Friday, July 21, 2006

Hi friends. Just a note to say...we will be off to the wild wild woods today. Going camping with my mom, aunt, family friends, and our sullen 16yr old daughter, lol. The boys are sooooo excited. We were supposed to leave yesterday...but once again Bran's work didn't get done, so here we are, lol. I hope we don't leave too late as it is a 4 hr drive.

And...I am so much of a wimp now, hehheh. NO showers or flush toilets...ackkk hehehehehe. What happened to me...I went soft.

I did get a layout done...amid all the chaos. I used my friend Jeannie Papai's School Age kit available at Scrapmommies. I love it.

 to shower and wait for everyone to wake up. I will have a little something for you when we get back!


Tuesday, July 18, 2006

phewwww...we are on the mend. hayden and I still aren't too sure about things...but we are better. sick in the gooood!

I was pleased to recieve an email today from an honest woman with very honest friends. RACHEL (big hugs sweetz) was telling me that she saw a layout her friend had done with my friday freebie kit the calm (I had given it away awhile ago). Well, she couldn't find it and really wanted it. Wanted to know where I sold it etc! Said her friends had it and would give it to her if I said it was ok! These three gals totally Rak. I am passing it on to her and she and her two friends each get to pick one of my kits for free. Honesty should be rewarded now days. (Now...don't all of you email me saying you are honest and deserve a free kit too hehehhehehe).

So...due to that...I am having a big old sale at Digital Freebies. See what putting me in a good mood does?

All these are on sale for one week:

A Little Country Chic is on Sale for $3.00...and it is a good sized kit. And don't forget...if you buy it and email me ( your receipt or thank you will receive the matching alpha for free!

Resolutions is on sale 40% off! (look in new releases)

Beach House is on Sale....for $3.50

Bug Hunter (so cute) is on sale for 2.99

Creative expressions on sale for 40% off still (look in new releases)

Cutest Cowgirll is on sale for 2.99 and don't forget...forward me the receipt for the THREE matching alphas

Daddy's got the blues for 2.99

Dinner with friends for 2.50

Frosty (love this kit, lol) 2.50

Hohoholidays 2.50

My Funny Valentines (love this one is on sale for 2.00!!!!!

Pink Petal Perfection (fun elements in this one) is on sale for 2.50

I also have two new doodles (one stitched) that are for sale...40% off this week in the new releases category.

and I put both my Hoop Dreams mini kits together in one combo kit...and it is on sale too!

On to other news...well...ok...not much happening since we have been sick, lol.

I can show you my Raks Newsletter Layouts now since it is out now (with the great mega kit)

With Theresa Hernarnanez's Summer Citrus kit at Natural Designs

With SaraAmarie's Fresh Summer Eve kit at 3Scrapateers

Ok...we are off to Target and then the grocery store as mother hubbard's cupboards are bare! Have a fab DAY!!!!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

so....what a weekend!

First....Friday night Hayden woke up with a raging fever. Yup. 102. and he was VERY unhappy about it. 2hrs of sleep for mom. Then trying to get the food prepared and set up while dealing with him was interesting. Luckily I am blessed with a wonderful mom and aunt and sil who pitched in to help. Becky picked up the cake and balloons and ice; auntie stuffed the rolls with the chicken salad I made the night before; mom swished and shined the bathroom and floors. I had decorated the night before thank goodness.

So....the guests started to arrive at 11a...Jenny followed at 11:30a. Conversation, hugs and food flowed. After lunch (which they all loved, heheh)--Chicken Salad (will do a recipe layout)stuffed in croissants, mini quiches, fruit and veggie tray and two diff pasta salads--we started to play a few games. We played the memory game...a tray full of baby items are passed around and your try to memorize the items. After a few pins of then write down as many items as you can remember. Then we did the "guess how big Jenny is". You cut a length of string to go around her belly. They did REALLY good on that one. Then we did stork bingo. I printed out some bingo cards and you write down presents you think she might get in the squares. As she opens up her gifts, you cross out the presents, yelling bingo after you get five in a row.

While opening presents and the following cake...I had to leave a lot to be with Hayden, but my mom helped a ton.

She really had a good time, so I was happy. Her good friends spoiled her...gave her two baskets of things for only her at the hospital (she has Step B so will have to stay at the hospital longer). There was candy, sunflower seeds, magazines, nail stuff, lotions, a gorgeous robe, hair stuff, crosswords, lottery tickets, nipple creamm (a must), just tons of things. It was sooooooo sweet! Loved that.

After the shower...I just held Hayden and drew with Chase. Brandon had left that morning to go to Monterey to go scuba diving, so it was just us. Hayden cried allllll night until 3:45a when his fever broke then slept till 9a...totally unlike him. Chase woke up at 5:30 crying with a fever. sigh

Today we are just laying around, drawing etc. Taking it verrryyyy easy. I haven't even showered or taken down the decorations, lol.

Here is a little collage of the shower until I can get some layouts done.

So...that is about all that is going on. Thank you all who left comments for the freebie. I do really appreciate it. Once again. If you use any of my kits, freebies, etc...please shoot me a link. I love to see what you all do!

hugs and kisses

Friday, July 14, 2006

First...let me just toot the train whistle...another of my talented creative team gals got Digi Pick of the Day! Uh huh...go Raji...shake it baby shake it oh yeah..shake it baby shake it! That the way uh huh uh huh we like it...uh huh uh huh! Whoooooooot!

She did an awesome layout using the same kit as Deb Creative Expression kit. I am tickled beyond words. I have the BEST girls on the web man!

It's Fridayyyyyyyy! Wooohhooooo! Just one more day and the baby shower for my stepdaughter will be overrrrr! Don't get me wrong. I love baby showers. I love my daughter. But can I just say "holy cow batman....I am tired?!@?!?" Everyone who was supposed to be helping me (except my SIL) has backed out on me. Stuff came up. Well...that is all well and fine...but what the heck am I supposed to do with that? Just what I am doing. Everything by myself. the food, cake will be picked up tomorrow am as well as balloons. I am scrubbing the house today. Made the diaper cake and bought decorations yesterday. Let me tell you...the diaper cake was hysterical. friend who taught me is my own Martha Stewart. She always has everything together. She is a clean freak. She is super crafty. All the things I am not. So...we were sitting on her floor...after a morning shopping with two cranky boys mind you. make this have to hold all the diapers as you keep overlapping them to make a circle. Then you tie a ribbon around them....I don't see how you can make them by yourself. After many attempts....we finished and it looks great. I just need to add the little touches I bought today. Here is what one looks like...I will show you mine after the shower. There are many diff versions...this is the closest to what I am making.

 are a couple layouts I have done:

This one using my friend Kim Smith's Mello Papers...available at Scrappin Digi Kreations

This one using Khristi Schmidts Cucumber Splash available at The Daily Scrap

This one using SaraAmarie's CareFree kit available at 3Scrapateers

 bout a blog freebie? I must say....I was a little disappointed last time. I had over 200?!?!?!?!? downloads...and hardly any comments. I always comment when I grab a freebie. It makes the person feel like someone cares. Kind of like how I have taught my boys to say thank you when someone gives/does for them. It is good manners for pete's sakes. Oh well...I am still giving, so it can't bother me too much. I might start thinking of a new way to give out my freebies though...especially my bigger ones.

Here is the preview:

Here is the link: download here

Don't forget to scroll down and see the deals I am having at Digital Freebies too. I have 7 kits that I am retiring or changing...available for $7.99. I also have a deal that if you buy any of three kits and forward the thankyou email to me...I will send you the corresponding alpha.

Hope you all have a fabulous day.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Hi all...first scrapping news for those of you who really do not care what is going on in my life, lol.

I am going to be having some specials here and there. The first one this kit, forward me your thank you email you get from the store or your receipt (dated after this email was posted) and I will sent you the freebie that is specified for each one below.

Send to

First: ********Buy Cutest Cowgirl kit ********Get Cowfolk Alphas******

Next: **Buy A Little Country Chic ********Get Country Chic Alpha******

Next: Buy Madeline Rose and Get either the Madeline Rose add-on or the Hanging Girl Alpha have to purchase them after July 7th, 2006

On to other news.

We just got home from our vacation. Man oh man was it funnnnnnn!

We drove from Yuba City, CA to Seaside, OR

The first day we drove about 5hrs (not including the numerous potty breaks (Hayden is doing so goooooood with his potty training) to Meford where we stayed the night. The boys loved the hotel room, hehe. They had a blast playing and pretending to have a campout. They also loveeeeddd the continental breakfast we got, lol.

We arrived at our little house in Seaside around 5p. Let me tell you how cuteeeee this place was (and dang it....the pics I took of it did NOT come out, sigh). It was a two bedroom house with hardwood floors and antique furniture. It had a cute little backyard and a stovepipe fireplace. Heaven. We were a three block walk from the beach and from town. The owner was a friend of a friend of my MILs and she let us steal it for $65 a night?!?!?!?!

So, we put our stuff in the car and ran to the beach. The boys went nutso, heheh. Running, splashing you name it. After we went the this critically acclaimed Restaurant called Doogers. Yummmmmmmm. The best seafood ever. Even the boys chowed on schrimp and fish. My MIL, SIL and nephew were also in town and happened to still be eating there too. My nephew sat at our table while we finished and then we went back to the house they were staying (a friend of my MIL). Then we crashed like nobodie's business. I usually don't sleep well in other homes, but I sure did there.

After a yummy homemade breakfast by hubby, we headed down to the beach to claim our was the Fourth after all. My nephew came down and helped build our fire pit and played with the boys. Kites, digging, running etc. I walked back and forth to the house to make lunch, to go potty etc. By the end of the day my legs were achinnnnggg! Great exercise is to be had on the beach.

As the day progressed...more and more ppl came to the beach. Fires were built, tents and umbrellas set up, bbqs were smoking. The music came on. You could feel the anticipation crackling in the air. People were setting of fireworks (some legal some not). We roasted hot dogs and made s'mores. Fresh fruit and wine/beer/soda were devoured as if we were ravenous pirates. There was an air of friendship amoung all of us. So awesome! I didn't get to see the whole firework show (didn't start till 10a and Hayden was sooooo tired and would NOT think of sleeping on the beach. I had to take him back to the house, but I still had sooooo much fun. The next morning Chase told me they were "Awesome mommmmmm".

They slept like the dead,lol

The next am we ate and walked into town. Did a little shopping...rode the carousel...then went home and took a nap (I read). Thennnnnnn....yup you guessed it. To the beach again. We went to another seafood restaurant...great food sucky service.

Thursday came way too fast. We cleaned and packed up with heavy hearts. Drove back to Medford and stayed the night. Fri we headed home...Bran decided to stop at the Craggs and we went on a 2mi hike...what awesome little hikers I have.

We arrived home about 6p and just crashed. Tiredddddd campers are we.

The boys did awesome...they were so good. So I bought them this little three ringed pool to play in the back yard with.

Our dear friend's Greg and Missy (who moved to Minnesota) are in town (without their boys :( ) Bran is golfing with Greg. The family will go to a party at Bran's aunt and uncle's from which we will sneak off to get together with G&M.

Have a fabulous dayyyyyy!

Here are some photos:

Keeping Hayden happy on longggggg car ride

Chase catching sand crabs

roasting dindin on the fourth

Chase, Hayden and Daniel digging a "fort"

Hayden frolicking

Both Boys

daddy and Hayden getting one of the kites ready for takeoff

hayden and I on the carousel