Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Here is part two of Amy's Blog Challenge (part one was to make a header).

1) What colors do you use the most when you scrap?

Hmmmmm....I kind of am all over the board, though I don't use too many super
bright colors as the norm. It used to be alot of lime green and light blue,
but I try to use them all.

2) What is your favorite kit theme?

I would have to say boys...with the two monkeys I have, lol.

3) What is your favorite elements to use when you scrap?

I love to use stitcing and ribbons the most.

4) Describe your style?

Mish called it when she invented the "Resourceful Style" I use
I've got and use the heck out of it, lol.

5) If you could have one kit made just for you, what would it be?

Hmmmmm. I would want one with a courderoy texture...with burgandy, dark olive green, rust, tan, brown, and dark denim blue. It would have a boyish theme with lots
of depth. Rivets, fun clasps and buckles, some stitching....maybe some chipboard too.

Wow...never really knew I wanted this, lol.

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