Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Hi chicklets! woohoooo! hope you are well and happy! I am gooooood! We had a fabulous time at the memorial. I saw friends and family I haven't seen in years. the food was scrumptous. We had a bagpiper that brought us to tears...was it because she missed some notes or amazing grace (;) ) The weather was wonderful. My grandma would have loved it~

Other than that...just running errands and doctor appts and cleaning before we leave tomorrow for a camping trip. This is all we have planned for hte summer ;) Just happens to be right next to each other so we are gone for a long period of time.

Oh..yesterday was a nice suprise. My neighbor across the street....realllllllllly nice lady with a six yr old son who the boys adoreeeeeeee....invited us over to go swimming. Now...I really didn't want to go...I had picked up our 11 year old cousin from her daycare so she could entertain the boys so I could scrap a little and catch up on some emails and laundry. When she called I was like ugggggggghhhh. But we went since I haven't gotten to see much of her and they are leaving Fri for a month. It was such a nice time. She has a screened in porch with misters so we sat there...later in the day she made margaritas (her hubby wasn't drinking so kids were safe ;) ). We had snacks for the kids and they played in the was great.
I didn't get anything done...but ;)

Here are a few layouts I have done (go to my gallery for credits)

Bren Boone's stone washed acid papers etc

The next four I did as 5x7's for a book about my gran for my aunt and mom I am making.

Jan Hosford's Garden Spot kit

Kim Smith's barbara ann and spring romance used here

Gen Dupuos' irish cream kit used here


forget me not kit used here

another 8.5x11 for my book ;)

I used Sara Amaries cool office pretties and waves of felt on this one

and since you are so sweet to look at them all and leave such nice comments ;)...a little something for ya...the template for hte layout fun in the sun (above)Yup...still doing some 8.5x11...gotta get my book done ladies. I really miss my 12x12 though. sighhhh. I will have some more 12x12 templates for you too.

click here to download say hi, enjoy, don't share, sell, roll up and use as q-tips, use as kleenex, wipe up spilled margaritas with, put in the compost pile, send to your aunt mildred, cut up and make paper mache (sp?) etc.

have a great day...I will talk to you again soon!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Hi friends. Just a quickie....we are in Carmel Valley getting ready for my Gran's memorial....I didn't get to really say goodbye....time got away from me an between packing for the four of us was time to go before I knew it.

I will be back and bloggin by Wed with some fun templates and pics etc!!

thanks for e hugs and love....


Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Can I just tell you a couple things!?!?!

It is hotttttttttttttt! We are trying our best to stay cool...playing in the sprinklers, the little pool, sitting in front of fans, going to the stores...geesh. I am so not a hot weather person, lol.

I am ready for this memorial to be over!!!!!!!!!!! I loved my grandmother. I think about her daily. The boys talk about her. But this has turned into a major stressor for me. Trying to figure out the food, the sleeping arrangements, getting the pictures together...and the whole time dealign with my freshly opened grief...sigh. I know it is important for my family...I could just do without it. I told them. Please don't do this if I go before you. And Bran is all stressed with work and we have a very stressed household,lol.

I will just be glad when it is over and I can get back to "normal". I will be back around here more then too, I promise ;)

We did get to see my youngest stepdaughter and her bf this weekend. she even spent the night. We hardly everrrr get to see her..and she lives 30mins away for goodness sakes. The boys had a ball and I really enjoyed her too.

Sunday we had a get together at Bran's dad. It was hotttttttttt, lol. we were outside. ughhhhh. in the (I am sure whiney today huh,l ol ;) )

I got to scrap...and guess what is a rectangle, lol!!! I threw some people off in my gallery...they were like...hey....what is going on!?! Well...I won a free 8.5x11 shutterfly book in their sweetstakes they had for father's day. So...I ahve to scrap rectangle! What does that mean for you? Well....I will be selling/giving away rectangle templates...perfect for their books!

Here is my layout I did with one of my new templates. It just cracks me is all about trying to get that perfect picture and getting frustrated when the subjects won't cooperate. Then you realize...the pics you DID get are great...for they show the REAL them!! I heart them!! I also HEART the kit I used...the new collab kit between Bren Boone and Victoria Feemster...Adventurous Soul I know I am so lucky to be on Bren's team...but even if I weren't...this would be in my shopping basket. it is awesome!!

Here is a preview of my first set of rectangle ATtitude templates

you can buy it in my bargain basement (now with instant download keys through payloadz) on sale and with ONE bonus template until this weekend when they go in SDK's store. click here to go to the Basement.

And how bout another 12x12 freebie template today???

click here to download. Say hi and howdy....don't share, sell, send link....don't use to hold a greasy taco...don't line the icechest with it....don't shred and put in the hamster cage....don't let the baby chew on it...don't wrap hubby's sandwhich up in it..just enjoy and share it with me when you're done

Wanna 'nother freebie from me?? Head on over to the SDK blog...I have two card templates up there! While there...check out the new releases (40% off) and the clearance center! to the grocery, pick up some photo albums to load up gran's pics in, then maybe a frozen yogurt if the boys behave themselves!

hugs and happy scrapping!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Forgot to announce the lucky winner of my $10 gift cert!!! Kendi aka KendiRN70....I sent you an email earlier. Congrats and thank you! xoxooxox
Hi my friends...thanks for all the well wishes for Gail (MIL)> She is doing pretty SIL went down to pick her up and bring her home today. I talked to her this a.m and she is doing pretty good....tired but good spirits. I don't know all the details as in how "bad" it was etc, but it is a good sign that she is on her way home.

Brandon is in WA doing some jobs...will be home Thursday night. The boys and I are searching the internet for the best paper airplane designs and we are making them, decorating them and then testing them. Will have pics and the winners here soon, ;)

We also are playing with our bug vacuum...and let me tell you....when ds chase let one out in my house...I was NOT happy, hhhehehhe. stinker.

I couldn't sleep last night so got a layout this one from the other day. see full credits here in My Gallery

I made my own papers with these cool LayOver's by Angela Sharrow of Scrapdish the rest of the credits can be seen here (used a lot by my sweetie Jessica Bolton of Scrapbook graphics and by sweet Bren Boone of TDS)

and this one was made using my Guest CT Designer Anne Dejong's from FPD My Garden Journal kit. this is one gorgeous kit! I also used Kim Jensen's Love is Messy concoction clusters (love these..said it before say it agian...this girl ROCKs the elements!!!) from Scrapdish

I also got that freebie template I promised you done. hope you like it...thought it was fun.

click here to download: don't shred it up in your meatloaf for added fiber; don't throw it, mow it, put-in-garden and hoe it (I am tired, give me a break ;) ). Don't smell it, gel it, stuff down well with it. Don't crumple, rumple, tear or rip it. Don't wet it, mess it, wear or whip with it. Don't sell, repackage, or even claim it. Just enjoy use and give proper credit with my name. (leave me some love and you might get the same..hint hint...with an email addy...hint hint)

hugs and happy scrapping!

Monday, June 11, 2007

hi sweeties!!!! sorry to run out on you...but we have had some things going on here...the worst and biggest is MIL having a heart attack. (We think it will be ok....she is doing pretty good) Took us by suprise and hubby had to speed down to her (she was rafting several hours away). So...he left me here to handle the boys...and it was my weekend off,lol. So...I didn't get all the things done I was supposed. ughhhh.

So...I will have a template freebie for you tomorrow as well as the winner of the GC!

Hope you are all well!

big hugs and happy scrapping!!

Friday, June 08, 2007

I have had several ppl contact me saying that they can't see the picture of the kit and that they would like to so they can see before they buy. So I will try this....posting the pic right here in it's own post. Not really sure why it isn't working. strange.

Today is the last day to buy this on sale ($3), with the bonus gift and entry to the drawing for the $10 GC.

check back in a bit for today's freebie

Thursday, June 07, 2007

let's see if you can all see this one.

happy summer vacation everyone!!! What have you all been doing to pass the time? We have gone to the movies to see Shrek 3 (I was a tad dissappointed, though the boys loved it). We have gone to the water park with some friends. We went on a picnic to the park today and met up with some diff friends. We went to the library. We are having water fights. Yesterday we had a freak storm come in...very crazy windy, dark etc. We were in between two tornado spottings. So we sat in the rain and watched the clouds. We are trying out diff recipes. And this is just the first week, eheheheh. So that is what we have been doing.

I got a little scrapping done. For full credits see here

I did this with the June collab kit from Funky get it free with any purchase. I also used one of my templates from Attitude 2

This was done with goodies from Anne Dejong from Funky Playground too...I am on her Guest CT this month...woohoooo Also used another template from attitude 2.

This was done for my aam page at SDK...and I used my Funky addon for it.(available below ;)

I also have another sneak preview special buying opporunity. You can buy this kit for 40% off and get the little bonus and be entered for a $10 GC to my store just until SAT morning. Then it goes into the store with no bonus or entry. It matches the colors in the SDK Supa Mega kit we are giving away this month too. This is one kit that I will make sure to use...I generally don't use my kits as I am tired of seeing them when I finish one, lol.

preview of kit Funky Addon:

bonus preview

You can get them for $3.00 until sat!
...and get entered to win the gc. Just click the buy button...I have had no problems with this method at all and promise to be prompt with the downloads. Make sure your email on paypal is where you want the links sent. If you would like them sent to another email...please tell me (email me at

You can also still buy the template with attitude on the blog...until a higher price in the store. and there will be a commercial use version this weekend in the store lukasmummy;)

Now...for your freebie....I have decided to start using desktop calendars...and will share templates for them with you.

Here is mine made with Bren Taylor Boone's The secret smile kit from The digi Shoppe

the templates:
Click here to download, lol! Do not share, sell, claim, smoke, roast, toast, throw, shred, stuff down-in-through anything, dye, fry, blow with when you cry, hit someone in the eye or bake in a pie. Don't stomp on, spill on...but use to get your groove on. Now I am done...time to get a move on....lordy I need more sleep!

oh...btw....what do you all want to see for the next kit? A freestyle kit? A heritage kit? What colors? Give me ideas chickies.
very strange...not sure why some people say they can't see my pictures or the previews and others can. I can see them on my computer and on hubbie's computer. any clues guys?

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Hi are you? Hope all is good! We are officially on summer break!!! woohooo! Chase is so happy to be a first grader now! Hayden thinks he is too,tehhehh.

Here are some pics to share

too fun. Have lots more, but don't want to show off all the other kids without permission.

They had a huge play day. Face painting, slip and slides, tug-a-wars, bubble stations, carnival games, etc! We then had our ceremony...each child went up and got their memory book the teacher made...full of their art work, pics, etc...a diploma, a necklace saying I am a first grader...she sprinkled first grade dust on them and gave them a hug. We then got the balloons I bought and tied each child's paper of what they wanted to be when they grew up...Chase said Paleontologist,lol. Then they all let them go. Next we had a bbq/picnic and played. Phewwwwwwwwwwwww.
It was fun...perfect weather!

Then we just came home and crashed. What a wild ride.

Not much happened yesterday...just played in the back yard...fought with this "Easy Peasy 123 pop up gazebo thing. Yeah Right...grrrrrr. Not easy with one mom and two little men. Have to wait for bran to help with that one.

I did get some things up at June's mega kit contribution ready to go (you will have to wait for that :)), a new kit...Funky Addon...I seriously love this kit. I don't use my own kits a lot...just for the fact that you are kind of sick of it after you finish it....but I will def use this one.

Also got a set of templates can get them here off the blog first For just $3.00!!
(with a little stitched blooms)...or wait till next week for them to hit the store with no blooms. click on pictures to see them bigger.

Click the buy button to go to your paypal page(it is very safe) and follow prompts. I will send the links to your paypal email address (unless you let me know a different one you prefer (email me at soon after receiving payment. I am pretty quick with the links.

I also have yet another freebie template for you...hope you can use it!

Click here to download. Say hi. Do...use promptly. Don't use as a Lap cover for your child's happy meal. Don't line your veggie drawer with it. Don't use with glue to create plaster of paris volcanos with your children. Don't sell, distribute, share links, etc.

hugs and happy scrapping