Monday, March 06, 2006

What a wild and crazy week,lol. Just stoppin in for a sec....mainly to get rid of that sad little post before. Sorry...I was feeling blue.

So...we had Hayden's bday party on Sat. Tooooo fun. Pictures soon! He loved it. Then we went to my nephew's bday. Then all the kids came over on Sunday and my MIL stopped in on her way home from Costa Rica.

This morning I was at the school to do more enrollment...we are filling up fast...I love it.

I am now trying to house clean looks like a cyclone went through, lol!

So...I will be back with pictures and more details. Hope to get a freebie up for you soon!


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Deb said...

So glad you are feeling better Tracy !! Sure sounds like you are keeping yourself busy too :)