Tuesday, February 28, 2006

ok...getting ready for bed, phew. I worked on three layouts...can't show you yet...I have to hold off and see what I want to put in Rakscrap's March Newsletter. But I will show you a taste of the new kit I just finished. The cow paper even has cowhide texture, teehee. Digital Freebies will be sending out a freebie to go with this in the midweek newsletter. I think it is my new favorite!

This scrappin late at night doesn't work well for me, lol. Bran SAYYYSSSS he will get done early tomorrow so I can scrap, lol. I want to use Amy's new kits badlllyyy!

Talk to you tomorrrowwwww...nighty night

Monday, February 27, 2006

What dreary wet day we are having today...ughhhh! That means lots and lots of crafts lol. the boys do NOTTTTT do well in when they cannot go outside (we usually still play in the rain---boots and raincoats, but not when it is raining like this).

Let's see....we are all feeling better...I actually slept last night...I went to bet at 9p!!!! Can you believe that??? My goodness.

I have realllly been having the "I want another baby" craze...what in the world is wrong with me,lol. I KNOW I physically should not get pregnant again...too risky for me...and my boys keep me MORE than busy/crazy enough...and I am going to be a GRANDMA for goodness sake. But I cannot get rid of this craving...it is pretty strong right now! sigh.

I am REALLY need to get rid of my maternity clothes and stuff that Jennifer doesn't want. Missy is trying to get me to ebay them..she is doing pretty good selling all her stuff.

I took a big batch over to the church down the street.

I also have decided to keep my van. It is in perfect condition (knock on wood), has 5 more years of warranty; only has under 40, 000 miles on it; has leather, moonroof, cd, v-6 engine..rides like a dream and has lots of room. Why get rid of it? So Bran is going to start looking for something for him. This sharing a vehicle is for the BIRDS,lol.

I got to scrap a layout last night...using Tania Cordova's new Berthoud and Blues kit (available at Scrapdish and Digital Freebies)which I just LOVE. Check it out and I will talk to you later! hugs

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Tell all your friends....Digital Freebies is having a big ole sale...everything in their store....just till March 1st...head on over and take a peek!

And All of Rachel's creations at Scrapdish are also on sale!
Heyyyyy...didn't someone promise you a freebie???? Well...here ya go.lol. (link taken down) A little something that matches my newest kit and alpha. Please don't give the link to someone or to a group or give anyone these pieces. Have them come to my blog and say hi and then they can grab it!

Thanks...also...if you take any freebies...please drop me a little hi!

I want a little girlllllllll!, lol.

My newest kit! A companion kit to my hanging alpha-girl...in honor of my dear friends MaryAnn and Ray Baldez's new daughter (Madeline Rose...hence the name of the kit,lol)

Saturday, February 25, 2006

I would like to happily announce my new creative team. Thank you once again to everyone who applied...I was honored. It was very hard to narrow it down...I am so not good at this, lol.

Here are my friends who will be working with my kits:


I feel honored and lucky to have them.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

You have been asking for it..."When is the hanging girl alpha going to be for sale...wellit is finally is! Yay. Tracy stocked it at Digital Freebies today. Here is the link.

Thanks Tracy C.!

Hi guys....sorry haven't blogged for a couple days...it has been a nut house here....I will log back in later today with updates, announcements and a freebie for you!!!

Just wanted to post this really quick before I get the monsters...errr...kiddos dressed, teehee.

check in later today.xoxoxoxo

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Just found out I am going to start selling at Digital Freebies as well as Scrappindigikreations.

I guess I really should get an official design team now, eh? hehehe

Ok...so I am looking for 5 people who would like to work with my kits. You will get complete access to everything I make. Duties will include posting layouts with these kits at Raks, Digital Freebies, and one other place. If interested, please email me at tmblankenship@gmail.com. Include a link to your gallery in the email.

I got this CD for my bday...something about this man's voice melts my heart. sigh....ahhhhh. Click on the link to go to his site and you can hear a song. I love Goodbye my lover....

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


I changed my template here so I could easily change my header...found a how to if you use Minima.

But I forgot to copy and paste all my old links...and everything was gone...gone I tell you. Ackkk...gotta go and add everyone and thing back in. sigh

so if you are missing from my blog...no worries...you will be back soon.


Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Here is my two pager of Chase (pics by my darlin friend Missy). Kit by me.
Man I love these boys!

Here is part two of Amy's Blog Challenge (part one was to make a header).

1) What colors do you use the most when you scrap?

Hmmmmm....I kind of am all over the board, though I don't use too many super
bright colors as the norm. It used to be alot of lime green and light blue,
but I try to use them all.

2) What is your favorite kit theme?

I would have to say boys...with the two monkeys I have, lol.

3) What is your favorite elements to use when you scrap?

I love to use stitcing and ribbons the most.

4) Describe your style?

Mish called it when she invented the "Resourceful Style" I use
I've got and use the heck out of it, lol.

5) If you could have one kit made just for you, what would it be?

Hmmmmm. I would want one with a courderoy texture...with burgandy, dark olive green, rust, tan, brown, and dark denim blue. It would have a boyish theme with lots
of depth. Rivets, fun clasps and buckles, some stitching....maybe some chipboard too.

Wow...never really knew I wanted this, lol.
OYYYYY. Can I just tell you how much of a turkey this week has been? I promise not to whine too much.

The boys are both sick with a terrible cold...the kind that keeps them awake all night, had the three of us in the bathroom with the hotshower running at 2am (to open up Chase's lungs...he gets bronchitus every time he gets a bad cold), crying, crankiness, and just plain unhappy (that goes for the boys too, hehehehe)

I am missing too much of Rak Week Darn It. They want NOTHING to do with Daddy when they are sick. Just momma! Don't they know what is going on, lol.

I really hope they are better soon...My bday is Thurs, Hayden's is Friday and the party is Saturday. Did I say OYYYYYY?!?!?!? hehhe

So...I am trying terribly to keep up with everything...Here is a randon Rak I just gave to raks...head over and grab it while you can.

Part one was for the bath safety challenge (you can see it below. Both part one and three will be given out at the Exchange Club chat tomorrow night as prizes.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Wanted to share this one with you all...as you know...Hayden has been pushing my buttons...so I wanted to remind myself of the many reasons I just adore him.

I used Meredith Fenwick's Right There in Black in White at SBB. (minus the suspenders). Font is Paulinho Pedra Azul

What a gorgeous spectacular sunny day it is today! Wow! I can't believe it. Much needed...maybe it will brighten up my mood, lol. The last few days my head feels like it will explode! Brandon has been so busy setting up for his show so he really hasn't been here. He leaves in the morning and has been getting home after 1a every day. So I am left with the "monsters", lol. Hayden is proving the old adage "terrible twos"...he turns two on the 17th. Chase didn't come into that until 3. WOW! VERY independent, very sensitive, tempermental, easily overstimulated. We have had tantrums, screaming, hitting, yelling no and me do...phew....he is testing my mommy limits! All this has started to get to Chase a bit too, causing him to act out a little. So...it has been fun around here to say the least. I sing "Just keep breathing -- Just keep breathing " to the little tune that Dory sang in Finding Nemo.

But on the plus side...we have some new CT members at Raks! Woohooo! I am so excited and happy for them. I remember when I got my acceptance email...I was doing the happy dance all over the house. It feels so good to be part of a team that has brought you and so many other people together in a spirit of creativity, happiness, friendship, sharing and helpfulness! I really look forward to getting to know these ladies better and sharing our ideas!

I have got the rest of my sponsor layouts done...you can't see them ;-p gotta wait for the newsletter. Now I just need to finsih up my mega kit contribution before our new Whip Cracker ~***~ KimJ comes after me. I will feel much better once those our done and loaded/sent off.

I am really hoping that Sammy gets my new alpha loaded into the store...I have had a lot of ppl ask me when it is coming out. The matching kit for that is almost done too.

I think it is so interesting that when I am in layout mode...I just want to work on my layouts...and same goes for design mode...I have so been in a design mode lately...need to get back to some layouts again.

I really think I am going to start planning our Raks meetup with Tania. We have tossed around the idea of meeting up in Las Vegas....I know a lot of ppl don't really like it...but it is central, cheap to get to if you get a special...lots to do...etc. So...if you have ideas as to time of year, activities, etc...please post them or email me (tmblankenship@gmail.com). I think it would be sooooo fun!

Ok...off for now...getting ready to go drop dh of...oh yeah..we are down to one car right now...I will tell you all about the fire in my mom's car later ;) and enjoy th e sun a little with the monkeys.

hugs and love

Thursday, February 02, 2006

scroll down for a challenge. you can get a free mouse kit
Here is what I gave away for the January Bath Safety Challenge I ran over at Raks.

think I might do some more for it and give that out for the Feb Use it Challenge. I try to make that prize part of another that I have given. The prize for Jan's Use it Challenge was the second part of my Mega Kit contribution.

AmyK tagged me...these are fun...well...at least I like doing them, lol.


Wow...what was I doing....I was working at the State Capitol, partying wayyy too much, teaching kickboxing aerobics and step aerobics, taking classes at CSUS in child psychology, in a dead-end relationship, and trying to figure out how to travel the world.

WHAT WERE YOU DOING 1 YEAR AGO? I had just found Raks and digiscrappin...so I was trying to figure all that out. I was a mom to a 3 yr old and a 1 yr old, I was loosing my mind since my hubby was traveling all the time and VERY grumpy and unhappy at his job, I was just figuring out I was sick and not just crazy and was just getting really involved in Chase's school.

5 FAVORITE SNACKS: Pretzels dipped in salsa and cream cheese; peanut mm's; crackers with hummus and capers on them; choc chip cookies; cheese bread...mannnn...horrible for ya snacks heheheh

5 SONGS TO WHICH YOU KNOW ALL THE LYRICS: I can't remember too many off the bat without music...except alllll the kiddo songs...goodness...allll of them. We are biggg singers in this house.

buttt....I know most of Sting and the police when they get going; U2's; aerosmith; ton's of 80's songs

5 BAD HABITS: toooo nosey--eavesdrop and butt in; biting my nails; twirling my hair; leaving my soda cans around (according to dh); leaving stuff in my car!!!!

5 THINGS YOU LIKE DOING: Digiscrappin and creating; playing with my boys; hanging out with friends; working at the preschool; SHOPPING...though I don't really get to much, hehe

5 THINGS YOU WOULD NEVER BUY, WEAR OR GET AGAIN: interesting question..hmmm

the ab-roller or any ab gadget; fake nails...too much upkeep;a big ole curly perm; high high heels; short shorts...those days are overrrr

5 FAVORITE TOYS: My computer; my camera; TIVO; photoshop; electric skillet

5 TAGS: I have to search for victims...hehehe

And if you all want, you can do this one too. :)

hmmmm...I like them allllll. Let's see...I don't really use bottlecaps that much...nor slides...but I wouldn't say I don't like them.



layering and shadows


Don't want to get rejected, lol

Chase loves to make me things...and he will make a few cuts on a paper or a whole bunch and I save it...for awhile ;-)

back ache

ackkkkkk! therapy lol


I am with AMy...back up back up and back up some more!

No way...Robin and I will book the whole boat and bring everyone we can fit on!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

I have a challenge for my readers. Go to Rakscraps Gallery, click on view the last 7 or 14 days....go through the gallery and find layouts with under 4 comments and leave one. Copy the link to the layout. Do this 5 times. Now...leave me a comment here with your five layouts you commented on (with your rak id so I can check, lol)and your email address.

If you do this...you will get this little freebie I made...it is part 1...more to follow.

Just added a tut for the newbies...how to use templates for cool edges and to add paper to text and shapes. Go here.