Thursday, March 23, 2006

Will spring hurry up and get here? Pleassseeeee???? I am sick of being sick, lol. We have not been really 100% well since December! I know my immune system is in the toilet, but for goodness sakkkkkeeessss!

That being said...I am finally updating this dang blog.

Would you like to meet my design team????? They are such awesome should!
Clickety click here to go see them.

I am in the process of getting all of their wonderful layouts put up too!

So...what have I been up to.

Well...getting better, cleaning, teaching Chase how to catch ground balls and pop-flys and to hit...that's right...t-ball is starting up soon. I cannot wait...I am more excited than him. I have been making my prizes and challenges...but haven't really been able to make too many kits...though I did finish these up. They are available only at digital freebies right now.

This is called Daddy's Got the Blues.

I really like it. There is an add-on that will be the Friday Freebie at Digital Freebies and I am giving out another add-on as a challenge prize there.

I also did this just because my dear friend Missy asked for it, lol

It is my Hoop Dreams Add-on kit

Her little Gabe is such the Hoopster that she had to have the add-on...check out her layout she made with the two kits.

both of these kits are 40% off rigth now, btw. The first week that kits are released, Tracy (the other Tracy, heheh) puts them on sale. cool huh?

The boys are going to my aunt's and mom's for the weekend....I really need it right now. I am soooo tired, still getting better and I want to scrapppppp!

I have really been trying to be better about how much time I spend on the computer. I have been doing more house work...working out...playing with the boys....working on art with them...trying to teach them music...and just getting out of the house. But I really miss it, lol! I figure there will be enough time for that when they are a little older and want nothing to do with me.

I just need to make a schedule like Sammy...that way I won't feel guilty, ehhe. to sort clothes to get rid of! I am trying to streamline and declutter still hehehe.


oh...and if you read this deserve a little freebie, ehhehehe If you grab it, please leave me a comment. Don't share it, rather send them here to grab it!

no longer available....a new one coming soon!


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the great freebie. Love the color.(blue is my favorite.)You have a wonderful Blog going on here.

Vicki said...

Love the Ice Cubes Kit. Thanks so much.


Annette said...

Thank you very for the blue kit!

bookmom said...

cute kit name...thanks for the freebie...spring is just around the corner:)

Gina said...

Love the ice cubes. Hey, that creative team you've got is pretty hot. ROFL. ;) Where's YOUR AAM layout, girlfriend?

Augurs said...

Beautiful blues! :) Thanks for the freebie! :)

Lynn said...

Love, love, love the blue!! Thanks so much for sharing this kit!

Lynn said...

Love, love, love the blue! Thanks so much for sharing this kit!

Anonymous said...

Tracy, thank you for making such wonderful kits. And thank you for sharing some of them with us. I love the "Ice Cube" Kit - the colors of blue and the elements are really beautiful and specially nice for boy layouts.


Heather said...

Thanks for the gift - look forward to playing with it.

Anonymous said...

Thank you. I love the paper with the cubes on it.

Tania said...

Oh Great Kits Tracy! I've been trying to spend less time on the computer too!

Anonymous said...

Love this kit, Tracy. I also really enjoyed your blog. I am a SAHgrandma
raising three GD's and we also have our youngest sleep in our bed. Just as much a comfort to me as her.

Robin said...

Hey chica! Your papers are so cool! Looks like you've been busy!