Tuesday, September 11, 2007

first and foremost...big hugs to all who have left me wonderful comments...you make my day.

Monday monday....sure feels good to me. Monday monday.....I am blessed and happpyyyy,lol. What is that age old addage...fake it till you make it? lol. just kidding. I am actually in good spirits. The weather is cooling down here, my momma came back up, my doctors are finally listening to me and I found $37 in my pants pocket...a pair I haven't worn for a while.

The bad news is my room...the craft room...the spare guest room....the one a while back I told you about...it had a life of its own. I would walk by it and it would give a throaty chuckle. In the middle of the afternoon..while everyone was napping...the door would slam shut on it's own. The one when I needed something out of it...I would tie the end of a rope around the door knob and the other around my waist--go in and quickly grab the item and pull myself back to the hall. I got lost in there once...bran had to throw in a life preserver to get me out. I vaguely remember a blue light with floor heighth clouds and eary music playing in the background and some shouting. I also told you all how proud I was that I had cleaned it spic-and-span and organized the H--E--double hockey sticks out of it. And...in my defense...it lasted a LONG time. And...the double closet where I installed shelving and tubs that house there own subsection ie ribbons, adhesives, feathers, beads, pipe cleaners etc....that is stillllll in FINE FORM. But....ahem...shuffle...mumble...talking low with hand in front of my mouth...the rest of hte room...not doing so well my chickadees. Over the last 3 weeks it has quickly become the "catch all room" again. A mom from school is coming over...shove it all in the craft room. MIL coming over....oh crap...Chase...Throw that in the craft room. Why the blankety blank to I have 14 million blankets in this house??? I will throw 20 of them in the craft room until I can part with them. (yes....we all have blanket issues in this house. None of us were breast fed enough obviously. We need comforting and we need it NOW. And we take it in the form of homemade crochet or knitted blankets softer than a newborns bottom. But I MUST draw the line. We have too many. And they are NOT all handmade! I find a supersoft blankey and I buy it. So...whose do we get rid of. Be REAL folks....NONE of mine are going. No way No how. So...I keep shuffling them in the craft room. I still was under the illusion that all was well in Tracy Land. The rest of my house might be under attack: living room is now laundry central. Living room is craft and Homework Bunker. Kitchen has almost everything on the counters...I am in the midst of getting rid of unused items....My room...well...blush...heheheh..ummmmm....does anyone else hold the illusion that I will EVER EVER EVER fit in a size 6 again. ummmm NO. so I have all my size 4, 6 and 8's sitting out all over the place (please note...while single and working...I was quite the shopper...malls and second hand stores...so I have literally 12 BOXES of clothes that I do NOT currently fit in. sighhh. And also keep in mind...months ago...I...ummmmm....got rid of a LOT. My name is Tracy and I have a problem I say as I lovingly caress a pair of 2 inch heels I used to adore and wear every other week. Can I just say...I am feeling a little in mourning for the rockin Hottie I used to be (snicker). Makeup, hair, fashion, diet, exercise...I did it allllll. Now....capri's, t's, ponie tail and lipgloss. sighhhhhh.

so...off on a tangent again. As soon as I get three weeks of iron shots back into me (yup...my levels are all the way at the bottom again..sighhh) I will tackle the Room and The Clothes again.

What are you reading now? What are you watching now? Do you watch things that you feel "ashamed of?" My aunt watches and tapes soaps regularly. I have a guilty pleasure of mystery/CSI/Cop show/movie/book obsession. I also enjoy a couple cheesey sitcoms...shhhhhhhh. Old Christine....hehehehe she cracks me up. I did not get into our book club selection this month....Dispatches from the Edge, by Anderson Cooper ...Between my MIL's cancer and my illness...and my disinterest...shhhhh....not gonna happen. I have very little pesos in my account. I am NOT going to buy this book. I will borrow it and read it,lol. I cannot get over how guilty I feel though. I need to figure out what book to choose next...I get to pick. Hard to pick ones that are available at the library, not too cheesey and that they haven't read, sigh.

speaking of books. I have been thinking about what to do with my used books. I might start an online book share. We join...list what we have...figure out a way to sign up and then just paypal each other the shipping and pass on the books. I have had to buy a lot of books, so this would be cool. Do you have a good idea on how to make this work? email me at tmblankenship at gmail dot com or post comment here. I have Memory keepers daughter, a thousand splendid suns, life is good, several james patterson (and TONS of mystery guys and gals) just waiting for me to either take them to the used book store or thrift store.

I am sad to say that I had to quit some teams...I just wasn't able to keep up with everything else going on. But my friend Bren Taylor Boone is coming back with power to knock your socks off...and she will be at Scrapbook graphics. Tune in on the 15th for more news...I will be involved with her.

I haven't gotten to scrap much...but here is what I have....

I got the pleasure of using fun overflow double page template by melanie colosimo at elemental scraps I neverrrr put this many pics on my layouts...but loveee the result. Thank you so much Melanie!

Speaking of templates...there is a deal going on right now for a free 8.5x11 shutterfly book (click here to see deal)and people are looking for templates. I have put some specials attached with my templates with attitude rectangle version sets right now. Check them out here.

and you all know me too well...here is a freebie for you...
click to download...leave me a heart drawn in the sand...or a hello.

square version click here

rectangle version click here

be courageous, be committed, be caring, be contemplative, be critism-free, be creative, be clever, be candid.

Don't be destructive, damning, dangerous, dreadful, dark, denying, degenerate, dismissive, derisive, or darn-right mean.

Share your heart, smile, save, surrender, sweep-someone-off-their-feet but don't steal, sensationalize, sell, swipe, swear, share what's not yours, or sweep truths under the rug.

love and be loved my friends.

hugs and happy scrapping.

Friday, September 07, 2007

hi all! happy Saturday!! are you like me and wondering where the week went? I sure feel it is only Wednesday. Geesh. I know Monday was an off day here but still!

So...I have a had a great couple days.

Thursday I worked in Chase's class...can I tell you...it is a night and day difference from last year. Last year was awful for me. I was so sad since I had these high expectations of what kindergarten would be...and it was NOTHING like that. I had issues with the teacher beyond belief. But I am sooooo happy with this year already. Chase's teacher is sweet, funny, CALM, supportive and CALM and organized and happy and CALM!!!! lol The kiddos are so cute and it was a totaly wonderful time!

Then I came home and hung out with my momma and then she helped me to some prep work for schooll

Yesterday mom and I (she is staying part of the week every week, remember) tackled the boy's room with Hayden's help. Got rid of the clothes that were too small, toys that were broken or obsolete and totally organized all the remaining. It was so nice to have help! I do this every other month and it was so much more efficient and pleasant having her there. I must give a shout out to my mom. I am THE luckiest girl in the world. My mom is always there for me....is always there for the boys...never lets me down and loves me to the moon and back. Thank you God for my mom. And for my aunt who is always there when she can be there.

Then we went to a play date at a new friend's house. I met this gal when she called my house to tell me when soccer practice was...she is the coaches wife. Never talked to her before. We talked for 1.5 HOURS that night...lol...she didn't call everyone that night needless to say heheheh. We just hit it off pretty well...and her son ended up in our class (I told her how much she should put Cal in there,lol). And a dear boy Chase had in class last year is in this year too, so they came over today too. And Hayden got to come as well as Davids little sister and dad. There house is BEAUTIFUL...110 years old victorian...kind of house I have always wanted.
The kids played great...we all talked for ever (my momma came too) and hte guys gossiped as much as us, heheh.

Now I am chillin' while momma cooks me some home made chicken fried rice! SPOILEDDDD! I promise to take realllly good care of her in her old age, hehehe.

Hey...did you know that I am spotlighted on the funky playground blog??? yup yup yup. I am a Hybrid Goddess there today...yayyyyayyyy me!

I created a fun hybrid recipe book! and I used the FPD goodies. And I give instructions. And...I have a small template pak for this project free for the taking if you want. I am so stoked. I had this done an eon ago...and couldn't wait to share it with you all.

Today is Chase's first soccer game! woohooo. my aunt, mom, Hayden and I will be going to cheer him on! He has a chance to be a Rockstar this year!! He will be one of hte oldest...it is 6 and under (and he won't be 6 till November, so he is there with 4 year olds and 5 year olds...go Chaseeeee, lol). I felt bad at first...all his friends from school are in the 8-6 year olds and he was a tad bummed. But I was listening to one boy and he was telling Chase....we have to practice twice a week and some of hte kids are REALLY good...my coach yells at us, etc. So...now I am so happy we are on the younger team again, hehehe.

After that...Brandon's cousins want help moving...and of course he is working again, so....that leaves me. Not sure if we are going to make it or not. We will see.

I have been having some DOOZY dreams too. I seriously need to start writing these bad boys down again...they will make some good books or tv movies,lol. holy moly!

ok lovelies! go forth and have a splendid day. Grab those templates. Get some exercise! hugs

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Hi all....me again. you remember me...that little chubby brunette who loves to scrap! I am still here. Just keepin up with life...won't go into it all...just will start over from today,lol. Trust me...nothing too exciting to share...lots of booboos, sickies, housework etc.

Chase is joining Boyscouts tonight...he is sssoooooo excited. Been waiting since last year when they so meanly passed out fliers to the kindy classes and I had to tell him you can't join till you are a fist grader. Talk about heartbroken,lol.

My MIL Gillian is doing ok. She got good news...it wasn't in her lymph nodes! Yayayayayya!

My Dad had a relapse but is still getting better.

Everyone is home from their travels...and not allowed to leave me ever again,lol. phew...I am tired.

I have got to scrap a bit...and make up a new set of templates for sale (the rectangle version coming later today I hope). Click image for larger view.

they are for sale here...$4 now (two days only)

here are some layouts I have done lately...full credits can be seen in my gallery at dst...click here

this one was for a style it studios blog challenge...love those challenges. used all their goodies
I scrapped a suprise bday brunch my girlfriends gave me using Misty Maier's (dragonfly desings) gorgeous creations. (and Rachel young's pin pokes) for this. You can find Misty's work at OAKs and PDW.
I loveee this layout (if I do say so,lol) and even made a template out of it in the new pack. I saw the sign for I love you in one of my mags and thought it would make a cool journaling block...so off I went to create it. I did it for one of Elemental Scraps Blog challenges (can you tell I am lovin challenges lately?)using lots of goodies by Sherri Tierney over there...love that dino paper! (Declan kit)

This is a pic of my mom and aunt. I thought Sammy Davis' gorgeous As time goes by kit from Scrappin digi kreations.
I turned it into a template and wanted to share it all with you...so it is today's freebie. as usual...no sharing, claiming, selling etc. Also...no using as a shoulder cover during your color touch up on your hair....no using as a background for a picture dartboard of your non-fave celebrity (hullo brit for me)....no dribble bib for watching your fave hunky star in a movie (wiggling eyebrows) and no jotting down excuses as to why you can't exercise today. just download and enjoy.

click here to download...leave me a hello

ok...off to pick up the little monkey at preschool.