Sunday, August 10, 2008

just a quickie today. I am soooo tired,lol. Those kiddos are doing me in. The bday party for my grandboy was great....he had fun. my boys had fun....tobee loves his uncles!!!!

today I am resting a bit before I try to find the rest of the house...who would think that I could make such a mess just trying to clean and organize and redo a couple bedrooms,lol!

I wanted to get this out for ya'll to see. Check back tomorrow to see a deal, a freebie and well...I am not sure what else,lol.

Guest CT call!

if interested in working with my templates:

email me at w/ GCT app in the subject line

then answer these questions:

name real and screen
where are you active (forums/community)
two most active gallery links
show me some layouts you have made with templates (at least one or two with mine if you can)

my terms:

*I ask for two- three layouts a month
*post to MSA, DST, FPD and any ohter galleries
*Show my products in ISO threads you see
*you MUST laugh at my jokes
*check into the forums 2x a week
*tell me I'm a pretty pretty princess at least once a week....and when I whine, snivel and bury my head under the chair.

call will run through the 18th of August

have a great day guys!

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