Saturday, October 08, 2005

Warning warning warning!

The "Scrapper's Butt" plague has hit northern on to see if it has hit your town.

The SBG (Scrapper's Butt Group) has released the the following new clip to the public. Scrapper's Butt Plague has broken out in Northern California. It seems to be mainly affecting Digital Scappers. The long hours spent in front of the computer, neglegting housework and other hobbies and the hunched position that is all associated with digi-scrappin all seam to be factors in the "spread" of the plague. You should do this at home test ASAP to see if you have been infected. Get up from computer....walk to full length mirror...(are your thighs slapping together like two puppies fighting? that is the first indicator)...grab small hand held mirror......face away from full-length mirror while looking in small mirror and look at your butt. Has it grown out of control without you even knowing it? You might Have Scrapper's Butt. The SBG recommends 40mins of aerobic activity, the removal of all snack food from house, the limiting of scrapbooking for awhile and walking around in reallllly tight jeans to remind you of how big your butt has gotten.

Please pass this along to all of your friends....remember....friends don't let friends get big butts!

Man oh man...when did my bottom get so big. I guess always wearing loose clothing and not exercising (using my low iron and red blood cell sickness as my excuse...I could still walk a little for goodness sakes) and having too many pity parties with food as my guest sure has taken it's toll. I don't think I have ever been this big. I am sooooo not happy with myself! Boot camp begins! Low fat/bad carbs and high-fiber/lean protein and some exercise EVERY day!!! Dang it all! I am just so irritated right now....where are those choc chip cookies??!?!?!?! (hehehjust kidding)

I am publicly declaring my war against S.B. I will be posting here and in the Weight loss forum's in Raks as I battle on. Please join me if you feel like you are a victim of S.B or know someone who is.


mrs.S said...

Oh, Tracy, you had me laughing my butt off with this post!!! Ok, so I may be a teeny tiny thing, but you have my full 110% support on this war you wage! Charge!!!! LOL!

AmyK said...

lol, tracy! The first step is always the hardest, but you can do it! Exercise recommendation: Pilates. It's low impact and barely feels like exercise, but that's how I lost the final 15 pounds of baby weight the last time. Best of luck!

Tania said...

OMGoodness, if I keep reading your blog you crazy woman, you'll have me lmbo enough to loose my Scrappers Butt. And yes, I have to admit it has hit Nothern CA like a bad storm. I have warnings going off. So here I go, I will now go to the Weight Loss challenge and start with ya :) Maybe, by the time we get to go shopping, we'll be skinny enough to show off some new clothes :)