Thursday, March 30, 2006

anyone know how to help this poor black thumb of computers get music and/or music video on her blog? Pleasssssssssssssssssse with big puppy dog eyes!!!
How coooolllll is this slide show thing???????? I found it in several blogs, and haddddddddddd to have it for myself! strange are fortune cookies? So.....a month ago I had the BLUESSSS! I didn't want to be a stay at home mommy anymore! I felt like I was doing a horrible job! Long story. So...cracked open a fortune on my lowest said..."You will find great comfort at home".

Then tonights (don't lecture me about falling off my diet wagon people, lol)

"Creating is the greatest proof of being alive". That should be my new motto!

So...having fun playing with my my freebie done...might do a couple layouts as soon as I pass out my prizes for my challenges I am doing at Digital Freebies. Next week I am starting a cool one over at Rakscraps.

I am also in the CT spotlight for April's Newsletter at Raks...whoohoooo. No more about will have to read about it! heheheh
IT's a Boyyyy!!!

No doubt about it....Jennifer *middle dear stepdaughter* is having a boy! I am happy...I thought I would be sad she isn't having a girl...I am done and really wished I had a baby girl...but I am really really really happy!!!

His name will be Toby Christopher

In honor of this announcement...grab this freebie while you can...will be taking it down soon. Please share the link to my blog with anyone you want to see the kit...not the kit itself. If you grab it...Pleaseeeeeeeeeeee leave me a comment...a link to any layouts done with my work would also be much appreciated.


Sorry, no longer available

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

ok...well I have NOT had a productive day today...nothing I touched worked right. The boys were NOT behaving...I didn't find anything I wanted while shopping, Hayden fell out of the cart at Michaels (NOOOOOOOOO he was not buckled in, sighhhh...bad mom). Bran and I had a "disagreement" and for the life of me...

Have you seen Carrie of Fishscraps cool blog list? It is very cool...go check it out.the top digiscrap blog list!

If there is a blog you like, you can go and rate it and review it...that is cool too.

If you want to do mine, here is the link. ;)

Going to read a mag and go to bed early! I will have a new freebie for you tomorrow afternoon in honor of my gran........surpriseeee, lol. Jennifer (my stepdaughter) got her ultrasound today...I know what she is having....even though I still think 37 is too young to be a So check back

Hugs and kisses!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

just a quickie this morning...make sure to grab the ice cube freebie down below...I will be taking it down tomorrow! xoxoxoxoxo

I also put up a little tut on how to thread a ribbon through a buckle and get a good look. Go to the tutorial part of my blog by clicking to the right.

Oh...and if you haven't joined up for Scrappindigikreations' shoulllddd! I am going to be having a cool freebie that you can use in my color challenge...and I will have a sketch challenge too. That is the way to get freebies on Sammy's site to get the newsletter. Go here and scroll down to the info spot on the bottom subscribe to newsletter.

Sunday, March 26, 2006 I am off to cuddle my baby and go night night. He is already asleep in my bed...yes...I know....I know...I sworreeeeee I wouldn't have this happen with my second child. When I was pg with Hayden I was on bedrest for the last two trimesters. And Chase and I were sooooo close. He (and I) really had a hard time being away from each other during the day (my family and Bran's really stepped up and took care of him a lot during the day since I was at the hospital a lot and in bed). But...during naps and bed time...we slept was our time to read, cuddle and just be with each other. Well...let me tell was super duper almost impossible to get him in his own bed...still have troubles sometimes, lol.

So...that is why I swore I wouldn't do that with Hayden. But...enter his health probs and his colicky fussy personality at times...and enter mommy's continuing health problems and DESPERATE need for we are sleeping together.


To tell you the truth...just between us...I don't mind it really at all. He sleeps pretty good most of the time...I like to hear him Horriblllllleeeee snoring husband doesn't like to sleep with us in the bed...too small, I sleep pretty good without him. isn't good for my marriage or Hayden's need for self-sufficiency or something like that I read, ehhehe.

sigh... boys are home...I am a happy momma. Got to play, got to cuddle...and got TWO...yes count them TWOOOOOOOOOOOOO layouts done tonight. I haven't gotten to scrap much lately...I have been so busy...but I got two done. Both using Amy Kneppers kits. Too fun.

"The Kiss" uses her A Man's Man kit only available at Scrapdish (where it is also on sale, hehehe)

Then there is "That Smile" using her Study Hall Mini kit at Scrapdish also

It felt good to get some layouts done.

I am also in the process of checking out Fly Lady's Site to get more organized and productive. So many people sing her praises...I keep hearing them, but never going to see. Something has to give,lol. Wish me luck and give me tips, lol.
Good morning....hope you are all well today. I am missssssing my boys! It is so funny....they can drive me battttty (for those of you who don't know me...I have two boys---one is four and one is two) and I can just prayyy for some time alone. So when they go to auntie and grandma's I do the happy dance all over the house. They usually leave here about 2p. That night is awesommmmmme. I have a date with my hubby...we laugh, we make a yummy dinner or go out...we play board games that weeee want to play. The next morning is strangely quiet and empty...I call them and sigh when I hang up. I clean, I scrap, I watch shows that I have tivo' 3p I am realllllly missing them. At bed time I get verrryyyyy sad. The next morning I wake up at 7a and want to go get them...righhhhttttt nowwwww! lol. my playing on the internet...I am going to start hightlighting galleries, products etc again.

I stumbled upon this gallery last night at 2am...I was having some serious insomnia. sweet. Her layouts are great but her journaling really grabs me. She has some great ideas, photos etc. You have ot go check it out. And then lets talk about her left bawling! She has such a way with words...go check it out too.

Last night Kim and I ran our newbie chat at went really well. We went over lots of does and dont's and gave out many tips. Gave away lots of prizes and just had fun fun fun.

I am finishing up my contribution to a spring fling kit that several designers are contributing to over at Digital is going to be such a fun mega kit!!! I can't show youuuuuuuu! lol

Ok...that is all for now....going to go play!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Will spring hurry up and get here? Pleassseeeee???? I am sick of being sick, lol. We have not been really 100% well since December! I know my immune system is in the toilet, but for goodness sakkkkkeeessss!

That being said...I am finally updating this dang blog.

Would you like to meet my design team????? They are such awesome should!
Clickety click here to go see them.

I am in the process of getting all of their wonderful layouts put up too!

So...what have I been up to.

Well...getting better, cleaning, teaching Chase how to catch ground balls and pop-flys and to hit...that's right...t-ball is starting up soon. I cannot wait...I am more excited than him. I have been making my prizes and challenges...but haven't really been able to make too many kits...though I did finish these up. They are available only at digital freebies right now.

This is called Daddy's Got the Blues.

I really like it. There is an add-on that will be the Friday Freebie at Digital Freebies and I am giving out another add-on as a challenge prize there.

I also did this just because my dear friend Missy asked for it, lol

It is my Hoop Dreams Add-on kit

Her little Gabe is such the Hoopster that she had to have the add-on...check out her layout she made with the two kits.

both of these kits are 40% off rigth now, btw. The first week that kits are released, Tracy (the other Tracy, heheh) puts them on sale. cool huh?

The boys are going to my aunt's and mom's for the weekend....I really need it right now. I am soooo tired, still getting better and I want to scrapppppp!

I have really been trying to be better about how much time I spend on the computer. I have been doing more house work...working out...playing with the boys....working on art with them...trying to teach them music...and just getting out of the house. But I really miss it, lol! I figure there will be enough time for that when they are a little older and want nothing to do with me.

I just need to make a schedule like Sammy...that way I won't feel guilty, ehhe. to sort clothes to get rid of! I am trying to streamline and declutter still hehehe.


oh...and if you read this deserve a little freebie, ehhehehe If you grab it, please leave me a comment. Don't share it, rather send them here to grab it!

no longer available....a new one coming soon!

Monday, March 06, 2006

Lots of challenges going on!!!

Thought I would advertise some of my challenges I have going on at some sites!!!

At Rakscraps I have the following at this time:

Women History Month Challenge March 6th-10th

My monthly Element Challenge just started for March. It runs till April 4th.

Digital Freebies:

Every Wednesday join me for a scraplift challenge at Digital Freebies. If you do all four lifts, you get the whole prize kit.

I also have a twice monthly Sketch challenge that will be starting up on the 11th.

And Scrappindigikreations I have a sketch and color challenge in the newsletter!

and if that isn't enough excitement!!??!!! How bout a big old 40% off sale at DigitalFreebies for everything! All the designers!!! Wow. And a new club kit combo went up...two great kits for $5!!!!
What a wild and crazy week,lol. Just stoppin in for a sec....mainly to get rid of that sad little post before. Sorry...I was feeling blue.

So...we had Hayden's bday party on Sat. Tooooo fun. Pictures soon! He loved it. Then we went to my nephew's bday. Then all the kids came over on Sunday and my MIL stopped in on her way home from Costa Rica.

This morning I was at the school to do more enrollment...we are filling up fast...I love it.

I am now trying to house clean looks like a cyclone went through, lol!

So...I will be back with pictures and more details. Hope to get a freebie up for you soon!


Thursday, March 02, 2006

Hi guys. A couple of you have emailed me wondering what is up...why I haven't been around as much.

Not going to bore you or bring you down...but let's just say...I am having a hard time emotionally, physically and spiritually right now. I am going to snap out of it..I promise. I appreciate you all and hate that I am feeling like this.

I will be back around...just going to get some rest tonight and pull my head out of my tush.