Thursday, May 31, 2007

ooppppppppppppppppppppppps. I gave you all the wrong link for today's freebie template...ehehhe...doh! is the preview...

here is the link
enjoy...and use the same do's and don'ts below...I am out of ideas right now, lol....and have a house full of ppl!
hugs and happy scrapping.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I am stillllll hereeeee! Honest I am! Between the holiday weekend and Chase's last week of Kindergarten (wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...almost a first grader) I am going nuts,lol. I have been going a mile a minute and am T.I.R.E.D.

Didn't do anything too terribly exciting over the holiday...just trying to get things organzied and saw some friends.

We are having a Luau for Chase's school tomorrow...making leis and grass skirts and kabobs etc...and then they will each read their animal reports. Speaking of Animal Reports...let's talk a minute, shall we people? So...their assignment. Pick an animal. Read about animal in books, online etc. Write 4+ sentices talking about the animal: it's eating habits, enivironment etc. Draw and/or find pictures of animal and habitat to include on report. Glue all to a poster board or file folder. Have child make a copy of writing so they can read it and have them practive reading to you. Pretty simple, eh? So why why why are these reports coming back totally hooked up to the max? I am talking the works??? It is clear the child did not do most of some of these....they are 5 and six...while capable of great things...let's be real,lol. I let chase do it all except cutting out the title letters since they were so small. That is how they learn. That is the assignment. When I became a parent, I vowed I would NOT do their science projects and reports for them. I just don't understand the thinking behind some are NOT doing them any favors by doing their work for them. And then other children who acutally DO WHAT THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO DO end up feeling yucky because theirs aren't as fancy as chase put it. sighhhhh. but we talked about it and I told him how great his was and how proud I was that he did it all himself and how he put all that effort into it! he was beaming by the end of our talk. soapbox now...blushing.

My nephew graduates tomorrow...I can't believe it. when I came into this family he was just a little thing...barely 8 years old. sighhhhh. Such a big moment. We can't actually go to the graduation...they have limited tickets and it doesn't start till 8p what is up with THATTTT?

I have no layouts finished...a couple still "almost" done...I really need to just say they are done. I have been spending way too much time doing layouts just moving something a smidge, then back...then over to the just say it is done already!!!

I do have a new template for you..hope you like it!

I named it wierd when creating it and forgot to change it. I am too tired to go back and rename it, rezip it and reupload it tonight...and I won't be home till late afternoon here ya go. the folder is named right, heheheh.

click here to download. Do's...say hi and hugs. Don'ts: Please don't write your fake phone number on it and give to some loser at the bar. No using it to write "kick Me" on and then tape to the back of your boss or the office geek (or if a SAHM...your hubby, heheheh). No using as "starter" for a campfire...and no sharing, claiming, selling, stealing, throwing, burning etc.

Also...last days to pick up our supa mega kit parts for run over and snatch them up...they are fun. Here is the preview of mine.

And...if you are just aching for another wonderful freebie...I so have one for you...from Kim Smith...head on over to SDK's Blog and grab it...make sure to leave her some love Please!
hugs and happy scrapping...hope to have some layouts, some pictures and some intelligent posts coming soon...I brain matter is regenerating as we speak...I don't care what they told me in college ;)

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Hi guys...sorry I have been a missing the last two much going on. Quite personal so I won't go into it. Thanks for your well wishes though.

I am so tickled at the response to the sock makes me happy that ya'll liked it. I sent out random surveys for ideas, comments, critisim etc...which I think I will start doing on a regular basis. I think it is important to hear what everyone thinks.

I also am encouraging those links to your layouts to keep coming...I will pick the gift cert winner to SDK's store (my part) on Tuesday.

So...based on some people's requests...I created an addon for the sock drawer...with what you wanted! I hope you like it, I am pretty pleased!! click on previews for bigger view.

You can buy it here this week for $3.25

You can also purchase the sock drawer (if you missed it...don't be afraid..I won't lead you down a bad grab bag road,lol! ;) It is $2.99 too (with out the two templates I threw in)

If you want to purchase it...just click the buy button and it will take you to paypal. if you don't want your download links to go to the email you use for paypal...make sure you put the different one in the comment section of paypal (if available) or email me at Once I receive notice of payment...I will send out links as soon as possible (which I have suprised you allllll on how fast I do it,lol!
Here is the last freebie for this kit too...hope you like it!

Click here to download: No wiping rears in replacement of missing toilet paper on camping trip, no putting under car to catch oil drips, no lining the trash can in the bathroom with it...just enjoy..don't share, claim, sell, yadayada!

We have decided to try and sell my van and get something else. It is only 5yrs old and has 50,000miles...nothing wrong with it and in great condition...but we thought better gas mileage and stuff might be good. Depends on how much we get for it.

We are headed to my aunt's in folsom tomorrow (sunday) to play in the sun and pool and relax while daddy stays home and works. My gramps is up (away from his new girlfriend...still don't know how I feel about that,lol). So...won't be around unless I can figure out what is wrong with her machine. But will be back asap! Have fun whatever you do! hugsssss

Friday, May 25, 2007

hi guys....I have to run and work in chase's school....they are needing help for all the end of the year stuff next week.

so....until this can still get the goodies in the sock drawer surprise package for 2.00. late afternoon your last freebie for it will be available.


Thursday, May 24, 2007

Hi is a gorgeous thursday here....all is well. I feel muchhhhhhhhh better thank you thank you for your well wishes...they must have worked. Hayden is doing ok too! Now I am looking at my house with eyes not glazed over by sickness saying holy moly what happened batman????!!!! It is soooooo bad. camping stuff (dry food goods, clothes and gear) lay amid coloring activities, showes, blankies, games etc. wowowowoowow. lots to do this afternoon, lol. uh yeah...right ;)

Today going to go put in a transfer for chase's school next year...want to go to the brand spanking new one down the street...especially since 4 of my fave teachers that I hoped he would get are moving there too. Then to the store...then creating the most awesome report board for him...then clean, cook and bath. woohoooooo!

Bran is going to have to work around the clock again the next few weeks. Between the cat bill, the vacation, my dds bill and now the car (you guessed it folks...they think that it is electrical...and that warranty just expired last month wouldn't ya know) we are def in a tight spot finacially. He doesn't want to take money from my family...stupid man pride...that is how my family has always worked. for goodness sakes...we lived all together for years to save on bills and share our lives. But he grew up totally different and I am trying to support him, lol. We will be ok though...we always are. He is an awesome provider and somehow we always pull through. My new mantra is Just keep smiling just keep smiling to the tune from Nemo...where they were saying...just keep swimming just keep swimming,lol.

I miss my mom so muchhhhh. not sure if I said...she and my daddy went on a road trip to celebrate my dad's 60th bday. They have only been gone a few days...and we have talked a couple times a day...but I misssss her. We are truely best buds and I need her, lol. Today is their anniversary and also my grandparents. I wonder how my grandpa is doing without Gran. sighhhh. hugs to him.

let's see...what else. I am so not ready for summer. I hate 110 degree weather. I like 78 degree weather, lol. boy am I in the wrong place. My mom says Bend Oregon was nice...we should look there she says. Hmmmmmmm.

I used my freebie template from yesterday and a ton of Bren Taylor Boone goodies for this layout...I love the brightness. If you look at my gallery lately...that is all you see. Will have to do some more subdued layouts soon,lol.

Oh...thanks for all the emails regarding the sock drawer...glad you liked it!!! I was hoping you would. Not sure if I will do all matching things next time. I might do a hodge podge of goodies. Will have to do a poll.

Speaking of the sock drawer. today is the last day to buy it here on the blog for $2. Tomorrow it is going to the store. You can buy it from the post below!!

I have a freebie for you can take a peek at some of the colors in there,lol. remember...papers, elements and two templates. Glitter and fun.

If you download it leave some love and use it well. Don't me up to your layouts using my product (kits or templates) to be entered in a drawing for a gift cert to the store. you can email them to or leave them in my comment section.

click here to paper airplanes, spitballs, no using to pick up the pooche's treasure no a walk (ewwwwwwwwww) etc etc. to pick up the monkey from kindy...and start our big day.

hugs and happy scrapping

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

man...I had this whole thing typed out and blogger ateeeee it! ackkkk. don't cha just hate that? is doing "ok"...still can't stand or make it to the cat box. I can't move too far from the toilet ( started over the weekend and is at fullsteam with crapmping,lol). Boys are home..Chase was sick over the weekend (but still had a blast) and Hayden got it on Monday. He is home with me in bed. But they had a blasttttt. They are full of stories...hugs...and rocks/shells for momma. They missed me almost as much as I did them,lol. I am so glad they had fun...can't wait to see pics.

I got no layouts done...maybe today...I was in bed...but did finish up this...I decided that once a month I would put what will be released the following Friday in my sock drawer. You know the place...we keep our money...our treasures...or special private things. And for two can get in my drawer and get the loot. For only $2! Then, on friday, I will put in the store at reg price.

Hint: papers, fun elements and two templates

If you want to purchase it...just click the button below and it will take you to paypal. if you don't want your download links to go to the email you use for paypal...make sure you put the different one in the comment section of paypal (if available) or email me at Once I receive notice of payment...I will send out links as soon as possible!

Now...have to show off some works I have seen this weekend...good stuff out there guys.

Kim Jensen at Scrapdish...the woman rocks extraction and elements! I Love her!!! Two new sets out and 30% off! run run

and remember paper scrapping...and embossing...well now we can do it digi!!! With SaraAmarie's I'm Impressed I! Gotta love it
and since I feel so yucky and feel like I am living under a big huge raincloud lately...I wanted to leave you something nice...another Template...hehehe. I week I will leave you something better, lol. I actually really like this one...kind of simple...but lots of possibilities...I see you being able to spruce it up with yummy embellies.

Click here to grab...If you download it...leave me some loving. And don't beat your hubby with it...don't line your veggie drawer with it...don't give it to the kids to doodle on...and don't line the rabbit cage with it. claiming as your to someone else (make them come here) selling, putting on a group, etc etc. Just use and enjoy. Shoot me a link if you do. I will be having another random draw for a GC show me those layouts so you can be entered. to do laundry, put away camping stuff for the guys and lay in bed with hayden.
hugs and happy scrapping

Monday, May 21, 2007

Hi all in scrappyy land!!!!Tracy here...missing her sweet babies like crazy!!! I cannot believe how much!!! ackkkk. I always look forward to a break and then after two hours...almost exactly...I start having problems! I miss them I miss them I miss them! Ok..all better...had to get that out of my system.

So...Saturday didn't go as well as I expected...I took the boys to the game...had a great time...can't believe it is all over. They are all just getting the hang of it and now it is over,lol. Then my aunt showed up and we went to the party...though my van was not cooperating...all it's lights were flashing at me, say to it...just get us there and back just get us there and back...see...I had the cupcakes and the team mom's gift. So...we get, play and have fun. Though poor Hayden got conned out of all his money. He had a pocket full of change...I know...I was thinking before we left...he really shouldn't take it. get peace and quiet...and for him to be a big boy and get dressed and in the van...I let him that morning. Well...there were those little machines at the pizza place...where you can get tatoos, little toys and then there were some video games...well the bigger kids talked him out of his money...poor guy. I was getting the water and straws and plates and in that time...he was broke. He didn't seem too upset...he had a tatoo and two lizzards, but I was pissed. Oh well. So...we finished up and went to get in the van to no starty. Then I call my roadside learn that it had expired on April 30th,L.....O......L!!!! FAst forward to FIL coming to jump the van and tell me it's probably the alternator...and we arrive home!

The boys woke up at the crack of dawn yesterday ready to leave to the beach....we get them all packed up and I hug them and hug them and hug them! Then I played on the computer, watched some tv, and took care of the kitty cat! He is having a hard time getting into the box so it has not really been pleasant. But he is getting perkier!

Today have been calling the car dealership and now going to get some major scrapping doen...I hope!!!

I have a little template freebie for you...hope you aren't getting tired of templates! If you aren't and you just HAVE to have more...I just put two more packs in the store and they are 40% off (both the commercial and non-commercial versions). ;)

Here is your preview of the freebie
click here to download

ok....hope to show you some great layouts tomorrow!
hugs and happy scrapping!!!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Hi all...what a week what a week. Yesterday was WiLDDDD and CRazYYYYY. The weather was perfect and wonderful...the kids were pumped up and full of energy...we had the 4 kindergarten classes with tons of siblings and parents...weeeeeeeeeee. It was just so much fun. We went to the zoo for almost 2hrs...then ate lunch picnic style...then to fairy tale town...a little place with pirate ship, castle, teepee, huge shoe etc to play in and on. We were POOPPPED when we got home.

Mogley got home today..he is one unhappy cat! He wants to move around and go outside and just yowlllssss. He has a splint and still is healing so cannot stand or he flops around. It is KILLING me, sighhhh. But he looks happy now..asleep on my bed. I am glad he is home.

I will be staying home this weekend to take care of him while the family goes camping. They are going to the coast so Bran and his buddy can dive and get some abalone...the tide is at it's lowest this weekend. Bran's dad and step momma are going, Jen and Aaron and the baby are going....and my aunt will take the boys over after the last tball game and party tomorrow. I really want to go...just don't want to drag the cat with us and nor try to leave him with someone. He is def not a happy camper, lol. So...I will be home...scrapping, cleaning...working on some projects etc. I will be a MESSSSS! They have never ever gone to do something like this without me there. EVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

Here are a couple layouts I have done...go to my gallery here to see full credits:

I wanted to try the technique...Out of Bounds (you can google it for your program...type in Out of Bound tutorial for Photoshop or ) Here is my first attempt....the original photo

and me playing a bit...needs more work...but still fun.
here is the freebie template I promised...a tad late...but still hereClick here to download and to use as soon as possible since you love it so much and just don't know how you scrapped with out it this week. (rolling eyes and giggling)
leave me a hullo!

ok...have to go pack for the three of them.

hugs and happy scrapping!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

we are out and about with doctor appts and hair cuts and shopping....but if you want a great over to SDK's blog. And DO MY CHALLENGE ON THAT BLOG or you will be in deeeeeeep trouble ;p

I will be back tomorrow with a template!
Tracy is now fixed...thanks for the heads up ;P

Monday, May 14, 2007

so....we survived mother's day! we celebrated with my mom and aunt on Sat. first we went to Chase's game...brrrr was it cold. Brandon had to go to the vet and pick up mogley the cat...the lady who was going to do the surgery there had a "scheduling conflict" and couldn't do it. Well...that is great to finally hear....we could have already had him somewhere else! grrrr. so he had to get him and drive him an hour+ to a vet hospital...then an hour later (after signing umteen million papers and getting mogley settled) started home. He is doing ok...still in a lot of pain, but ok. He is undergoing surgery as I type. So...bran doesn't get home until 2p. We nixed the Chico idea and just went to lunch here in town. Yesterday was hard not having my gran around....especially on them. we went to bran's mom's and he made an awesome brunch. got home around 2p and my stepdaughter came over and brought me a gift. They went to his aunts to hang out and I just crashed. I wasn't feeling good AT ALL...still getting over that virus.

Today is the first day I feel human again. phew. still tired and a little achy...but hey...I'll take it after last week. if the start of my OFFICIAL dieting on Nutrisystem. I waited till today so I could enjoy all the yummy food,lol.

A couple things I didn't know right off hte bat. I knew you had to add your own produce...but didn't know that you had to add some dairy or protein sometimes too. Like for is one of their meals then either some cheese, milk or turkey and a piece of fruit. But...whatever. It is still wierd to me that you don't have to refrigerate the food either. It is some special canning method...but so far it is pretty good...about what you would expect from a frozen entree from the zone, south beach etc.

I got a little scrapping done...a layout with SaraAmarie's Natalie 2 kit over at Sweet Shoppe Designs.

Have another new template for you...will have it up for a day or two...then it will be added into the new release for this weekend.

click here to sharing, selling, slashing, trashing, baking, or burning. to play in hte kiddie pool out back...supposed to be 95 degrees today. ughhhh.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

hi dee hoo!

not much going on here...been playing out back with the boys a lot this not a lot of inside or computer time.

We got the results back from Hayden's tests...and he has Epstein-Barr virus, which is named after the scientists who first identified it in the mid-1960s. The virus enters the lymph nodes and attacks the lymphocytes (the white blood cells manufactured there). As the white blood cells come into contact with the virus, they change shape and multiply. At first, there are no symptoms because it takes several weeks before enough of the altered cells can accumulate to generate infection. Causes Mono and in the United States, as many as 95 percent of adults between 35 and 40 years of age have been infected. Infants become susceptible to EBV as soon as maternal protection present at birth disappears.

You get it my sharing drinks and utensils and etc...all of which I am terrible about doing with the kiddos. we share popsicles, water bottles etc. So...that is that. They said it is very common and you just let it run it's course.

No wonder we have been exhausted this last two-three weeks.

A lot of ppl have been asking me where I got the scalloped border I used in the Carousel layout (see layouts below). I made it.

If you want yourself. Just remember the dos and don'ts.

I included a purple png format and one as a psd..where you can change the color of the inside...or group with a paper of your choice.

To change color...just use your magic on the go to edit>fill> and fill with color of your choice.

To group with new 12x12 page (I do this so as not to mess up the original). Drag grey border on. Now drag paper of your choice on. Click cntrl + g. Now drag black top of border on your new page. You can change that too or just merge layers.

click here to download...say hi if you do

hugs and happy scrapping!

Monday, May 07, 2007

First...thank you all for your well wishes for Hayden. He is doing even better. Eating better, sleeping better and hte lump is a LOT smaller. My heart is returning to normal...we still don't have all the tests in...but I am thinking it was just a nasty virus. your thoughts and prayers meant a lot to me!!

Did you all survive NSD weekend? I am tired, phewwwwwww. All that shopping, chatting, scrapping etc. phewwwww

Did you get lots of fun goodies? I did I did. will have to organize and show you some...maybe tomorrow.

I even got some scrapping done! woohoooooo for credits or to go leave some love...please click here

SDK is also starting to release their Supa Mega Kit...Kim's is up right now!!

Here is a preview of mine
I have a challenge up on their blog....a two parter...and you get this as a add-on to my mini.

And how bout a little add on for you just cause I love you? You know the drill...please honor the freebie etiquette...leave some love and no sharing or claiming
click here to download and say a yee-haw

it is going to be hot today (92) so going to buy the boys a little pool and set it up for them...hopefully some good pics!

hugs and happy scrapping!!

Friday, May 04, 2007

sorry been gone for a couple days. having a little scare with hayden...though he is doing better. I posted it at the forum...but here is a history if you missed it.

We went to Hayden't 3 yr check up. I told her I thought maybe he had allergies or something since he has been sniffly and not himself and his face and eyes have been really puffy.

she checked him out and said...hmmmm yeah his skin is very pale and waxy...and look at those dark circles. did you see his neck. I is a little swollen too...she said no...there is a hugeeeee swollen lymph node. Sure is the size of two smallish walnuts end to end. How did I not seeeee that. I am kissing on that kid all day.

Long story short....they put him on antibiotics (they say that 90% of the time it is just an infection). They gave him a tb test since it has been 2 yrs and if you are exposed you can get swollen nodes. They then gave him his vaccine...which made him pee his pants and cry...poor guy. Then they made us go downstairs and they wrapped him like a burrito and had me spoon him with my leg over his and proceeded to take a TON of blood from him. He was crying so hard he was choking and saying mommy mommy mommy. This whole time i am crying silently while singing to him. We finish and I look over and my 5 year old is curled up in a ball in his chair (yup...he was with us...thought we were jsut going for a check up ya know).

I know he will be ok....he is already feeling and acting better. they did get one blood test back and show he is anemic (which I have been for years...I have to get shots since my body won't absorb it from food or supplements). We go in today to have him assessed and hopefully get more test results.

So..that is what is happening...I just watch him sleep (which he is doing a LOT of...very unusual for him...another sign of virus) and holding him close. I canNot sleep...I just watch him breathe. I am a FREAK! lol

Chase is doing better too. We have talked about why we have to do this, how doctor's have to keep us healthy and keep us from getting sick. He is trying to understand.

On to other news. What a lot of fun is ahead of us this weekend! The fun is already starting, of course!!

My dear friend Bren has some AWESOME new product out! Holy Schmolyyyy!

I am so overwhelmed with all the great sales out there....ackkkkkk! Must start list must start list!!

And...look at the new blinkie I get to sport this month!!!!

nd...I took the plunge...I joined Nutrisystem! I couldn't take it anymore. and just dont' have the time energy or willpower. And I found a way to save $112 and get two weeks of food free, lol. that always helps. I have been tracking how much I spend on junk food, soda, alcohol, and eating out...I prob will save money, lol! If you want to know how I got the $112 me and I will fill you in...I found a loop hole through a web forum! So...wish me luck everyone! One haute momma on her way! I will share my journey with you!

and I have a freebie template for you! wohoooo. I really like this one, lol. It has a popsicle stick frame (you can change the color) and a star sticker me some templates I say!

click here to not share, steal, use to swat flies, claim, put under car to catch oil...etcetera etcetera! Leave me a burger and tell me if you are playing in the scrapworld all day tomorrow!!

hugs and happy scrapping

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Don't forget the chat fun fun!!! 1 more hour....8p EST SDK
First...Sharon aka is always about women, as buds, as digiscrappers, as moms and wives and partners and daughters...not just about me. Please feel free to jump in with me sweetie. thanks for the hugs...back at you! our regulary scheduled program
where can you get wonderful and different digital kits and elements for awesome prices?
Where can you get the best HYBRID KITS??
Where can you get trim and all things hybrid?
My sweet designer friend Valerie Foster Just Opened up The alternative place for alt+scrappers! It has a gallery (check mine out...I am in there...a forum....challenge/contests...awesome freebies (hint...look around the store)and fun fun fun product! Run there (after you read the rest of my post, heheheh and register. You will get a 25% off coupon! woohooo!

Here are a couple hybrid kits she has...isn't she talented?

and a couple digi kits I said I had a secret...I am NEVER in the know lol...but I know a secret about SaraAmarie...woohoooo shaking my it is....she is a new designer over at the Sweet Shoppe! Isn't that just awesome for her??? yayayay. you go baby! Register for her yahoo group for news and deals etc
And the digishoppe will be going through a HUGE that is exciting! uhhuhhhh oh yeahhhhhh

I am so bummmeddddd I won't be here for National Scrapbook Day...wahhhhh. I haven't missed one since I started digiscrapping. wahhhhhh. But I will be having a blast at Berlin-Ichthyosaur State Park!! And checking out Petroglyphs. woohoooo

No layouts to share today...but be prepared to see some rockin through here soon,l ol

Now...some people have asked me about comercial use of my templates. If you buy a commercial lic from me ($5) plus the item in question (template, kit etc) can use them for the following:

this is for the person who bought the lic only!
you can use this template in not break it up and use if for other things
quickpages for sale
scrap for hire
making anything for sale
make blog headers for sale (with my freebie kits still have to buy the lic)
you cannot:

claim as your work
make something and turn over to a company for them to sell
resell the template
use the pieces (borders etc) and sell them

that is the basic gist...I can let you see the lic if you want before you purchase

Here is my latest freebie template....only availble for a couple grab it up.
click here to sharing, making anything for sale, etc etc...when in doubt...ask me at

how to colorize the glitter in photoshop??? click on that layer. go to layer>layer style>color overlay. play with the colors and blending modes to get what you want. waahlllaaa