Friday, February 03, 2006

What a gorgeous spectacular sunny day it is today! Wow! I can't believe it. Much needed...maybe it will brighten up my mood, lol. The last few days my head feels like it will explode! Brandon has been so busy setting up for his show so he really hasn't been here. He leaves in the morning and has been getting home after 1a every day. So I am left with the "monsters", lol. Hayden is proving the old adage "terrible twos"...he turns two on the 17th. Chase didn't come into that until 3. WOW! VERY independent, very sensitive, tempermental, easily overstimulated. We have had tantrums, screaming, hitting, yelling no and me do...phew....he is testing my mommy limits! All this has started to get to Chase a bit too, causing him to act out a little. has been fun around here to say the least. I sing "Just keep breathing -- Just keep breathing " to the little tune that Dory sang in Finding Nemo.

But on the plus side...we have some new CT members at Raks! Woohooo! I am so excited and happy for them. I remember when I got my acceptance email...I was doing the happy dance all over the house. It feels so good to be part of a team that has brought you and so many other people together in a spirit of creativity, happiness, friendship, sharing and helpfulness! I really look forward to getting to know these ladies better and sharing our ideas!

I have got the rest of my sponsor layouts can't see them ;-p gotta wait for the newsletter. Now I just need to finsih up my mega kit contribution before our new Whip Cracker ~***~ KimJ comes after me. I will feel much better once those our done and loaded/sent off.

I am really hoping that Sammy gets my new alpha loaded into the store...I have had a lot of ppl ask me when it is coming out. The matching kit for that is almost done too.

I think it is so interesting that when I am in layout mode...I just want to work on my layouts...and same goes for design mode...I have so been in a design mode lately...need to get back to some layouts again.

I really think I am going to start planning our Raks meetup with Tania. We have tossed around the idea of meeting up in Las Vegas....I know a lot of ppl don't really like it...but it is central, cheap to get to if you get a special...lots to do...etc. So...if you have ideas as to time of year, activities, etc...please post them or email me ( I think it would be sooooo fun! for now...getting ready to go drop dh of...oh yeah..we are down to one car right now...I will tell you all about the fire in my mom's car later ;) and enjoy th e sun a little with the monkeys.

hugs and love


Tania said...

All i have to say is "Vegas Baby Vegas" You name the dates, I'll set it all up.

Jeannie said...

Vagas sounds good to mee wonder if i can get a baby sitter for three kids 4 and under

SammyD said...

Woohoo love it, love it, love it!

But gotta ask where is the alpha for me to upload