Thursday, June 07, 2007

let's see if you can all see this one.

happy summer vacation everyone!!! What have you all been doing to pass the time? We have gone to the movies to see Shrek 3 (I was a tad dissappointed, though the boys loved it). We have gone to the water park with some friends. We went on a picnic to the park today and met up with some diff friends. We went to the library. We are having water fights. Yesterday we had a freak storm come in...very crazy windy, dark etc. We were in between two tornado spottings. So we sat in the rain and watched the clouds. We are trying out diff recipes. And this is just the first week, eheheheh. So that is what we have been doing.

I got a little scrapping done. For full credits see here

I did this with the June collab kit from Funky get it free with any purchase. I also used one of my templates from Attitude 2

This was done with goodies from Anne Dejong from Funky Playground too...I am on her Guest CT this month...woohoooo Also used another template from attitude 2.

This was done for my aam page at SDK...and I used my Funky addon for it.(available below ;)

I also have another sneak preview special buying opporunity. You can buy this kit for 40% off and get the little bonus and be entered for a $10 GC to my store just until SAT morning. Then it goes into the store with no bonus or entry. It matches the colors in the SDK Supa Mega kit we are giving away this month too. This is one kit that I will make sure to use...I generally don't use my kits as I am tired of seeing them when I finish one, lol.

preview of kit Funky Addon:

bonus preview

You can get them for $3.00 until sat!
...and get entered to win the gc. Just click the buy button...I have had no problems with this method at all and promise to be prompt with the downloads. Make sure your email on paypal is where you want the links sent. If you would like them sent to another email...please tell me (email me at

You can also still buy the template with attitude on the blog...until a higher price in the store. and there will be a commercial use version this weekend in the store lukasmummy;)

Now...for your freebie....I have decided to start using desktop calendars...and will share templates for them with you.

Here is mine made with Bren Taylor Boone's The secret smile kit from The digi Shoppe

the templates:
Click here to download, lol! Do not share, sell, claim, smoke, roast, toast, throw, shred, stuff down-in-through anything, dye, fry, blow with when you cry, hit someone in the eye or bake in a pie. Don't stomp on, spill on...but use to get your groove on. Now I am done...time to get a move on....lordy I need more sleep!

oh...btw....what do you all want to see for the next kit? A freestyle kit? A heritage kit? What colors? Give me ideas chickies.


lukasmummy said...

rofl, thanks for the desktop calendar sweetie. ((hugs))) Crystal xx

Anonymous said...

Wow, I can see you will have a busy summer!!!! Thank you so much for sharing this great desktop calendar. I was just looking at my May one still on my desktop and thinking I really gotta update it!!!!

LVMommy22 said...

your LO's look great! i was trying to decide if i had a favorite of the three, but it was too hard a choice, lol! tfs! and for the calendar, too!
:) M

LovelyMissKait said...

Love the desktop calendar, Traci.
Thank you for your generosity.
I can see your 3 layouts, which by the way, are awesome, but can't see the preview of your stuff for sale...which is strange because I NEVER had that problem before.

Anonymous said...

I used to could see your previews but now I can't either, hmmmmmmm.... I am no computer whiz so I am lost. Thanks for the template. Ans I am not sure of a theme but I would love to see some colors of turquoise and brown together. Thanks!

Tanya said...

said it reached its limit :(
it looked very cute though :)

Gisciliene said...

Very beautiful!!!
Thank you so much for sharing!