Thursday, October 26, 2006

Howdy ho everyone!

Thought it was time to stop in and say hi again. All is going pretty well...considering. We have just been holding each other close and trying to get over the last month. My mom has been staying here for a week....and as much as I love her and the boys love having her was SOOOOO time for her to go, teeheee!! How awful is that for me to say?!? I so appreciate her help and her love...but I am not used to having my small house with an extra adult.

But...if anything good happened out of this last is the realization that life is short, keep your loved ones close, take better care of your mind and body and enjoy the little things.

Went to the pumpkin farm yesterday for a birthday was a lot of fun...boys had a wonderful time!! Lots of dirt, lots fo playing...train ride, animals etc.
Making some good friends again...that is good. I love my online friends...but it is nice to have people in real life to hang with and for the boys to play with. Since Missy and the boys moved...the boys and I weren't getting out too much. Now we are again.

On to scrapping news....haven't gotten too many layouts done....almost though. Hopefully tomorrow I will finish up a couple.

I DOOOO have some new creations done and they are on sale.

New at ScrappinDigiKreations

Autumn Blooms Papers only $1.50

Autumn Blooms Elements only $1.50

Autumn Blooms add-on only $2.25!!

and how about hearing from a couple of my guest CT's??? We are still behind...but that is ok...we are getting there. is Erin!!!

1) Name: Erin Casey

2) Where do you live?

Portland, Maine

3) How long have you been digi scrapping?

January 2006, so about 8 months!

4) What brought you to digi scrapping?

I belong to a baby/parenting website, and one of my online mommy friends,
had gotten started, and when I saw what she was doing, I instantly became

5) What do you like most about it?

That there is no mess, which is key with a 2.5 yr old boy around the house, lol. Then of course the fact that the money spent on kits, and such, is much less than paper scrapping. Whatever I buy, I can resuse over and over, and that is a huge selling point with me!

6) Do you have any other hobbies?

I also design brochures, invitation, announcements, candy bar wrappers. Photography is another hobby of mine, I am constantly with camera in hand.

7) How often do you get to scrap?

Probably 4-5 days a week, sometimes more, sometimes less.

8) What program do you use most to scrap?
Paint Shop Pro X

9) What are your fave elements to use while scrapping?
Right now I absolutely love doodles!!!

10) Do you have a fave snack to munch on while scrapping?
Just a cup of good coffee!!!

11) What is your fave layout you have done (provide link to it) and why?

I have two favorites – both are different really then my “normal” scrapping… they are both black and white layouts. I love both of these because they are of my son when he was a baby….they just hold so many special memories for me…..2.5yrs has flown by and I often wish I could go back in time and bottle those moments up so that I could take it out whenever I was feeling blue and relive them all over again. It seems every day that goes by, those early days are more just a fleeting memory and I wish they weren’t. I want to be able to just keep him little like he is now, but I know that I must let him grow up and become his own little person.

Trevor unwritten

Valuable and Loved

Short Bio: (This is a bio I have for another site, so I am just going to copy and paste it, and feel free to edit it as you see fit! J)

Hi, my name is Erin Casey and I am wife, mother, friend, sister, aunt….
First and foremost, I am married to Karl, we’ve been together a total of 12 yrs, married for 7 of those years. We have a 2.5 yr old son, Trevor, who is the absolute love of my life, my reason for being!!! Trevor is 150% boy…he has no fear….but tons of energy…put those two things together and you’ve got chaos! LOL!! Trevor is very “spirited”…he is super intense…determined…head strong….perceptive, etc. There is never a dull day, and I never know what to expect him to do or say from one minute to the next.
I am the youngest of 8 children, (7 girls and 1 boy). My siblings are 11-22 yrs older than I am. It was very different growing up with so many siblings, and having them so much older. In some ways I was like an only child because as I got older, they were all moving out and getting married, etc. I am an aunt to 14 nieces and nephews, and also a great aunt to one great niece.
I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, till I was 17, at which point my parents moved to Presque Isle, Maine. For those unfamiliar with Maine, let’s just say they moved me from the big city to a very small farming town in the middle of no-man’s land! LOL!! It was a culture shock and then some!!! After meeting my then boyfriend, (now husband), we moved down to the Portland (Maine) area, and have been here since. It’s the biggest city in the state, and much better compromise between big city life and farming life.
I’ve always loved to do “crafty/artsy” types of things. Some of my earliest memories I have are of days spent drawing anything and everything that came to mind. Over the years, I’ve tried so many different things, from the drawing, to helping my mother when she was doing a lot of wood crafts using the scroll saw, painting, making wreathes/swags, watercolor, designing brochures/invitations/candy wrappers/announcements on the computer, decorating cakes…I guess I’ve pretty much tried it all you could say. At the beginning of the year, I decided to try paper scrapping and I just didn’t like it….besides the cost, I just couldn’t get it on paper like how I saw it in my mind. Shortly thereafter, I decided to try digital scrapping, starting with a Scrapbooking program. Within no time, I had outgrown that, and began using my PSP program. I love digital scrapping…it combines so many of my favorite things…being creative….using the computer to put that creativity to use. A few months ago, I decided to start reading tutorials and trying to teach myself how to make my own papers and elements. I am the type of person who looks at something and thinks, “I can do that myself”….I am very head strong and determined, (hmmm, wonder where my son gets it? LOL)

And here are some layouts she has done for me!!

here are two done with Beach House:

Here are two done with Daddy's got the Blues

Thanks so much my dear!!!

and what about dear Michaele?!?!?

1) Name

Michaele Burkhart – Burkhart Scrapzone Designs

2) Where do you live?

Southern California – Mojave Desert

3) How long have you been digi scrapping?

10 Months

4) What brought you to digi scrapping?

Lack of time to paper scrap

5) What do you like most about it?

Everything…….the ease, the beauty and the vast variety that encompasses this wonderful world of digital scrapbooking

6) Do you have any other hobbies?

I love listening to music, cooking desserts, reading scrap magazines and shopping for sales and good deals. I also just recently discovered blogging!

7) How often do you get to scrap?

I scrap almost every day………I have also started to design, so some of my scrapping time has been taken away to create things for digital scrapping.

8) What program do you use most to scrap?

I use PSPX

9) What are your fave elements to use while scrapping?

I would have to say buttons and ribbons

10) Do you have a fave snack to munch on while scrapping?
I don't really eat snack when I am scrapping. Sometimes I have Goldfish or Wheat Thin crackers, if chocolate is in the house….then that is the snack of choice! J

11) What is your fave layout you have done (provide link to it) and why?

I love this layout! I love the playfulness and overall arrangement. Plus, I love the song journaling-it goes perfect with the pictures!

You can take a look at one of my galleries here: to see some of my other layouts!

Here are two done with my A Little Country Chic

Kindergarten Graduation(Font Used: Merkin)

4 weeks old (Font Used: Signboard & Spahrty Girl)

and with my new Autmn Blooms kit

Beauty (Font used: Sandy Text)

and Bison (Font Used: Ryan BT)

wow...what sweet people you are to read all the way to the bottom,lol.

how about a little goodie for you???? this month I will have a few freebies here to celebrate my favorite season and the new fall kits I have made. Here is number one.

Click here to download

hugs and love to you all!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

and now...on to my next guest blogger. Much awaited Melc

1) Name: My name is Melanie (I prefer to go by Mel ) Chynoweth. My user name is Melc or Melchyn. I have been married to my wonderful husband for 5 1/2 years and together we have 5 wonderful children, four girls and one boy, ranging in age from 11 down to 2 and a 1/2 yo twins.

2) Where do you live?
I live in Canberra, which is the Capital city of Australia

3) How long have you been digi scrapping?
I have been digi scrapping since August of last year but didn't really get into it until February of this year, and have been hooked ever since.

4) What brought you to digi scrapping?
I had long been an admirer of my friends paper LO's, and just accidently came across digi scrapping one day while on the Internet, and the rest, as they Say, is history.

5) What do you like most about it?
I love digi scrapping, firstly because I have finally found something that gives me a bit a me time, and the fact that I love doing it is an added bonus! Also I love to create things that are (well at least I think so) pleasing to look at.

6) Do you have any other hobbies?
In my spare time (although with five kids there is not a lot of this! LOL!! ) I also enjoy spending time with my family( also gives me a great opportunity for more pics!), going to the movies, gardening and reading in bed ( although by the end of the day, once the kids are asleep, I barely make it to the end of one page!)

7) How often do you get to scrap?
I usually get the opportunity to scrap while the twins are having their afternoon nap, and the older kids are at school, also at night once they have all gone to bed (if I can keep my eyes open,) but this is where a good strong cup of coffee comes into it!!

8) What program do you use most to scrap?
I started out using PSP studio, but now have PSP X which I absolutely LOVE!

9) What are your fave elements to use while scrapping?
I don't really have a particular favourite element, but I LOVE clean, crisp LO's and I LOVE LO's using white space!
I am totally in awe of all the beautiful kits that designers put together. It is just awesome the realism that some designers can achieve in their work!

10) Do you have a fave snack to munch on while scrapping?
I don't have a particular favourite, but I quite often end up eating my lunch at the computer ( this is usually when the twins are asleep in bed), terrible I know!

11) What is your fave layout you have done (provide link to it) and why?
I have a few favorite layouts, but if I had to narrow it down to one (or maybe two) I would have to say 'Butterfly' seen here:
I love clean, simple LO's and I love these colours, they would have to be my favs! I also remember the great day we had had when this pic was taken.
My second favorite would have to be 'Cute kid' seen here:
This one just came together really quickly and easily, and I was really pleased with the result. The fact that I just LOVE that photo of my
son probably helps as well!!

here are some layouts she did with my kits:

Isn't she just great???? Go check out her gallery here:!!!
What a month it has been. I cannot even begin to tell you all everything that has happened and all I have felt....but I will give you a summary.

My grandmother has been a huge part of my life. When I was 8, my mom and I left my very abusive father and moved in with her, my grandpa and aunt. A few years later, we all moved to Folsom, CA together. My mom met my dad and they married...and we still all lived together. So...from the age of 8 until 16 I lived with them. Since then, we have remained very close...seeing each other all the time. She loved my boys so much. Well....along with being a wonderful woman, my grandmother had a few problems. One was cigarettes and the other was alcohol. She developed a lot of lung problems (after she quit smoking) and has been ill for years. Well...long story short...she got some stomach problems...went to the doc...they found a tumor. She went in for surgery (we were all there to wish her luck). They found tons of cancer and she really never came out of being sedated. She passed away last Sunday night. I sent my family to dinner at my cousins while I stayed.

I washed her, shaved her legs (heheh) repositioned her and then talked and talked to her. Then I cleaned up the room. Then I started to sing to her. I sang the songs I sing to the boys every the same order. Twinkle twinkle little star, itsy bitsy spider, you are my sunshine, two songs I made up,zippity do da, silent night. Silent night has a special meaning to me. My mom had me at 20 and didn't know any lullabyes to sing. So she sang Silent night to me all my life. I have always sang it to my boys. So....I finished the first round and went through it again...the whole time holding her hand and rubbing her hair. The second time through silent night...she just stopped breathing. I hugged her and kissed her and told her it was ok. Then called the nurse in and my family to come back.

So...this last week I have been just trying to find my be with my boys. My almost 5 year old didn't handle it too well.

It will be ok...I think.

I will be slowly getting back into challenges this month...but there will be a freebie and some new kits released.

I will also resume spotlighting my guest cts.

so...hugs and love
be good to each other.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

And here it is Tuesday. And what a bad blogger I have been ,lol.

I just have been loving life and boys and been busy busy busy. The weekend was a blur...spent with soccer, mom, cleaning and the pumpkin farm. It OPENED this past weekend. WE loveeeee our pumpkin farm. It is hugggeeee. Train ride, hayrides,pony ride, huge pumpkins, shows, food, stores, lots of play stations, etc. We go a lottttt while it is open. The boys had a blasstttt. We went with a friend and her SIL's and a couple they know. It was a wierd in that I felt a little out of place. They all had thier hubbies and they were kind of talking among themselves. Long story...but it was a little strange.

Yesterday Hayden had preschool and I got to exercise a bit and got to clean somemore...trying to really get it all organized. sighhh...we have a lotttt of stuff, lol.

Today I met up with some members of my book club and their kiddos at the park. We had lunch and played. Got home and the boys took a little nap.

I would like to introduce you to my week's guest CT..Michelle aka Teddyprayer

) Name: Michele Wiens

2) Where do you live?: I currently live in Fort St. John, BC (in northern
British Columbia, along the Alaska Highway) . . . we'll be moving to
Calgary, Alberta sometime this fall.

3) How long have you been digi scrapping?
Since last summer.

4) What brought you to digi scrapping?

A dentist appointment . . . no, really . . . my kids were getting their
teeth cleaned and I had some time on my hands. There happened to be a
scrapbooking magazine in the waiting room (I've never seen one there since)
and it happened to have a feature article on digital scrapbooking. I
borrowed a pen from the receptionist, wrote down some website addresses, and
the rest is history :)

5) What do you like most about it?

I'm cheap, so I love that it's an inexpensive hobby (I even found free
software to scrap with!), I have little people at home, so I love that the
mess is (mostly) confined to my computer, I can be a perfectionist, so I
love my undo button -- and in general, I love the fact that someone as
"un-crafty" as me can turn out terrific looking pages :)

6) Do you have any other hobbies?

I love to read, I love to spend time with my kids and their friends (and
their friend's parents), I usually love to garage sale, but I'm not allowed
to this summer since we're moving ;),

7) How often do you get to scrap?

Depends on the week . . . I usually spend at least a few minutes every day
(if downloading kits and browsing galleries counts as scrapping time) and
sometimes I'll spend a few hours in an evening. I usually do about 10
layouts a month -- a bit less during camping season ;)

8) What program do you use most to scrap?

I work on GIMP, which is open source software.

9) What are your fave elements to use while scrapping?

I think I'd have to say layer masks . . . I love the versatility of masks .
.. . whether it's to "tear" the edge of a paper, put a funky inked edge onto
a photo, or "cut out" a shape in a paper to put a photo behind.

10) Do you have a fave snack to munch on while scrapping?

We have a "no food at the computer" rule that I can only break if the girls
are in bed ;)

11) What is your fave layout you have done (provide link to it) and why?

My favourite layout that I have on-line right now is "My Talia"

I think I like it so much because I tried a new technique and a new style
- and the results were amazing! I started "backwards" (for me) on this
layout -- working from the kit before I even knew which pictures I would use
(I created the flower mask from the background paper, and originally used it
on a solid pink paper included in the kit) and then looked for pink or
purple pictures in my collection - not expecting it to be too hard, since I
have two girls! Nothing looked right though, and when I came across these
two pics, it was initially the floral pattern on the shirt that drew my
attention. The pictures themselves weren't great -- taken from too far away
-- but that's what allowed me to crop the main photo the way I did. And
there always has been something I love about that main photo . . . there's
just a hint of how grown up my little girl is getting . . .

A bit more about me as a digiscrapper:
I'm a rectangle scrapper (8 1/2x11) and I tend to scrap multiple photos --
mostly of my two little girls, Talia (5) and Kaisa (almost 4). I love doing
challenges -- both because of the motivation, and because I find I get more
comments that way :). I usually hang out at RAKScraps, where I'm known as
teddyprayer. I've been scrapping digitally since the summer of 2005 (never
really was a paper scrapper), I use GIMP (open source software) for my
scrapbooking, and I love getting others hooked on digital scrapping (I even
have an "intro to digi scrapping" e-mail on my computer with relevant links
to just send out . . . !)

Article (Member Spotlight) in March Rak Newsletter
page 25.

Featured in Scrapper's Spotlight (Jan 15-31) thread:

All about me layout:

Rakscraps Gallery:

My blog has absolutely nothing to do with scrapbooking, but FYI

Some layouts she did using my product:

Grandpa & Me

Paper from Cherished by Tracy Blankenship found at Digital Freebies and
Scrappin Digi Kreations
Fonts: Book Antiqua, Rage Italic, Flower Show

I created this layout for the ad challenge over at RAKScraps. I only used a
single paper, but I was so impressed with the results, I had to include it.
This is my youngest with my father-in-law.

Race Day

Background from Pink Petal Perfection by Tracy Blankenship
Stitches from Stitched Doodles by Tracy Blankenship (recoloured)
Elements from Cherished by Tracy Blankenship
all found at Digital Freebies and Scrappin Digi Kreations
Fonts: Mistral, Arial Narrow Bold Condensed

This is the way I usually work -- mixing bits and pieces from all sorts of
kits together to come up with a unique whole.
These pictures are from Talia's first cross country race -- and she came in
first for the under 7 girls (we won't mention that there were only 4 in her
category ;)). I'm still planning on doing a second page sometime showcasing
her HUGE trophy (that she slept with that night, of course :) ). This page
will probably go in the "sewing challenge" at Rakscraps.

Mom's Bouquet

Pink Petal Perfection by Tracy Blankenship found at Digital Freebies and
Scrappin Digi Kreations and Ribbon Flowers (Pink Petal Perfection Bonus) by
Tracy Blankenship from Digital Freebies.
Font: Vladamir Script

I enlarged some of the elements a bit larger than some people would be
comfortable with -- but I enjoy experimenting with elements in ways they
didn't intend to be used -- and the printed version turned out just fine!

Kaisa & Michaela

Cherished by Tracy Blankenship found at Digital Freebies and Scrappin Digi
Paper Tear from Steph's Digital Paper Tearing
Font: Book Antiqua Bold Italic

my youngest and one of our neighbour girls -- those two are so much fun to
watch together! Kaisa's sure going to miss her when we move :(

Isn't she greatttt??? Why don't you go to her gallery (link above) and scraplift her or leave her some praise.


Thursday, September 21, 2006

So, it has been a while...sorry about that. Once again trying to balance my non-computer life with my computer life has gotten a lot harder!! So...what has been going on...I won't bore you with the little things...I have a lot to shw and tell you first.

My guest CT for this week Is Donna aka Mousey.

here is a little about her!!

1) Name Donna, but everyone calls me Mousey (online & IRL)
2) Where do you live? Brisbane, Australia
3) How long have you been digi scrapping? About 2 years
4) What brought you to digi scrapping? I have always paper scrapped and when a friend started playing around with digi, I got hooked as well :o)
5) What do you like most about it? The unlimited possibilities. You can be as realistic as you like or go totally graphic, whichever look suites you at the time. I love being able to resize and re-colour elements so easily, and you just gotta love the undo button! LOL
6) Do you have any other hobbies? I still paper scrap, as well as do the odd bit of graphic design. I love photography, and I also make jewellery.
7) How often do you get to scrap? Probably about 3-5 times a week depending on my daughter and whether she decides to sleep or not!
8) What program do you use most to scrap? Photoshop CS2
9) What are your fave elements to use while scrapping? Paper... I love fiddling with paper in real-life, and its the same with digi. I love brushes too - they just add that extra bit of flair to a LO.
10) Do you have a fave snack to munch on while scrapping? Generally a good cup of tea is needed... I do have a lolly stash next to my computer, but its only for the occassional sugar hit :o)
11) What is your fave layout you have done (provide link to it) and why? I think my favourite LO atm is this one... Why? I really like the way it turned out, I love the colours and the photos are my favourites of my daughter :o)

Here is a link to her gallery:

why don't you stop by and scraplift her for a goodie from me?!?!

Here are two layouts she did with my kits.

With Creative Expressions:

With Daddy's Got the Blues:

I also have some layouts that I got done:

The first is using my friend Kim's Grungy Boy kit available at SDK
it is also for my sketch challenge at DF

Today I got to work in Chase's Classroom is soooo fun. I really think I would have loved being a teacher way back when, lol.

Here is what I have been doing with them....Paper bowls! The kiddos love love love it!!

want to do this with your kiddos...go here for directions!!! Easier than it looks!

That is about it for now, lol.

Have a great day!!!


Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Mannnn...this blogger has been giving me problems! I don't know what is going on...been trying to post since Sunday.

I would like to introduce my next Guest CT, Nita!!!

Nita Sept

Hi, my name is Juanita "Nita" Thomas. I've been married to a wonderful man for almost 4 years now. We are blessed with 1 beautiful daughter named Lillianna Rose Jenelle. She was born on December 2, 2004, just two years after I arrived here in the United States so it has a sentimental value to us. I arrived here December 2, 2002.

As to my hobbies, I enjoy and love reading religious books and magazines, reading novels, cross-stitch, making beads, painting, scrapbooking, web designing, watching basketball games, cooking and playing games/challenges in threads and forums.

I discovered digital scrapping last October 2005 and are for sure addicted. I sit every day at my computer scrapping LO`s. I find this as a very fun hobby. I`m active in some scrapbooking forums, and loves to join both games and challenges. I'm mainly using PSP 7, PSP X and DIS2006

I love both grunge and clean style but I prefer clean style because it's simple and pleasing to the eye.

I belive that being in a Creative Team, I will develop my knowledge even more, and I really love to scrap. And most of all, I love your designs or kits :-)

I''m currently a Creative Team member for designers Brandi/ESNQueen, Julie Major, Laura Pitman and Sherrie Peigdon, Rebecca C., Dea Spina, Sarah Laming, Dawn Robertson (Kashiabean Kreations).

username: pinayus27
Creative Expression and Daddy Got The Blues Kit"

Okay, here's the answer to the question:

1) Name: Juanita “Nita” Thomas

2) Where do you live?

I live in Bothell, Washington with my dear husband of almost 4 years , our dear daughter named Lillianna Rose Jenelle, and our pure breed Schnauzer dog named Boone.

3) How long have you been digi scrapping?

I discovered digital scrapping last October 2005 and are for sure addicted. I sit every day at my computer scrapping LO`s. I find this as a very fun hobby. I`m active in some scrapbooking forums, and loves to join both games and challenges. I'm mainly using PSP 7, PSP X and DIS2006

4) What brought you to digi scrapping?

I always love graphics & designs but digital scrapping is still new to me until one day I saw a site that has a nice layouts and I was amazed by it so I started asking her about it. I am also a self taught digiscrapper. Online tutorials really helped me get started. It's been 10 months now and I'm still lovin' it. It's very addicting.

5) What do you like most about it?

Like most people, I find myself inspired to see what I made and being able to create and share our memories to other people as well and most of all, digital scrap booking is very fun and very affordable!

6) Do you have any other hobbies?

As to my hobbies, I enjoy and love reading religious books and magazines, reading novels, cross-stitch, making beads, painting, scrapbooking, web designing, watching basketball games, cooking and playing games/challenges in threads and forums.

7) How often do you get to scrap?

I sit every day at my computer playing around with my programs and scrapping layouts. I find this as a very fun hobby. I`m active in some scrapbooking forums, and loves to join both games and challenges.

8) What program do you use most to scrap?

I'm mainly using PSP 7, PSP X and DIS2006

9) What are your fave elements to use while scrapping?

I like most of them. Like clips, buttons, ribbons and stitches. But I don't like putting a lot of elements on my layout. I prefer clean looking layout. Not too much elements or something like that.

10) Do you have a fave snack to munch on while scrapping?

My favorite is cookies and milkshake.

11) What is your fave layout you have done (provide link to it) and why?

This is my favorite layout so far. It’s simple and it’s valuable. When I look at my life, the greatest happiness are my family. You don't choose your family. They are God's gift to you, as you are to them.

she has a ton of galleries, lol. Here are just a few

her rakscraps gallery

her scrapbook-bytes gallery

her gotta pixel gallery

Here are the layouts she did with two of my kits

with my creative expressions kit (available at digital freebies and sdk)

and with Daddy's Got the Blues

Go scraplift her from one of her galleries and post the link here and you will get a little goodie from me. update, lol

Hi there all! What a great weekend!! Had the grand opening Chat of the forums over at SDK and that was fun. Then my mom and aunt spent the night and we had a giant pj party, lol.

Sat was Chase's first soccer was sooooo cool! They actually played really really good (considering I thought they would have no idea what to do)! Chase was so happy to be there. He just ran and ran with the biggest smile on his face just pointing towards the sun! It was so beautiful to see. I didn't really catch that on film, but I got some cute pics. I don't want to post a lot of them since they have other kiddos in them, but here are a couple!

Then came home and vegged out for a bit.

Sunday I got a bug up my rear and totally drug everything out of my room and rearranged it. Our master bedroom isn't that big, but our furniture is so it is always cramped. doesn't fit any other way really, so it went back in exactly the same except rotated 90 degrees, lol. but I did take the big mirror off my dresser *feng shui says not to have big mirrors, and my computer is hidden now, so that is better. plus it is diff, so there ya go. And I have slept better.

Yesterday morning I spent some time talking to the boys about the importance of this day and of our firefighters, policemen and men and women in the service. Kept it fairly simple and Chase said...maybe we should pray for them...I got so teary eyed. So we did. Religion and our family is a whole long subject for another day.

We took Chase to school and then I took Hayden to this lady named Linda's house. She runs a preschool out of her home. We walked in and I was FLOORED!! It was so cuteeee! Toys, playhouse, so many art supplies and books, flash cards, wall posters for learning and her backyard was so cute!!! Best thing...she knows all about speech delays and problems!!! My friend sends her two 3.5 year old twins there (for the past year) and highly recommends her. She doesn't let any food or drinks come in from outside...she supplies all snacks and lunch. I am really thinking I am going to do this. Hayden had so much funnnn!

Then we picked up chase, napped, ate, got ready for soccer practice, went, came home and I went to a spa party! Ladies! HEAVEN!!! I have never heard of one! The company is beauticontrol. Basically it is high end beauty products and they bring them to someone's house and you get to try them out.

The house lights are dimmed and music is playing. We had a glass of wine. you start off with this delish hand scrub which I loved!! Then you did this lip apeel. wow....had to get that. it is a mask for your lips and then a balm. my lips felt so great...mine peel a lot etc...and fine lines are starting. this was awesome

Next came this warming facial mask....and face has never been so soft. Then came a foot soak and scrub with alpha hydroxy cream! Oh yeahhh baby!!!
I am so having a party...good thing get a few hostess gifts and 50% off the skin care sets just for hosting...and you don't have to sell a certain amount! woohoo!

Today little man Hayden and I will do some killer art work and read in our leappad book.

Also have some new products up at Digital Freebies....30% off till next Tuesday

In other news...Scrappindigikreations has started to release the freebie Mega kit for September...and believe me!!!! it is a good one.

My friend Kim's gorgeous and huge kit is first! You have to go get it.

Have a great day!!!!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Happy Thursday!!!!

So...I cannot believe how fast this week is flying is insane to me, lol.

I am, as always, behind..but that is ok, heheheh

So...first things first, lol

I am going to start doing something a little different now....I am going to start selling special deal goodies here on the old blogaroo...a new one or two a week!

The first is a little mini kit I have...and only $.99!!!!!!

Calling it Faintly Vintage

If this is something you would like to take on the buy now button will take you to paypal. ONce I get payment...I will email you your link. I will do this several times a day. (If you have problems...please let me know asap...this is all new to me)

Ok...would you like to know how to get an add-on to this??? Scroll down to my guest CT spot and do the scraplift challenge of one of her layouts I have there. Your prize will match the above kit.

On to other news...I supplied the kit for Amanda's Doodle Challenge over at Digital should go check it out here

While you are there...don't forget to check out my sketch do two layotus a month based off two sketches and you get a complete prize kit.

Here is this month's first sketch, check out the challenge here

And did you know that tomorrow is the grand opening celebration of Scrappin Digi Kreations new forums and gallery?

We will be having two chats (one at 1p PST and one at 5p PST--so everyone should be able to make at least one of those).

Kim made a great freebie welcome kit that will be given out:

On to personal news. Have I completely lost my head? My mind? my sanity?

I went to Chase's school's Back to School Night. I had already planned on volunteering some time in the classroom...maybe even helping out for a few of the things at school like carnivalle etc.

Well guess what this chickie poo did? I joined the PTA, signed up to be a weekly class mom (thursdays), got set up to do severallllllllll activities for the school and then I joined a monthly women's book club through one of my friends.

I am rolllllling around on the floor. Like I don't have enough to do! hahhahahah

boy am I a sucker.

Picked up a few books at the bookfair they were having too.

Cat in the Hat's If I ran the rainforest

Bear Stays up for Christmas (I love love love these books, lol)

Diary of a Worm, teheheheh...pretty cute

And...If I had a Dragon (si yo tuviero un Dragon)...we got the version that has english on top and spanish below

Alright...of to clean up a bit more...I am picking Chase's friend up from school again and bringing him home with us...three wild boys for the afternoon, lol


Wednesday, September 06, 2006

hello and howdy! How is everyone today???? I am doing pretty good....a little sleepy, but that is normal!

Just been doing the school thing...trying to find the house after all the sickness...go grocery know.

Actually got a couple layouts done, a set of templates done for my ethnic food challenge at rakscraps and had lunch with my buddy MaryAnn. challenge. September is National Ethnic Food Month. I loveee to collect new recipes and have been wanting to make some books (actually have some recipe books that will soon be for sale soon too). So...the challenge is to use the templates to put down your fave recipes. So go to this thread to grab the templats and instructions and share your faves...there will be a posting bonus.

Then...some layouts:

Using Doris Castle's Cherished Moments kit available at SCrapbook Graphics

Using Sue Bond's Sisters kit available at Scrap outside the box and Jeannie Papai's Sketch template at Digital Freebies

Man..I miss scrapping, lol. Hope to get more of it done. I made another that I really like but can't show you is for the Raks Sept Newsletter! know those bull-nose clips I have down below? Well...they are no longer free...but almost. Go here and get them for .75 this week! to get the boy ready for soccerr practice. Then I have Back To School Night!! Woohoo, lol.


Monday, September 04, 2006

What a fantabulous day it is today. I woke up and it feels like fall. Crisp and cool...just the way digi-mama likes it, hehehe.

I hope it stays like this...I love love love me some FALL>my fave season! Oh yeahhhh. Apple's, sweaters, pumpkins, leaves turning, open windows, no sweating! ahhhhhhh.

So....are you up to a challenge? Well read the following post and meet my first guest ct member! Read all about her, see some of her great layouts, visit her galleries and scraplift her. Leave a link to your lift plus your email in the comments section and you will get a nice little something from me! ;)

Today we are going to Target to pick some stuff up including a bday present for the boy's cousin. She is Five. She wants a singing mermaid doll or a brat doll. I get to shop for DOLLS! I am so excited, lol. How fun is thisssssss! Then it is home to rest and her house at 4:30p or so for swimming, dinner and cake! Oh yeahhhhh!

I also wanted to show you what I made...I love these, ehehhehehe. And since today is a can grab them here....only till tomorrow afternoon though...then they will be at SDK on Wednesday and Digital Freebies next Tuesday...with some diff sets too!

If you grab these....PLEASE LEAVE ME A HOWDY and send all your friends to pick them up here! woohooo! Let me know if you use them!

~~~~Download here~~~~

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Sick,sick and more sick! lolllll

Oh my goodness it has been awhile since we have been that sick. Wednesday I started to feel wierd to my the evening I couldn't get too far from the loo. That night Hayden started to whine about his tummy and hours later he and I were on the kitchen floor emptying our tummy contents into bowls...that is as far as we could get. (TMI I know, lol). So...the rest of the week was spent feeling like trucks hit us...and yes...poor Chase got it Thursday night. It hit Bran last night, though he isn't nearly as sick thankfully!!! So...if I owe you some work, an answer some love or other...that is where I have been. (The good things that came out of being sick....I am almost off diet soda and I lost 6lbs...I know...just water weight, lol)

I did get to go to the Rakscraps Gallery Mixer....I just had to go seeing as I am one of their designer highlights this month!!! Wooohooooo! I gave out some prizes and chatted with the other was fun.

Today also marks the first introduction of my guest CT members!! Woohoooooo!

The first new friend I have made is Carolyn

Want to know a bit more about her???
) Name Carolyn
2) Where do you live? Silverdale, Washington
3) How long have you been Digi scrapping? I recently found my very first LO (it was made in October 2002)
4) What brought you to Digi scrapping? It's so much easier, cheaper, less mess and more fun than paper scrapping.
5) What do you like most about it? It doesn't require a lot of space and I can alter things much easier.
6) Do you have any other hobbies? Photography, reading (I'm pretty low key)
7) How often do you get to scrap? Several times a week usually
8) What program do you use most to scrap? PSP9
9) What are your fave elements to use while scrapping? I'm honestly more of a paper person. I enjoy turning the papers into boarders or strips or circles.
10) Do you have a fave snack to munch on while scrapping? Nope
11) What is your fave layout you have done (provide link to it) and why? My favorite LO is Eye Can See It
I like it because I made up the quote and I think the photo is awesome! To date I feel like it is my best work.


scrapping garden



And here are some layouts she has done with some of my kits...aren't they great??? (click on the layout to see it bigger)

Journaling: My second cousin,Allison when she was visiting Aunt Shirly and Uncle Jimmy 07-30-06
Kit:Resolutions kit-by Tracy Blankenship found at Scrappin Digi Kreations
Font:GE Vienna Script

Journaling: This is one of my few, but favorite, photos of Bri with Baby Mara. Bri was always so proud of her baby and she has always loved Mara with all her heart! 02-21-05

Kit: Creative Expressions kit and Stitched Doodles by Tracy Blankenship found at Digital Freebies and Scrappin Digi Kreations

Font:GE Sylvan Etched Caps GE Palladian

Journaling:I just love looking up at the huge trees here. It's almost dizzying staring up into their greatness. I always wonder how old they are and what kind of events they have witnessed

Kit:Beach House kit-by Tracy Blankenship found at Digital Freebies and Scrappin Digi Kreations

TheScrapHabit Quick Fix 8-28-06 By Alma Townsend


Journaling:Scenic Beach is one of my favorite places to take pictures. The scenery is pretty. The very first time I saw the bay with the mountains in the back drop it took my breath away. This picture was taken at Kenzie's birthday party
Kit:Beach House kit-by Tracy Blankenship found at Digital Freebies and Scrappin Digi Kreations
Template:Quick Fix Templates by Alma
Font:Juice ITC

Journaling:Sarah and Hilarie exchange a good bye hug at Hilarie's
birthday party, both girls have such big beautiful smiles.08-17-06
Kit:Creative Expressions kit-by Tracy Blankenship found at Digital Freebies
and Scrappin Digi Kreations
Font:2Peas Evergreen bout going to check out her galleries (links are above)....leave her some love and scraplift one of her layouts. Do this by the 10th at 12am EST and leave a link to your layout in the comments here (with your email addy) and I will send you a posting prize)

hugssssss and smooches!