Sunday, August 31, 2008

happy sunday! hope all is good in the world for you.

I am so happy...I purged more clutter from my house today! woohoooo

bday party for nephew last night. good times. bad food. sighhhh. I gained a pound back this week. Back to being more watchful. And need to get that exercise in.

I am going to scrap a bit today. yayayay! I miss scrapping. too much business stuff and house stuff.

For those who bought the magic of childhood templates and needed the png files. I am sooooo sorry. I thought they were attached. It is all fixed now. You can either go back into your order history and download again or forward your receipt to me at tmblankenship at gmail dot com and I will send you the link. or email me from the email attached to your paypal...I will look up your order.

as for the template freebies. I don't always do them in png. sorry about that...don't always have time. I will make the last freebie into a png file for you...probably tonight after bookclub. how does that sound? check back tomorrow for it.

and I picked six names for a three dollar GC to my store at fpd.

email me for your code tmblankenship at gmail dot com

Grace, yoko, stacey towers, realrach, nancypinct and Becky S. woohooo.

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