Friday, October 21, 2005

Just did this one for a new site I Holli's birthday celebration kit from Digi Chick

I am so excited. My aunt is coming to get the boys tomorrow and take them to her house to spend the night. I soooooo need the break. They both have been so ornery lately...Chase won't listen AT ALL and whines about everything. And Hayden is just crying and having tantrums all the time. I dont' know if it is the moon cycle or what....but I am so ready for a little peace and quiet. I was reading up on my condition....almost no iron and verrrry low red blood cells. They all say that you are more irritable and cranky and prone to stress attacks then the normal person. My doc also said he is surprised I want to get out of bed. HA!!!! Did that peg me on the head or what? But I am so proud...I have not taken it out on anyone...and even worked at the preschool for 4 hours with 25 4yr old maniacs, lol. I still don't get the other mom's not really playing with them on the playground...they all just kind of stand there. This is your chance to play and act silly. To scream and run willy-nilly without anyone looking at you funny. But they don't. I sure take full advantage of it,lol.

So, anyhooooos. As much as I love my monkeys and always miss them so much when they are away from me...I am looking forward to some uninterrupted scrapping and to clean my pergo floors and have them stay clean for 3 mins. But...if you check in with me this time tomorrow...I will probably be wishing they were here. I hate to be away...just wish I could have a couple mins to breathe, lol.

I hope to get tons of layouts and freebie kits done. Maybe organize my closets and clean my car. But they are only gone for 24 probably just scrapping hehe.


Tania said...

Hope you enjoy some quiet time, but I know what you mean about missing them. And don't let them give you such a hard time, lol!

AmyK said...

You definitely deserve the quiet time, Tracy. Enjoy your scrapping! *Hugs*

mrs.S said...

You're such a sweetie, Tracy, and you deserve the best! Hope you get a lot of scrapping done!