Saturday, August 25, 2007 the link is fixed.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

hi guys. so much going on here....once again finding myself saying..I can't believe I haven't blogged in so long!

click all pics to see bigger version fill ya'll in.

chase is loving first grade. I mean LOVING it! Hayden is missing him like crazy. Chase lost his first tooth tonight (been working on it since the next one is half in already ;) ). Bran had probs with his heart...went to hospital. he is out and said to be "ok" though still not feeling 100%. My MIL (his stepmom) got diagnosed w/ breast cancer last week and had surgery Tuesday. she is recovering. My dad is really sick...not sure what. he is on oxygen and major drugs at home. Other than is tight and I am grumpy ;) My youngest SD turned 17. More neighbors are moving. my laptop's CD drive won't work anymore. My big computer hasn't had it's working in forever. so back up is not happening except to external hard drive...making me nervous. and today my big computer gave me some quick message upon start up...something about FAT and a dirty volume. greaaatttt. I ran all my spy ware and virus checkers (two of each) and it said all was ok...but??? been just a barrel of fun...but we are getting by with lots of hugs, smiles and chocolate. I am just smiling a LOT,l ol.

My only therapy is scrapping...late at are some layouts. don't think I have shared these here...not going to go back and look though ;)

I also have been wanting to get these out to you guys....a goodie....I hope you like them. they are paper piercings. my friend oriana wanted me to make up some using the holes I did for my stitches. here ya go...I had them done like a month and a half ago...just sitting on my puter. I have some more sets I am making.
click here to download...leave me a hello...say a prayer for Gillian (my MIL) Pray that it isn't in the lymph nodes pleassseeee. also... No sharing, selling or claiming. Don't use as lap mat while driving and eating a big juicy burger and onion rings...yummmmmm....I am so hungry. Don't throw out the window in attempt to cover windshield of mad police officer you cut off to get to the drive through of fast food place to buy the items mentioned before. Don't use to write down the bail amount and mail to me after you get arrested and they eat your onion rings right in front of you. you should have just parked silly. (this came ot me after this seeing this crazy lady trying to eat while driving down the hiway. lordy. steering with her knee (not well mind you) and eating the biggest hamburger I have ever seen. window rolled down with music SOOOOO LOUUDDDDDDDDDD. child in seatbelt (small enough to need carseat or booster still) just hanging on for dear life in the back. sighhhh. some

and don't worry...I am hanging in there...staying pretty upbeat despite it all.

hugs bellas!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

hi chickie poos! how are you all today? I am doing really good. Had an awesome morning with Chase. We looked for his new lunchbox and thermos....went all over town just hanging. Got some great time in together. He is sooooo excited about first grade he cannot even stannnnnnd it! I love him soooooooooooooooooo much I tell ya ;)

I am going to get my hair cut in a bit...neighbor/friend watching the boys. thank you thank you. I took them last time. they were good but getting antsy. I mean...come onnnn, lol. One hour (my gal is a thorough hair cutter,lol). All girls. No real toys. how good CAN they be for goodness sakes mom, lol. Then I will watch hers while she gets her hair cut. Did I whine yet that they are moving? Soon.
wahhhhhhhhhhhh. First my Missy and family left them. hmmmm. I am starting to take it personal :)

I have biggggg tootage. I am on another FAB CT! Yay for me. shaking my booty, lol.
I got on ALL THREE of the fab girls at Style It Studio. I am so seriously scrap blessed. I get to play with all of you. I have my Girls at SDK that I lurvvveeee. I get to play with SaraAmarie. Misty Maier. Kim Jensen. Rachel Young and the rest of the funky bunch from time to time. Angela Sharrow. Eva Kipler. Jan Hosford. Sighhhhhh. Heaven.....pure Scrap Bliss.

Have you been to Style it Studio Yet? wow. seriously.

Here is the layout I did for their Me, Myself and I challenge...use their collab kit (you get it free with $10 purchase) and you can winnnnn! they have over $500 of Gift Vouchers to give away. wooottt! If you want to read the poem is in my gallery

also. I want to know why you haven't signed up for my BINGO game? hmmmmm? why not? how easy peasy is this. you get a prize from me for just playing. you check off your words. you can win GCs. Get your hiney over there...pick your them to me. RIGHT now. You will forget if you put it off. And they deadline to get them to me is fast approaching! hurrryyyyy! While you are there....look at the challenges (if you do can get my last bingo prize...camping mini kit plus the prizes for playing) and grap the freebies that are up! (hint...there are some in each designers store too)

Be sure to come by tomorrow...will have a little sumethin for ya ;)

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

hi there are you all doing today?

I cannot believe that a week has gone by already. wow. I am GOING to get a schedule going and stick to it,lol! man oh man.

so..what have I been up to? spent a lot of time with the boys and their friends. been quite fun,lol. the weather has been a tad cooler than norm, so we like to be outside.

Bran is working hard on the patio...they had to did a hugeeeee trench and put in a drain...a two day job that he and my fil accomplished.

Getting ready for school to start (next monday....sighhhh)

I shoulllldddd be cleaning out the garage,lol...but wink wink wink

I have been gathering supplies for hybrid projects....ohhhh cannot wait to dig in;)

also getting ready to start the next bingo game over at SDK....get those lists in to me and join the fun. everyone gets goodies from me and one winner gets a GC to the store.

Got a little scrapping done of course.
I used tons of Rachel Young Goodies from Funky Playground Designs on it

On this one...I used almost all Misty Maier (Dragonfly Designs)! she sells at Oaks and PdW

made a little template out of this one....and you can grab it for one day only!

Ok sharing, selling or claiming. My commercial use terms go for freebies too, ok. seriously. or else, lol.

also...i have felt the need to tell you...please do not use in leg waxing....when placing over the hot was and trying to rip off...the ink and design stick to your skin and you will be stuck wearing my designs for EVAAAA,lol. waitttt...that isn't a bad thing.

I have some inquiries asking if I am going to have a creative team. I have decided to do this....A guest basis and starting in October. (I was approaced by a site and am one of their sponsors for Sept...will have a team of five at my disposal...woohoooo. so...sept is full. more to come on that ;))

so...start using those templates and goodies you have been collecting. send me a link to your most complete gallery (email is tmblankenship at gmail dot com), and tell me a bit about yourself.

hugs and happy scrapping.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Template Tuesday strikes again!! woohooooooooooooooooooo

got to love me some templates

I love to make them

love to use them

love to share them

but first you have to listen to me drone on and on, hehehehhe

happy tuesday my lovelies! hope you are all well. sorry I have been mia again...I am going to stop promising to be around more...seems like when I do, life happens. We are all good and well.

The weather cooled down here for a couple days so that was verrrrry nice! loved it!

boys have been ok...they caught a little summer cold....crazy how that happens...must have been from the store or something seeing as no one we have been around is sick.

We are getting some work done on our house....minor repairs...but hte best thing is our friend used his big ole tractor thing to rip out some huge bushes in our front yard and dug out a big patch of lawn....for......a PATIO! yayayayay. I have been wanting one out there. I think it will allow me to get to know the neighbors more and I will be more willing to let the boys play out front. I don't like to go sit on the side walk in a chair, kwim. so our almost sil will pour the cement for it soon...but up a little wall around it and my aunt is giving us her teak patio this whole thing will be built for just the cost of friendship and cement cost. I am so excited. will take some pics...I hope I got some of the bushes prior to all this.

school is almost here...we start on the 20th! I cannot believe how early it will be. geesh. and Chase will be starting all day school for first grade. how will I be with out him from 8a to 3p? I am welling up every time I think about it. And poor hayden will be heartbroken without his brother. he hatesssss to be without him. sighhhh. we will be two lost souls clinging to each other, heheheh. overly dramatic, I know.

My grandson turns one tomorrow. I can hardly believe it. time flies so fast...especially as I am getting older. sighhhh

I must share some great finds out there.

First....SDK goodies (hehehehh) click on pictures to get bigger view

I am having a 40% sale right now on everything put commercial use stuff. Takes all my template packs down to $3. Plus...none of my kits are over $3 either...and they are packed fulllll.

these journaling spots are only $.90

and speaking of SDk...the ladies there have been working on goodies too.

kim has some beautiful papers

sammy has a great beach kit in the same colors as our supa kit

and gen has a pretty wedding kit out

and some other goodies I have found:

Angela Sharrow (scrapdish) has some funnnnn can make your own papers. she has patterns as well as these cool textures!

Eva Kipler has this new kit...beyond paradise...over at digital freebies. I love it

jan hosford has some awesome flower templates....I have used these a lot

kim jensen (scrapdish) has these cool date beads...but the fasteners (glue, cords, clasps etc) are just as cool...and on sale now for $ alive

those girls at funky to love them

rachel has these fabbbbbbbb papers: cardboard...nice and dirty.

both anne and corina have wonderful grab won't be disappointed at allll!

traci has new papers, chere has some fun sequins doodads, kim has fun big ribbons, kylie has a cool new kit and star trails, marcie has a new alpha..I could go on and on

Bren Boone over at TDS...such a great designer...has some new goodies out too. woowwoow. papers, doodles, swirls...awwwwwwwwwwww want to see your freebie???

here is the layout I did with it...using goodies from Rachel young at Funky Playground selling, claiming, sharing, no biting, no swearing, no yelling, no cutting people off in traffic, no dropping things from hangers in stores and not picking them back up and hanging them up, no dinging my car, no swearing at your public anyway, hehehe. just use and enjoy! show me too...would love it!

and that is it for today. going to go through all the closets and get rid of stuff.

hugs and happy scrapping!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Hi guys....long lost tracy again,lol.

Long story as short as I can make it. Been dealing with Insurance issues, doctor issues, mental issues (;) I am too truthful, no??) I am wondering if any of you have been on Cymbalta (or know someone who has). If so, could you please email me at I would really like to talk to you about it. Been on it quite awhile and having some issues.

I also have been getting house situated and trying to avoid hot weather.

Found out that the school I was trying to get Chase in for 1st grade denied us. It is a school within walking distance to us that was just built. Gorgeous school. On one side of our street the kids go...the other to the old school. What a pain. So been trying to figure that all out too.

My mom has been up here a lot and I love that. She and my aunt are going on a cruise w/ some friends for two weeks...I am going to be so lostttt~;)

In scrapping news...I got to work with some coooooool stuff lately.

First my dear friend Kim Jensen made this fab kit called Shameless available at is so packed full of yumminess...and is good for boy or girls! bright and cheerful and unique. She has many diff buying really need to check her out.

The template is also from my new pack I just released in the bargain basement...from templates w/attitude 7 (square) (or rectangles 2)it comes with the speedometer date thing, the photo shaper, the tire brushes...just so cool. lol...I am not supposed to say that, huh? sorry. heheh.
Next I played with SarahAmarie's goodies....she is so fun! And available at Sweet Shoppe Designs.

For this layout I and bright Have a blast Kit
and so impressed basic alpha (just like embossing,l ol)
I used a template by Angela Niehaus for this.

I got to play with the new August Collab Kit from the funky girls at Funky Playground Designs. Man am I lucky or what????

This one I did for my Web friend Melinda...two of her girls on their 5th bday.

And this one I used a template of mine (for sale now ;) ) And it was featured on their blog...for their challenge. And you get a free font by Kylie too! woohooo

For that last layout, I also used one of my new templates just released in the bargain basement.

I put a whole bunch of things in browse around...there is also a rectangle version of the newest set of templates. And a few of me ask about the commercial lic...I have it in the BB too. You just have to buy a lic for each template pack you want to use....and it allows you to do scrapping for hire, quick page design. you will have to go through both pages to see all the goodies. I am using a new download company for me...tradebit. they work with paypal...once your paypal goes through...they send you your download(s). very cool. It is supposed to be better than payloadz.

I also have a new freebie for you...seems like lots of people like "primitive" art...and a lot of you like stars I use in my templats and layouts. So I put a few primitive star templates together for you ;)

Click here to download: remember. These are for personal use claiming, reselling or using in ANY commercial use project. Don't put under your swamp cooler. Don't write nasty letters to teh IRS on the back...don't line the drawer under your know the one...that catches all the crud (ewwwwwww). Just use and enjoy. I hope I am done being so crazy busy and can be more up to date with ya'll.

oh...I also have my freebie up at Scrappindigikreations right now too. I hope you can use it.

enjoy and happy scrapping my little lovelies!!!!!