!?!?!?!?!?! They didn't have their license yet...I mean really people....I am a woman who needed one!

Then Saturday my oldest daughter had a party to celebrate her 21st bday and her graduation from junior college. Her mom and stepdad live up in the hills...have tons of land which they are fixing up just beautifully (yes...I am a little jealous). She decided on a pirate theme...too cute.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting a couple challenges going on right now.

at Rakscraps:

My Monthly Element Challenge:click here

My sizzling summer schemes challenge: go here to check it out

You can use this sketch if you want

My first sketch for Digital Freebies Double Trouble Sketch Challenge with Tracy was posted today....go check it out here so you can get a prize and have some fun.

My Friend Kim has a great challenge going on: Let's see your funniest moments - think "Funniest Home Videos" - in both photos and journaling. Got some great entries...I am searching for the right photos now, lol. Click here to check hers out.

also released a new kit over at Digital freebies:

The Birthday Doodle Add-on. Goes perfectly with the original kit.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I also gave you the option of getting them both in a combo pak for additional savings. Both are in the 40% off new release bin over there from today till next Tuesday. Go here to check it out.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting about part three of the freebie??? I will try to post the last on Wednesday. Don't forget to comment for chances to win the full addon and original.

Click here

Please do not share...send them here. I keep receiving emails from good samaritans telling me that my creations (freebies and non freebies) are being shared all over the place. It makes me sad. I give stuff out all over the place. How hard is it for people to go to my blog and leave me a nice comment. Or to join in any of my numerous challenges? That is all I ask. But...I know we are all sick of hearing about it....just wanted to get it out.

Well...going out to the orchard with the boys and then to the grocery store. And
oh my oh my oh house is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo in need of some help!!!! So that is how I will spend the rest of the day!!! woohoooo.

hugs and kisses and lovely day wishes!

Monday, June 05, 2006

I am soooooooooo irritated. I had a whole really long post here and it just disappeared. I have been having MAJOR blogger issues lately. S i g h !



First of all

make sure you grab part one and two of my blog bonus to the Birthday bonus. They will be taken down soon.

So...what did I say....lets see....Yesterday marked the first real day of summer vacation for us. Kind of funny to say, since we only had a preschooler here. is the last couple months before Chase becomes an official big boy...starting Kindergarten.

Chase made his own snack.Ants on a log...he spread the peanut butter on all by himself and then lined up the raisins...all the while saying...I can do it momma...I am a big boy now.

I reallllly needed to do some shopping...Old Mother Hubbard's Cupboards were bare. So I loaded up the monkeys and off to Super Walmart we went. Man alive...I cannot stand going there really. It is always so crowded and I just don't like the way things are set up. Once there I took them into McDonalds...they think that is the biggest treat, lol. I had a SALAD!!! woohooo, lol. The boys were exceptional, I must say. They were chatting up this lady next to was so cute. I really love how they talk to matter their age or physical appearance...I wish I could bottle up that innocence and spread it over the world. When is it exactly that children learn to see color, disabilities, age etc? When is it that they learn to fear and to hate? I will do everything in my power to head it off.

While there, we picked up the cute little foam visors to decorate. Chase got one in his goodie bag from graduation all made up cute. Hayden desperately wanted one. So into our craft pile they went...can't wait to get started on some of them.

Then it was home, nap for Hayden while Chase and I read ,then play while momma made dinner. I made London Broil, home made mac and cheese and carrots/zucchini. I need to find some more creative dinners to make...getting bored, lol.

That is about all...oh...Missy (my friend who moved to Minnesota) called this morning. I miss them so muchhhhhhh! Man. Talked to all three of her boys...tears in my eyes. sighhhhh.

Gonna go get ready...promised the boys that I would take them to the little water park here in town.

Here are a couple layouts I have done.

This one is with Jeannie Papai's (mum2mykiddos) Camp Cupcake kit from scrapmommies

and this one is with her Worn Out and Worn Out Add-on kits

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Fist off....Congrats Pat M!!!! You won the Birthday Doodle Kit (picked from the comments to the first part by my son) woohoooo!!! I will email the link to you.

It is Saturdayyyyy! I got to sleep innnnnn! I never ever ever ever get up later than 7a...usually it 6:15a. I got to sleep untill 8:30a today....can you believeittititititi????? Now...I am shipping the boys and the husband out to Grandpa's and I get to scrap! For a little bit anyway, lol. Today is Chase's Graduation, so my family is coming up this afternoon.

Here are the pics from the end of the year at school. I cannot believe a) how grown up he looks and b)how goofy boys are....check out some of the smiles in the group photo. The one with the crazy goofy smile two over from Chase...that is Gunner. He is the class clown. For mother's day they asked each child what they loved most about their moms. He said that she could fart really good. I laughed so hard!!!

Speaking of my kiddo graduating...growing up....thought I would share some thoughts about some issues I am having. My children are my everything. When they were born, I finally felt like my life's plan had come to fruition. I like the saying I saw on a greeting card: "Having children is a lot like having your heart walk outside of your body." That is how I feel.

Their whole lives I have been battling myself...letting them do things for themselves, letting them run full speed while worrying that they will fall, letting daddy teach Chase to jump from a moving swing (the latest in stunts that makes me crazy), letting them pick out their own clothes, letting them cook with out helping to make it go faster or cleaner etc. I deal with my fear, with my impatience, with my wanting their clothes to match. I battle my desire to always protect them and my pride at what well adjusted young people they are.

They are growing so fast...way too fast. I fear that they will one day not need me. I worry that they (being boys) will turn to their dad more than me....that I will one day be replaced. I know these are normal fears. I know that we do what we can. Just thought I would share.

So...before I go scrap (woohooo) thought I would share some layouts I have done:

my oldest stepdaughter with her daddy: used Miss Mint's(peppermint creative)Strawberry Picnic kit

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

And her are my little monkeys after Hayden was born...used Miss Mint's Denim Ink kit

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Also...time to grap part two of my Birthday Doodle Kit bonus

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Download the second part (1 paper and element) here (remember to comment--include your email address--for chances to win--one person today will get the Full Bday doodle kit. You also have a chance to win both that kit and the finished add on. Even if you commented w/email last time, you can still try this time. If you can email me at with your email addy if you don't feel comfy leaving it. I promise only to email you if you ads, lol) Check back for the third part soon.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

First...let's all say Happy Birthday to Robinnnnnn! Love ya girlie. You make Rakscraps such an awesome place to be!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Used Birthday Doodles and font is Santa's Sleigh Full

Hi all. Yes...I am back again, lol. Soooooo much has been going on...I cannot even begin to tell you...but you know me. I certainly will do my best, hahahah.

So...why have I been missing this time??? Well...if you dh was having problems with me wanting to jump on the computer as soon as dinner was done (on the days he actually got in before bedtime). He did not like that I was spending no time with him....watching t.v. hahah. So...we had a few battles and have been trying to work things out...reach some type of compromise.

Well...then something just awful happened! I was letting the kiddos watch some cartoons in the playroom while I ran into my room (where my computer is at) to type up some rosters for school (I am V.P on the Parent Board at my son's preschool). I was in there less than 10mins. I walk out and this is what I am greeted with. My two year old had taken his stool to the kitchen, climbed on to the counter, opened the cupboard, took down the container with all of my meds, and was sitting amid my spilled medication going "yuck" and spitting. There was at least one open capsule with wet teeth marks on it and the granules all over. I asked him calmly if he ate them...he replied in the affirmative. I ran outside to get hubby (who was working in his office) and then I FREAKED out. I hate to admit it....just freaked out. Brandon wanted to call poison control (which I was fine with untill he got disconnected and then it seemed like forever before they answered again. I wanted to go to the emergency room (10mins away) RIGHT NOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! I was crying and yelling at not pretty. I pulled it together and we got to the hospital. They put all these heart monitors on him and got the throw up meds in him. Two hours later he was fine. They basically just observed him since the meds he ingested wouldn't do too much to him (we figured he didn't eat but maybe 1 or 2 after counting them). Long story, but I have never ever ever been so scared in my life. EVER.
And it happened while I was on the computer! arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

So...I haven't been quite the same since. For days after I couldn't let him out of my sight. I couldn't get on the computer. I really thing I had some post traumatic stress stuff going on. People were telling me to just get over it...he was fine. But IIIIIIII wasn't fine.

So....that was that.

Two of my girls came over on Monday for BBQ. Jen and I went through all of the baby stuff I am giving them.

Tues I took the boys to Jen and Aaron's new place (my daughter who is having the baby and her fiance). We brought her a little rose and a card and took her to lunch.

And yesterday Chase had his last day of school party....that was fun!!! We had a snowcone machine, a bounce house, sprinklers, water tables and lots of fooooood!

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Their "graduation" is Saturday night. And then we are done for awhile, lol. I was so sad.....was going to miss the preschool. I really have loved it there. Hayden won't be old enough to go there. So I said I would work for pay next year. We are a co-op so the parents act as teachers aides. We work about 3 days a month. If you cannot work and no one can trade with you, you can pay a work-for-pay $20 to do it for you. And they will let me bring Hayden when I do that.

So...on the scrappig front...thought I would do a couple things...first is to give away another freebie....I am making an add-on to my Birthday Doodle kit...and will give a way some pieces of four parts. If you grab a piece...leave a comment...each time I will pick someone who will win the full kit. And two people will win both the first kit and the add-on

Here is the preview of the entire blog bonus (will be given out in four parts)

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Download the first part (1 paper and element) here (remember to comment--include your email address--for chances to win. If you can email me at with your email addy if you don't feel comfy leaving it. I promise only to email you if you ads, lol) Check back for the second part soon.

Secondly...I run several sketch challenges. I also want to start a sketch portion for the old blog. Would you like to see your sketch featured here and/or for a challenge? Would you like to win a little something something? Then email me your sketch ( I will be picking some winners soon.

There are only a couple more days left of my May element challenge at Rakscraps...June's will start on the Fourth.

The second sketch is up at Digital Freebies for part two of my Double Trouble Sketch Challenge.

Hope you all have a fabulous Thursday!!!