Sunday, August 31, 2008

happy sunday! hope all is good in the world for you.

I am so happy...I purged more clutter from my house today! woohoooo

bday party for nephew last night. good times. bad food. sighhhh. I gained a pound back this week. Back to being more watchful. And need to get that exercise in.

I am going to scrap a bit today. yayayay! I miss scrapping. too much business stuff and house stuff.

For those who bought the magic of childhood templates and needed the png files. I am sooooo sorry. I thought they were attached. It is all fixed now. You can either go back into your order history and download again or forward your receipt to me at tmblankenship at gmail dot com and I will send you the link. or email me from the email attached to your paypal...I will look up your order.

as for the template freebies. I don't always do them in png. sorry about that...don't always have time. I will make the last freebie into a png file for you...probably tonight after bookclub. how does that sound? check back tomorrow for it.

and I picked six names for a three dollar GC to my store at fpd.

email me for your code tmblankenship at gmail dot com

Grace, yoko, stacey towers, realrach, nancypinct and Becky S. woohooo.

Friday, August 29, 2008

another quickie today. going to speed clean after the boy goes to school. I am taking little grandson and my youngest son to the water park today to play.

I just added four kits to scrapdish...marked to a dollar! and lots of other goodies down to a dollar there too!

and over at funky playground designs I put these templates to a dollar...along with the journaling templates I just released. If you purchased FPD's august designer collab, you have these already!

and I have a new freebie template for you too....hope you like it.

leave first and last name or initial in your comments for this post...will be drawing three names for a GC on sunday.

hugs and happy scrapping

Thursday, August 28, 2008

hi scrappers. how is everyone in digiland? all is ok here. playing, dr's appts, hanging with my aunt yesterday, still trying to juggle life and love and the pursuit of happiness.

I am feeling a little under the weather....but hope it is just being tired mixed with allergies. no time to be sick.

I have some of the best IRL friends. I have had some stuff going on here and they put together a little goodie bag and dropped it off yesterday! It had a notepad for journaling, a scented eye mask, candy, coffee card, trail mix, diet coke, candle, bath and body lotion and the sweetest card. Man. I am a blessed girl. I don't know what I did to deserve such a wonderful family, great friends (irl and digiland) and full cupboards...but I am so grateful.

My sweet little four year old starts preschool on Wednesday...sniff sniff....his last year before kindy. wahhhhhh.

I am feeling the need to sign up for a painting class and a jewelery making I don't have enough to do,lol. now to just find one that I can afford and fit into my schedule.

so....lots of fun stuff in the works at FPD...can't spill yet...but those girls are rockin some surprises!

I just released another toolbox...journaling templates. $1 until Sunday! Commercial Use okie dokie by me! and they are you can use them for elements, for journaling...with just the outlines or with the paper it's like a double pack of goodies!

and...these templates were part of August's FPD collab (if you bought the collab, you have these). I just put them on sale for $1. click on image to go to store.

and tomorrow I am putting a TON of stuff up at Scrapdish for $1! Cleaning house I say.

Speaking of cleaning house. here is a mini kit I made way back when....but still kind of cute I think. Hope someone can use it!

Click here to download...leave me some hi's and howdies if you really does make me smile. I know my loyal girlies always do and I think you are all just so darn sweet it gives me cavities.

ok. off to start loading the store for tomorrow's goodie fest.

hugs and happy scrapping

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Happpyyyyy Sunday.

We are having a cool morning full of sun and the voices of little handsome boys playing. Daddy is home this morning and I was informed by the three of them...we are having a Star Wars day. They are building ships from leggos and tinker toys etc. They are cooking at this moment...eggs, biscuits, sausage, gravy and fruit. Poor momma on her diet....just keep swimming just keep swimming. I must chant...I have lost 13 pounds I have lost 13 pounds. arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Yesterday was fun. The boys and I went to a birthday party for one of Chase's school friends. I have known them and a few other families since Chase started kindy....he is now in second. They all get along and I like the parents. They have a big yard and had this set up inflatable slip and slide it is HUGE and has sprinklers raining down on them....they loved it! That and a trampoline, fort, squirt guns, toys, snacks, lunch, cake...phew. lots of fun!!! But boy did I get way too hot. I tried to stay in the shade...but phew. I actually feel a tad sick from it today.

And how bout a yummy easy inexpensive recipe??

first. dice up some onions. saute with garlic and olive oil. throw in a crock pot. add low sodium tomatoe condensed soup. low sodium cream of mushroom soup. pepper, oregano, any other seasoning you like. stir up. Throw in london broil. cook on low for 8-10 hrs of high for 4-5hrs. I added carrots and potatoes 40mins before done. Makes it's own gravy and meat was soft. The boys ate it upppp!

Easy dessert.

butter pats on bottom of cake pan. sprinkle generous amount of brown sugar. followed by some marachino cherries cut in half. Then crushed drained pineapple. Then pour on yellow cake mix made to directions on box.


ok. I picked some numbers with random number generator. from 4shared comments and from blog comments.

will these gals email me at tmblankenship at gmail dot com.

from 4shared

maria who posted on the 23rd at 1:56pm


Trish Aug 23, 2008 10:35:00 PM

and from blogger comments

noel and joy!!!

and our last cd album freebie (for now ;) )...I like this one!

click here to download. no sharing, claiming, selling, linking, etc! you know the drill.

hugs and happy scrapping

Friday, August 22, 2008

Hi all. Quickie today. Boys are good....Chase loves his class and Hayden is missing him like crazy (as does mommy).

I am still purging stuff from the house. It has heated back up here. uckkk.

The teacher's pet program at Funky Playground Designs is going full swing still and they did some gorgeous collabs with the existing designers....and they are awesome! and FREEEEEEE.

I also have new element templates at FPD and they are $1 through tomorrow. and commercial use is extra license needed.

And Template w/Attitude set 10 is $1 at Scrapdish through tomorrow too! wohoooooo

and today's cd template freebie

click here to download and leave me a hi!!! I might pick somebody for a little giftieeee. hint hint! (leave your email or check back Sunday Morning!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

sorry haven't been here for a couple days...had some craziness taking place lol. always something eh?

but I have TWO freebie CD templates for ya today.

And I just released this...and it is a dollar for a day or two....Commercial Use ok too.

I made this layout using the above templates and lots of new products from FPD:

laura bratcher's It's elementary
lauraskathi's 1+1 The kit (for papers for cicle, bus covering and school
house background
Cori gammon's flat pack scraps (ribbon pack)

I was also Racked (which rarely happnes to me so I happy danced around the house) by Michelle Godin of Scrapbook Graphics. This is one talented and sweet gal. I thought so before she raked me ;)

Check this gorgeous my boy (heaven to a mom of boys I say.)

here is just ONE layout I have done for it...almost done with another. loveee it I say. are two more cd templates for you! I hope you like them.

click here to download....links will be removed Sat morning. leave me a hi if you will....let me know if you make something with them. my tou tells you what you can and cannot do! thanks.

hugs and happy scrapping.

Monday, August 11, 2008

I decided to put template set 13 on super sale....$1.99 til 12a PST 8/12. And those who already bought it...will get a little giftie from me as soon as it is done!

click here to go to store (preview of set is in post below)

thanks for being scrappy!
happy monday scrappers! how are you all doing today??

I hope wonderful. My house still looks looks like we had a breakin or I am moving out,lol. But is ok. It will look great when I am done.

don't forget I am having a guest CT call (see post below this one).

I also just re-released this set at Funky Playground...woohoooo. and it is 30% off until Wednesday night.

and here are some layouts with them. by angela, missy, rona and robin

and I am making a CD album for myself....and will give a piece out at a time....grab it up...I will take it down tomorrow night.

some things you can make with it.

-you can take a bunch of old CD's...print out finished layout and adhere to the cds. Then drill holes in and use ribbons or jump rings to hold together for a great album.

- or you can make a wall hanging like this one. (made this last year using traci simm templates and kit by eva kipler)

-or you can put on a regular sized layout and add some things or journaling.

click here to download....leave me a hi and howdy if you will! personal use reselling, putting on another site, direct linking etc.

hugs and happy scrapping! don't forget to check back in for the other pieces.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

just a quickie today. I am soooo tired,lol. Those kiddos are doing me in. The bday party for my grandboy was great....he had fun. my boys had fun....tobee loves his uncles!!!!

today I am resting a bit before I try to find the rest of the house...who would think that I could make such a mess just trying to clean and organize and redo a couple bedrooms,lol!

I wanted to get this out for ya'll to see. Check back tomorrow to see a deal, a freebie and well...I am not sure what else,lol.

Guest CT call!

if interested in working with my templates:

email me at w/ GCT app in the subject line

then answer these questions:

name real and screen
where are you active (forums/community)
two most active gallery links
show me some layouts you have made with templates (at least one or two with mine if you can)

my terms:

*I ask for two- three layouts a month
*post to MSA, DST, FPD and any ohter galleries
*Show my products in ISO threads you see
*you MUST laugh at my jokes
*check into the forums 2x a week
*tell me I'm a pretty pretty princess at least once a week....and when I whine, snivel and bury my head under the chair.

call will run through the 18th of August

have a great day guys!

Thursday, August 07, 2008

I love all the owls, birds, trees and flowers I have been seeing out there! so I made a pack of templates to make them. And said....hey....why not share them with the world!!

Tracy's Toolbox 5 at funky playground designs

use with papers to make awesome goodies!

And they are $1 today only!!

no extra commercial license needed

and they aren't just for ppl designing kits. scrappers can use them too! make your page pop. or make some cute cards!!

look what michelle made

and I am cleaning off the hard drive

One of my first little kits....I still like thta journaling circle and stars...hope you can find some use for it!

give me a little hello if you will. and remember the nonos. no sharing, selling, claiming, claiming etc.

click here to download

and run over to the teacher's pet gallery at FPD and grab the AWESOME realistic element packs they had to make for their assignment. some great talent out there!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

looookie looookiieeee!

Funky Playground Design's August Collab. The first one I got to participate...check out my templates in the corner, teeheheheh! It is Hybrid. It is gorgeous. Not EVEN all of the digital goodies are shown here! And you get 20% off if you pre order! You won't be disappointed!

you get

- 1 EK Success Disney themed 6x6 accordian album
- EK Success Mickey Ribbons & Adhesive Labels 9-Piece Set
- various Petaloo brand flowers
- Creative Imaginations JUMBO stickers
- 1 set American Traditions "thinckers" alphabet set
- Tim Holtz hinge clips
- a MEGA digital kit
- - 3 layered adorned tempates heheheh that's meeee
- full set of quickpages
- detailed instructions for use
- 1 printable sheet of elements

click image to see larger preview to hang up laundry. I swear. I do laundry alllll the time. I hang it on folding dryers to save electricity. ugh

and I am going to give my boys a big suprise. they are with gran and auntie. and I am giving them their own rooms...they know it...but I am going to try to get them almost done before they get home! woohoooo!

hugs bellas
here is another link for this freebie.....there are two more freebie templates further down in the posts. click here

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

8/5 update:

Grab the three freebie templates below...will remove soon

Last day to get the new template pack on sale 30% at my new Funky Playground store

Guest CT call will begin soon...get some layouts done w/my templates :)

Today I am working on some new element templates, taking the boys to look at school clothes, finishing cleaning the house (today is steam floors, deep clean bathrooms and tile counters in kitchen--so want to get rid of those). Then babysit Tobee overnight.

Diet is going good....need to add in more exercise. I am realllllly wanting to cheat a little right I will reward myself this weekend but not go crazy.

hugs and happy scrapping!

Monday, August 04, 2008

oh yeah....I thought you all would want to know this....

Are you in the market for a GC to my store over at FPD?? Stop by this thread and say a little something somethin. answer Miss J. I will be holding a Guest CT call starting friday. (Will be filling spots through the year...So...if you have my templates.....rock em baby. Get them in your gallery. Get ready to show me what you got...(I will want to see your gallery and how you use templates...mine especially...but others too).
sorry it took me so long to get in here freakin EHD is going nuts on me. My second...the first took a conk out several months ago. Why oh why do I have such bad luck with them?? Might be time to go to an online service...though the thought of the time it will take to do the initial transfer..a.ckkkk. some of you guessed or heard or saw...but here is my news ('s big to meeee)

I'm a very Funky Girlllllll. The kind you don't take home to muthaaaaaa.

That's right....I have joined my buds over at Funky Playground Designs to sell my templates w/Attitude! I am so stinking excited. Love the girls, love the store...been there for a long time as a CT member. So what a perfect fit.


And my newest set is up and on sale(just the 12x12....the rectangles are coming). I will slowly add stuff in here to go to my part of the store!

wanna see some layouts with my goodies????

go here to see some of the latest by my buds.

here is a freebie for ya! yayya.

and...because my EHD is driving me crazy. Tell me how you back up. If you use a site like Carbonite...tell me how you like it...include name of service please. That will be a great way to say hi and thanks!

I had to load to yousendit....4shared is being a stinker for me today. I uploaded a couple times so I can keep the link active...
so you have to leave me a hi on the blog, not the download.

Click here to know the nono's...but just in can read my TOU.

Stay tuned....Thursday $1 deals and some AWESOME collabs in the coming months! yup...I am teaming up with some great gals....kits + templates and/or hybrid cool is that?!?

Friday, August 01, 2008

Happy Friday all! woohoooo! The weather is fine and I am tickled. I was supposed to come and tell you a secret today...but now have to wait till Monday! but Monday for sure, kay!

I can tell you to go to DST and download the insider...I am on page 12 in the we asked you answered section! yayayayay

some great stuff in there this month!!!including the full DST bday kit! happy bdayyy dst!

And have you seeeeen the Teacher's Pet gallery at FPD?!? Holy Moly there is some talent in there! so many cute wonderful freebies I am just atwitter.

I have to be pretty brief today...I spent the night at DSD's and watched Tobee with my two assistant baby sitters. boy am I glad I didn't go for that third baby right now. lol. Tobee is almost two (and my boys are 6 and 4). Last night was a free for all. My ears are still ringing. I love that little guy...especially when he calls me grandma and says he loves me and cuddles me (after he smacks me with a football,lol)...but I am TIRED! Best part of waking diet pepsi in my cup! a bit I have to go back and pick him up...head to sam's club with the three of htem and pick up all the food for tonights BBQ party to celebrate youngest SD's graduation. Then go set up. Then back to his house.

But...I had to leave this little goodie with you....thanks for the makes me happy.

the usual nos. no sharing,selling claiming as your own or giving out direct link. send them here.

click here to download. a little hi would be nice

Don't forget to come back Monday for a goodie and my secret!