Monday, October 31, 2005

Today's blog pick of the day was sent to me by Melinda. Her friend Kristen started this her own words it is "digital scrapbooking industry news, tutorials, articles, new products and anything else I come across that I think people might like." Just starting up...but def must go on my list...looks promising! Go check it out: Digital Scrapbooking Community News.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Today's Blog Pick of the day is by Dora (1aicha at Raks). Good news blog. She describes it as....She state's the following. Can't describe it better, lol.

"About real news, about positive news. It’s about people helping people, lucky escapes, miraculous rescues, great scientific breakthroughs. It’s about the majority of people going about their daily lives without making that bad big impact that gets them that negative headline. It’s about you and me just living our daily life.

But most of all it is a kind of truth in advertisement thing: everyday news is good and it feels great reading about it."

Could use some uplifting good news? Go check it out.[/QUOTE]

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Hi all...just a cold and cloudy day starting is supposed to clear off, but to tell you the truth.....I kind of like it! The only reason I want it to be nice is that we are trying to put a up a new fence with our neighbor, lol.

So....having a hard time letting my boys grow up lately, hehe. I have always prided myself at how good I am at least on the outside. I have always let them do things for themselves...even if it takes forever, they don't do it "quite" right, make a mess etc. I know how important it is to their self-esteem and growth. I have cleaned up many a mess, shrugged off Chase not matching (I have been letting him dress himself), smiled as people look at his hair (he likes to spike it now and it is waaayyyyy too long for that,hehe) and sat their patiently not jumping in to help while they work puzzles, games etc.

Well...I am aching so much on the inside right now. I am getting ready for a garage sale this weekend. Going through clothes and toys that they no longer wear and play with. It is so hard to get rid of the baby toys and clothes. I picture them wearing/playing with them and it instantly takes me back to the moment. I can smell them, feel them pressed against my chest or grasping my pointer fingers as they take those first wobbly steps. arrghhhh. so hard knowing that I am done having children (health reasons dictate that) and that my sweet baby boys are growing up way too quickly. Chase, being so sweet and sensitive, can sense it in me. He tells me (he really says this, I swear) " matter how big I get...I will still be yours baby". He melts my heart into liquid fire and sunshine and butterflies.

Also been having trouble with my mortality. Ever since I saw Oprah's show about heart disease related of every two women will die from some form of it....I can't shake it. My father (biological father) died at 54 of heart disease. I have high bloodpressure, I am overweight, stressed and have severe anemia. If I don't start taking care of is inevitable that this body I have been given by God to use will stop one day. This is it. My body...the only one I have. This is it. My time here on earth to be with my loved ones. To do something, be something....THIS IS IT!

So...the message is....cherish every little moment...wheter it be with your children, your significant other, your family or friends, a sunset, a smell...we never no when this moment will be over and never can be recaptured. Take care of yourself physically, mentally and spirtually. Don't wait till tomorrow to tell someone how they have touched your life. Don't wait till tomorrow to take the kids to the park or out back to look at the stars. Don't wait till tomorrow to start taking care of yourself and loved ones. I sound preachy or what. This is a message to me...not a public service announcement on how you should live. lol

Till next time,

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Hi all! A little late mom is here and we have been hanging...catching up...playing in the RAIN!!! Finally raining here. Boys love it.

Here is my Blog-pick of the day. The infamous MelissaG--owner of digi-pick of the day. The one who inspired this feature. I love how she boosts people's spirits and sense of creativity by letting us know she is looking and appreciating our layout designs and kit designs. She is great. Check out her blog here.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

I am starting a new feature. You know how there is a digi-pick of the day? Well...I am going to do a blog-pick of the day. I will post about a cool blog I have seen or been pointed too. So if you have come across some good ones, please point me to them and tell me what you think is cool about them.

My pick for today is AlohaMamma's. She is a contributor to the Raks gallery (I wish she would post there more, lol...and in the forums...she has such a beautiful would be nice to have her, 2peas and at SBB.

Her digital art work and layouts is just beautiful...a very unique and peaceful style.

Her spirtual self really comes out to me in her work and her blog.

You can find recipes, great pics, great scrapping etc here.

Def a must stop.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Finished this one today and really happy with the way it turned out. This was such a fun kit to play with...such fun elements. Angela (Sharrow from Sotb) came out with it...Ghoul's night out...and I just love the name too, hehe.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Just did this one for a new site I Holli's birthday celebration kit from Digi Chick

I am so excited. My aunt is coming to get the boys tomorrow and take them to her house to spend the night. I soooooo need the break. They both have been so ornery lately...Chase won't listen AT ALL and whines about everything. And Hayden is just crying and having tantrums all the time. I dont' know if it is the moon cycle or what....but I am so ready for a little peace and quiet. I was reading up on my condition....almost no iron and verrrry low red blood cells. They all say that you are more irritable and cranky and prone to stress attacks then the normal person. My doc also said he is surprised I want to get out of bed. HA!!!! Did that peg me on the head or what? But I am so proud...I have not taken it out on anyone...and even worked at the preschool for 4 hours with 25 4yr old maniacs, lol. I still don't get the other mom's not really playing with them on the playground...they all just kind of stand there. This is your chance to play and act silly. To scream and run willy-nilly without anyone looking at you funny. But they don't. I sure take full advantage of it,lol.

So, anyhooooos. As much as I love my monkeys and always miss them so much when they are away from me...I am looking forward to some uninterrupted scrapping and to clean my pergo floors and have them stay clean for 3 mins. But...if you check in with me this time tomorrow...I will probably be wishing they were here. I hate to be away...just wish I could have a couple mins to breathe, lol.

I hope to get tons of layouts and freebie kits done. Maybe organize my closets and clean my car. But they are only gone for 24 probably just scrapping hehe.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Just finished this kit for the Exchange club over at Raks. I like it...might have to add on to it and make it a big kit. Change some stuff (I was in a super hurry to get it done). Maybe some noise makers and such. And a disco ball...def a disco ball
had to throw in a test...I want to post but am too tired right now, lol.
Your Animal Personality

Your Power Animal: Eagle

Animal You Were in a Past Life: Whale

You are active, a challenger, and optimistic.
Hard-working, you are always working towards a set goal.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Here is the latest preview of the gypsy kit I am making. Just a few more elements to add.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Ok...I sooooooooooo get major kudos! I normally don't toot myself but I am so proud. My mom-self won out over my scrapper-self.

Come with me if you will....I was just finishing up dinner dishes and getting Chase some yogurt. Brandon and Kristen were doing homework at the table. I hear Hayden crying from the playroom...sounding verrrry far away. I run back to the room...and see my darling boy....stuck in the drawer to the train table (just like the one seen above)

He is sitting in the drawer...bent forward at the waist....nose touching toes....and stuckkkkk! The drawer was only open about a foot....I really have no idea how he did it. I had this over
whelming urge to run for my camera (after I determined that he was fine of course)....causing havic with my strong mama bear instict to save her young. The conflict was so great that it had me frozen in place for what seemed like eternity....but my mama self won out...shoved scrapping diva aside and started to try to get him out. We had to lift the top of the table off to get him out. I am still chuckling at the memory of the site, patting my back for doing the "good mama" thing and kicking scrapper's butt for missing such a great photo op!!

Just finished this layout today using Amy Knepper's (Amy K) Baby Blanket Boy kit and alpha! I just love these kits (there is one for girls too). You can get them here btw, hehe.

I decided it will be the cover to an album I am going to make for him. I am really loving this layout.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Ok...too many coincidences are occuring for me to ignore thinking about this anymore. First I saw a layout in one of Creating Keepsake's magazines. Faye did a layout comparing her high-powered pre-Taylor job to her now existence. It got me thinking I should do one of those. Then I have really been thinking about whether or not I should go back to work. We could really use the money, I would get some adult interaction and maybe an esteem boost once in awhile (I was always good at work and felt like I was really contributing things). But I know that I can't make enought to justify paying daycare for both boys, parking, commuting etc. So I just stopped thinking about stuff altogether. Then I jumped in to AmyK's blog to see what she was up to and she is celebrating her 2yr anniversary of being a SAHM. And she wrote an essay on it. So...I have to believe that this is very high up on my cosmic force list and I must deal with

I loveeeeee being a mom!!! I loveeeeeeee my boys, getting to see them grow, getting to be with them all the time, seeing their firsts, working at Chase's schook, teaching them what I think is right and wrong, how to be a good person, the changing seasons and their colors. But I am starting to get REALLLLLLLLLLY sick of dirty laundry, dirty house, grocery shopping, being taken for granted, never wearing nice clothes, barely having time or energy to do my hair and makeup and never getting to go anywhere. I am tired of always hearing whining and complaining (going through a trying stage right now, lol.) and having Brandon just think that he can do whatever he wants whenever he wants and I will just be there to take care of the kiddos. I am tired of having him tell me...."well...just tell me what you want to do and I will do it"....can you not see the pile of laundry needing to be put away. Can you not hear the boys asking for a snack? I just don't get it. There are times that I just want to run out the door the min he gets home. And when he gives me a hard time about scrapping....I want to throw my size 8 tennis shoe (no high heals anymore) at his big thick head!

Then comes the guilt! I remember when I was working, going to school, teaching at the gym, going out with my friends. Looking pretty darn good if I do say so (hehe) and just wanting to be married and be a mom. I have wanted to be a mom since I can remember. I wanted my own house. I wanted to stay home with my kiddos. Well....I got all I wanted, so how dare I complain!!! And my boys are such good boys. Forget the normal whining and complaining. The having to get them to really focus and stay on task. The asking them over and over to do something. The really trying to keep my patience moments. I do have it pretty easy. They are adorable first off. They are realllllllly smart....genius level even ;). They are hysterically funny, kooky, silly, loving, cuddly, kissable and just a darn right pleasure to be around. So what if I am never on time again, and I never can keep my shirt snot or smear free (I joke that mom's are the human tissue/napkin). I am loved and needed by them.

And then the cycle begins again, lol.

Anyway...just my little thought for the hour. Being a mom is great!! the greatest. Now if I can just figure out how to still be "Tracy".

Here is a preview of the newest kit I am working on. Don't know if I will call it Bohemian Gypsy, Gypsy beads...something like that. It is going to be full of rich colors (some purples, greens and blues to be added next) and some unique elements. I have been wanting to do this one for a while.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

This is my newest prize kit. It will be given if
complete all parts of my Breast Cancer Trivia Questions at Raks. I
tried to put a little something here for everyone. I loved making the
scarecrow....he was fun.
Warning warning warning!

The "Scrapper's Butt" plague has hit northern on to see if it has hit your town.

The SBG (Scrapper's Butt Group) has released the the following new clip to the public. Scrapper's Butt Plague has broken out in Northern California. It seems to be mainly affecting Digital Scappers. The long hours spent in front of the computer, neglegting housework and other hobbies and the hunched position that is all associated with digi-scrappin all seam to be factors in the "spread" of the plague. You should do this at home test ASAP to see if you have been infected. Get up from computer....walk to full length mirror...(are your thighs slapping together like two puppies fighting? that is the first indicator)...grab small hand held mirror......face away from full-length mirror while looking in small mirror and look at your butt. Has it grown out of control without you even knowing it? You might Have Scrapper's Butt. The SBG recommends 40mins of aerobic activity, the removal of all snack food from house, the limiting of scrapbooking for awhile and walking around in reallllly tight jeans to remind you of how big your butt has gotten.

Please pass this along to all of your friends....remember....friends don't let friends get big butts!

Man oh man...when did my bottom get so big. I guess always wearing loose clothing and not exercising (using my low iron and red blood cell sickness as my excuse...I could still walk a little for goodness sakes) and having too many pity parties with food as my guest sure has taken it's toll. I don't think I have ever been this big. I am sooooo not happy with myself! Boot camp begins! Low fat/bad carbs and high-fiber/lean protein and some exercise EVERY day!!! Dang it all! I am just so irritated right now....where are those choc chip cookies??!?!?!?! (hehehjust kidding)

I am publicly declaring my war against S.B. I will be posting here and in the Weight loss forum's in Raks as I battle on. Please join me if you feel like you are a victim of S.B or know someone who is.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

here is the latest prize I made for posting a layout made with our wishing well kit

Happy Thursday. I am feeling a little clearer and more focused today. I did a lot of thinking last night and came to the conclusion that it is time to reclaim my life and self again. Without getting into it...a lot has happened in the last five years. I have let myself go physically and mentally and am tired of just feeling sorry for myself. It is time to get busy! out I come, lol.

I am catching up on my designing prize kits and challenges for Raks. Going to do a few more things while the boys are playing in the dirt out back, lol...then might take them for a walk and play at the park.

Oh...took the boys to the pumpkin patch By Myself on Tuesday! Wowza was that an experience in itself. As soon as we walked up, Hayden let out this little gasp and started "chattering" and pointing away...he was so excited. Both wanted to go opposite directions, the wind was blowing with full force kicking up severe allergies and school after school was there on field trips. Most play areas were too big for Hayden and he was so sad that he couldn't go play! I was crawling through sawdust and mazes and getting trampled by little people! I either am taking help on Tuesday (Chase's field trip with preschool) or leaving Hayden with someone. I want to make sure Chase gets all of my attention and not have to worry where Hayden is or what he is doing.

Oh...need to mention this little note. My family (granparents, aunt and mom) go on yearly vacations...for long periods of time. EVERY single time they go, something bad happens here. I have ended up in the hospital, the boys get sick, something happens with one of my daughters...something. Well...they are in Hawaii and it happened again. It is too strange how this happens.

Ok...checking out for a little to get some work done.