Sunday, March 16, 2008

well...spring sprung...and retreated. This weekend has been on and off clouds, chilly weather, bone chilling breezes and sprinkles! brrrrr. I actually like it, but it has not been hitting the boy's happy spot. They are NOT amused.

for those of you who don't want to read what we've been up is what you like to see from me;) goodies.

I am loving using my 5x7 templates available here at scrapdish.

I wanted to show you how fun they are to use...perfect for framing or printing out a shutterfly book. So here is a little bonus sample.

Click here to download. Don't print up a ton and make 1000 spitballs, paper airplanes, or liners for lunch boxes. Don't share direct links to. Don't claim and or sell or share as your own. Don't offer on your site. Don't write me letters on the back telling me you hate hearing what you cannot do with them. Don't dip in paint and wallpaper walls with them.

I also have a word art/border bonus to the Putting on the Green Kit I gave away at the Shutterfly digi blog.

Download Link here.

Chase had opening day for tball...they were so stinking cute! love them. I also like being team mom. It is my first time doing the mom thing with is usually just for sports. It is so good to be able to have control,lol. I picked up the uniforms and distributed them...we got them the evening before opening day. talk about waiting for the last minute. got everyone to pictures and with their forms filled out.I have the scheduling for snack bar coverage almost all finished and the raffle tickets ready for passing out. I helped make 30 paper hats (and cut out hte paper for 30 more). We are having an Easter bonnet parade and egg hunt on Thursday). Got them sent home to each child with instructions on how to decorate with their family. We are having green milk and rice crispy treats at school tomorrow for St Pattie's day. I also have to cut out the makings for a foam pieced together bunny rabbit head to put on the buckets our teacher bought for the egg hunt. PHEW.

The bad news is I failed horribly on the healthy lifestyle front this week. I was doing SOOOO good for a little while...felt and looked better. Then I got that horrible cold so the work outs stopped...then the eating followed. sighhh. Starting again tomorrow. Back on the horse. I will DO IT darn it. I miss having someone to go for walks with..hauling the kiddos. OR to go to the gym with. I only have one friend into working out and she likes to go in the evenings. To me, that won't work. Evenings are for homework, baths, art, sports and time. So...I have ot do it on my own. sniff sniff.

Now...I have some awesome enabling to do! Get ready for some drooling!

First. From my darling Kathi aka lauraskathi. She has been selling at Funky Playground and is amazing!! She is not only a sweetie but she is also completely talented with the most awesome prices and value! Now she has joined the team over at SBB! woohooo!

And what about my chickie Kim?!? She is on Fire! Catch her designs at SBE, CGEssentials and ACOT

any dear Lisa aka GypsyCouture at PdW....great products plus sale equals lots of fun!!!

some of my fave goodies of hers: go off and shop and scrap!!!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Don't forget the freebie kit I am offering....I really like this one, hehehe. if I do say so...I hate saying that, but....

you will find it, a card, a quick page, a template (all free) and a 30% off coupon over on Shutterfly's Celebration Blog.

Just wanted to make sure you all got them while they are there.
You asked for it you got it.....I have had people ask me to create templates w/Attitude 5x7 size...perfect for brag books and Shutterfly prints/books. So here you go. And guess what...they are easily sized down to 4x6.

They are available at Scrapdish

here are a couple layouts showing what you can do with them.

Don't forget...there is a coupon over on the Shutterfly Blog along with some great freebies!!

I need the following commenters on the Shutterfly Blog to Contact me. You won a little somethin something from me! email me at tmblankenship at gmail dot com.

Lisa (ckmom12673)

Sunday, March 09, 2008 time at Shutterfly is almost has been fun. And to say farewell and Happy March...St. Patty's day...welcome Spring etc...I am sharing this kit I made. For you. Your Cost? Just say hello to me over on their Blog...that is all. And don't share the direct links...just send people on over there too! Yayayayay! Such a fun kit to make.

Don't can save 30% off my templates at Scrapdish by using the coupon I have on Shutterfy's Blog. I will pick random winners (misc prizes) from the comment section over there! I would love to see any layouts you make with it!....Have a greatttt Day.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Friday Friday! wooohooooo! life is good! I get to have a sleepover with my sweet little grandson, Tobee. The boys are so excited. We don't have many other plans...just enjoy
the sun we are supposed to have.

As stated previously...I am featured designer over at the Shutterfly Celebrations Blog. I have already shared how to make a paper bag album, how I do my digital paper punching, gave a 30% off coupon for my templates, a template....and today I am giving away a quick page and a birthday card!!! By the way...they are supposed to have fixed the link for the template. If you still have problems...make sure you are in Internet Explorer. You can also try right clicking and save target as. If you still have problems, contact me and I will help you out. :)

I also would like to show you the new template pack going into the Scrapdish store today!!! wooohoo! the rectangle version will be in this weekend.

(click on preview for larger image)

(don't forget to grab that coupon code over at the shutterfly blog)! Grab those freebies while you are over there....and say hi in the comments! I will be giving out random treats this weekend to those who do!!! leave your name and/or email with your comment. I will contact you or you can check back here for the winners list.

Have a great one guys!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Happy Tuesday! Hope you are all well and happy! woohooooo! So...we went to the beach over the weekend. I was not really looking forward to it, but it ended up being just what the doctor ordered. Cleared my head mentally and physically. I went on two pretty good hikes...made my thighs and calves scream! It has put me on the road to my healthy new me! I have toyed with losing weight and exercising for quite awhile but have NOT done a great job. But I am determined darn it!

Then I sat in a courtroom ALL day yesterday...Jury duty. I never got questioned...but it was a LONG boring day listening to the same questions over and over and over,lol. I really want to sit on one day...always has interested me.

I will be spending the next few days cutting 60 two yard pieces of colored butcher paper and rolling them up. The three first grade classes will be making Easter hats for our parade at school.

On to my exciting news....I am being featured on Shutterfly's Digi Blog! Yayayayayayay! I am so excited. I love Shutterfly and this blog. I am proud to be in the company of the great ladies that have been before me! Go check it out! This week will be full of tips, coupons and freebies from me! yayayay! (hint: the first freebie is there today!!) but still read down to yesterdays....a little about me and a coupon!