Tuesday, August 14, 2007

hi there scrappers...how are you all doing today?

I cannot believe that a week has gone by already. wow. I am GOING to get a schedule going and stick to it,lol! man oh man.

so..what have I been up to? spent a lot of time with the boys and their friends. been quite fun,lol. the weather has been a tad cooler than norm, so we like to be outside.

Bran is working hard on the patio...they had to did a hugeeeee trench and put in a drain...a two day job that he and my fil accomplished.

Getting ready for school to start (next monday....sighhhh)

I shoulllldddd be cleaning out the garage,lol...but wink wink wink

I have been gathering supplies for hybrid projects....ohhhh cannot wait to dig in;)

also getting ready to start the next bingo game over at SDK....get those lists in to me and join the fun. everyone gets goodies from me and one winner gets a GC to the store.

Got a little scrapping done of course.
I used tons of Rachel Young Goodies from Funky Playground Designs on it

On this one...I used almost all Misty Maier (Dragonfly Designs)! she sells at Oaks and PdW

made a little template out of this one....and you can grab it for one day only!

Ok gals...no sharing, selling or claiming. My commercial use terms go for freebies too, ok. seriously. or else, lol.

also...i have felt the need to tell you...please do not use in leg waxing....when placing over the hot was and trying to rip off...the ink and design stick to your skin and you will be stuck wearing my designs for EVAAAA,lol. waitttt...that isn't a bad thing.

I have some inquiries asking if I am going to have a creative team. I have decided to do this....A guest basis and starting in October. (I was approaced by a site and am one of their sponsors for Sept...will have a team of five at my disposal...woohoooo. so...sept is full. more to come on that ;))

so...start using those templates and goodies you have been collecting. send me a link to your most complete gallery (email is tmblankenship at gmail dot com), and tell me a bit about yourself.

hugs and happy scrapping.


Connie said...

Love your layouts - nap in a box is SO sweet! Thanks for the template!

Krista said...

LOVIN' this one! Thanks so much!

LVMommy22 said...

*sigh* i really wanted to wax my legs today ... and this template really would've been the perfect thing for it ... oh well, maybe next time *walks off dejectedly*

thanks for the pretty!
;) M

Brooke - in Oregon said...

Hi There! Thanks for poppin in to see me. Ummmm Oregon trip next year!! YEE HAW we are 5 minutes off of I-5!! So keep that in mind :) Sitting on the deck sipping a 'Mikes hard lemonaid, or glass of iced tea' which ever you prefer :)

We are in Philadelphia at the moment, crazy flight ya know one of those horror stories you hear about delays and missing connections only it happend to us! Oh well no use in crying even if I did feel like it!

Great template, I am not back until Sunday so I won't get it but I do have about everyone you have put up. I even totally 'lifted' one of your layouts :) I will post it when I get home. Later!

twoboyz00 said...

Thanks so much for the awesome template!

Rona said...

Looooove this template! Thanks Tracy!

shelly said...

Thanks for sharing, Tracy! Your template looks awesome!

Gini aka "MsGini" said...


I have you on feed, check your updates and haven't said Hi here yet, but always mean to! So Hi!!! Good luck with your CT and I can't wait to see all the action!

Myxi said...

I have to admit, I did try to use this one to wax my legs. Do you remember the old Mad magazine back covers that you folded two ways to make another picture?? Well,it was uhhh..ummm...errr...let's just say that your designs look better on paper than wrinkly old lady legs. Thank you. :)

Mish said...

Thank you sweetcakes! Love this one!

Maria said...

Thank you! The DigiFree freebie search engine is about to list this blog post at digifree.blogspot.com

shawnyrvr said...

OMG luv the layout "nap in a box" how precious is that memory! wish it were one of mine, what a blessed mommy you are!

I'm really bummed about not being able to use the template today for my weekly waxing.... I was really thinking that hard jagged edge on the left side would have really granted me the long desired punk rock edge to my legs... ;-)

Luv Ya Girl!!!

Joy said...

rofl at the leg waxing - it has become a habit for me to read out our little TOUs to my 11 year old dd - her response to this one was eugh!!! lol!!

Thanks so much for the templates - they are fab :)

Robin said...

You crack me up girl! I promise to avoid leg waxing. Getting my eyebrows waxed is bad enough! LOL! Glad to hear you've been having fun, too! Love all the pages and your new template too!

Anonymous said...

OOOH! I love this template! I seen your layout over at DST. Gorgeous! Thank you so much!