Wednesday, August 15, 2007

hi chickie poos! how are you all today? I am doing really good. Had an awesome morning with Chase. We looked for his new lunchbox and thermos....went all over town just hanging. Got some great time in together. He is sooooo excited about first grade he cannot even stannnnnnd it! I love him soooooooooooooooooo much I tell ya ;)

I am going to get my hair cut in a bit...neighbor/friend watching the boys. thank you thank you. I took them last time. they were good but getting antsy. I mean...come onnnn, lol. One hour (my gal is a thorough hair cutter,lol). All girls. No real toys. how good CAN they be for goodness sakes mom, lol. Then I will watch hers while she gets her hair cut. Did I whine yet that they are moving? Soon.
wahhhhhhhhhhhh. First my Missy and family left them. hmmmm. I am starting to take it personal :)

I have biggggg tootage. I am on another FAB CT! Yay for me. shaking my booty, lol.
I got on ALL THREE of the fab girls at Style It Studio. I am so seriously scrap blessed. I get to play with all of you. I have my Girls at SDK that I lurvvveeee. I get to play with SaraAmarie. Misty Maier. Kim Jensen. Rachel Young and the rest of the funky bunch from time to time. Angela Sharrow. Eva Kipler. Jan Hosford. Sighhhhhh. Heaven.....pure Scrap Bliss.

Have you been to Style it Studio Yet? wow. seriously.

Here is the layout I did for their Me, Myself and I challenge...use their collab kit (you get it free with $10 purchase) and you can winnnnn! they have over $500 of Gift Vouchers to give away. wooottt! If you want to read the poem is in my gallery

also. I want to know why you haven't signed up for my BINGO game? hmmmmm? why not? how easy peasy is this. you get a prize from me for just playing. you check off your words. you can win GCs. Get your hiney over there...pick your them to me. RIGHT now. You will forget if you put it off. And they deadline to get them to me is fast approaching! hurrryyyyy! While you are there....look at the challenges (if you do can get my last bingo prize...camping mini kit plus the prizes for playing) and grap the freebies that are up! (hint...there are some in each designers store too)

Be sure to come by tomorrow...will have a little sumethin for ya ;)


Angela said...

Congrats, Tracy! I know that they are so lucky to have you. :) You are one creative gal!

Nathy said...

wohooooooooooooo congratulation sweetie :)

AmyK said...

You are one talentd scrapper, TracyB! Congrats on the new teams!! *smooches*

Camiseta Personalizada said...
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Jamie said...

Congrats girl.....