Monday, October 10, 2005

Ok...I sooooooooooo get major kudos! I normally don't toot myself but I am so proud. My mom-self won out over my scrapper-self.

Come with me if you will....I was just finishing up dinner dishes and getting Chase some yogurt. Brandon and Kristen were doing homework at the table. I hear Hayden crying from the playroom...sounding verrrry far away. I run back to the room...and see my darling boy....stuck in the drawer to the train table (just like the one seen above)

He is sitting in the drawer...bent forward at the waist....nose touching toes....and stuckkkkk! The drawer was only open about a foot....I really have no idea how he did it. I had this over
whelming urge to run for my camera (after I determined that he was fine of course)....causing havic with my strong mama bear instict to save her young. The conflict was so great that it had me frozen in place for what seemed like eternity....but my mama self won out...shoved scrapping diva aside and started to try to get him out. We had to lift the top of the table off to get him out. I am still chuckling at the memory of the site, patting my back for doing the "good mama" thing and kicking scrapper's butt for missing such a great photo op!!


Robin said...

Oh my! Glad you helped him before grabbing the camera! Would have been a funny LO.

mrs.S said...

That would've been sooo cute! LOL! Proud of you, mom!