Monday, April 30, 2007

Hi all! Hope you are all good! I am ok....have me a touch of the baby blues further down regarding that, lol.

Had a blast last to get together with fun, intelligent and spunky women and eat, talk and talk and talk...and eat. My enchiladas were a hit...I think the best batch I have ever made if I do say so :) We had a yummy fruit tray with a great dip, chips, salsa and quac...and MARGARITASSSS woohooo! D-VINE!

So...that is that.

I wanted to make sure you all saw this!!!
I will be at the night time chat! hope you can come and say hi to us!

And here is the reason I have been in the funk lately...I am being way way way sharing of TMI...but that is just me...heart on my sleeve,lol. (btw...I used Jessica Bolton's Outnumbered Girl love this kit...from StudioGraphics.
Click on image to see larger. is going to be short...I have to get some things together. Come back tomorrow for a new freebie template and some fun announcements...I know a secret or two!!
hugs and happy scrapping

Sunday, April 29, 2007

thanks for all the love yesterday...I know we all have stuff to do...and especially on a gorgeous weekend. I was just feeling a tad whiney, hehehehe.

which made me think....this is why I am now more than pleasantly plump. I spend all my free ME time here at the puter. Instead of the gym, or walking the neighborhood, or biking or rollerblading....all of which I did before scrapbooking. hmmmm. and my house was cleaner, hubby happier, yard prettier...hmmmmmm. So...I am going to start small...going to recommit to ME! I have got to get off 40lbs. To be healthier. To get off these blood pressure meds. To look cute (let's be honest here, lol). To play with my kids without feeling like a lump of lard.

Which reminded me of something I posted at Rakscraps years ago. I thought I would share it here.

This Just In:

The SBG (Scrapper's Butt Group) has released the the following new clip to the public. Scrapper's Butt Plague has broken out in Northern California and is "spreading" to other areas. It seems to be mainly affecting Digital Scappers. The long hours spent in front of the computer, neglegting housework and other hobbies and the hunched position that is all associated with digi-scrappin all seam to be factors in the "spread" of the plague. You should do this at home test ASAP to see if you have been infected. Get up from computer....walk to full length mirror...(are your thighs slapping together like two puppies fighting? that is the first indicator)...grab small hand held mirror......face away from full-length mirror while looking in small mirror and look at your butt. Has it grown out of control without you even knowing it? You might Have Scrapper's Butt. The SBG recommends 40mins of aerobic activity, the removal of all snack food from house, the limiting of scrapbooking for awhile and walking around in reallllly tight jeans to remind you of how big your butt has gotten.

Please pass this along to all of your friends....remember....friends don't let friends get big butts!

So...I am going to try..once again,lol. Who is with me????

To help us...I created this cute little food journal page...I will use it daily and post it on another part of my blog.

click here to download....leave me a comment if you want to joing me in avoiding permanent scrapper's butt!

ughhhh. to the store and to finish cleaning for the party. Better enjoy the chicken mango enchiladas and margaritas and seven layer bean dip I will be serving tonight, lol heheheheheheh.

hugs and happy scrapping.

Saturday, April 28, 2007 I edited this since it was just to pathetic for

So....if you comment here and appease a lonely girl...I will randomly throw out some goodies to you. put your email addy in the comment.

don't forget to read the post below to see my newest template pak and sale.
Welcome to summer ladies and gentlebugs! is going to be 87 here today!!! What happened to spring. I want my spring dangit!!!

So...I made yummy fajitas last night and margaritas and just hung out with the family. That was nice...low key. Today I will be attacking my realllly needs some major straightening...I am hosting book club tomorrow night, hehehe.

I also wanted to thank you guys for linking me up to layouts using my templates, stitching, kits etc. It makes my heart so happy, heheheh. If you have left comments before (like before two weeks ago)....I lost my list and would love you to link me up again...sniff sniff. pleassseeee. Don't forget...I am going to be giving random raks out make sure I have some way to contact you. you can leave email addies if you feel ok with that...or email me at or pm me at dst (tracy_blankenship).

I released a new set of templates over at SDK...40% off right now Only $2.40!

I have to say...I really like these,lol. There is glitter, paper piecings etc (don't worry...there are instructions on how to recolor those things ;) )

all new ones (well...the first was the rectangle one from the other day...but I made it square and added a few things)

click preview to see larger view

and an oldie but goodie

So...hurry over there...and check out the other new releases...they are on sale too! and the freebies too!

love, hugs and happy scrapping!

Friday, April 27, 2007

good morning! not much going on is is still asleep...sun is rising. we are all sniffling and puffy faced...not sure if it is allergies or colds...seems a little coincidental for us all to have allergies, kwim??

yesterday was great...tobee was on super duper happy that is fun. we went shopping, to lunch, and to two pet stores. We sure spend a lot of time at pet stores...the cheap mom's zoo, ehheheh. no...not cheap as we have a season pass to the zoo. It is just less of a drive, not as many people etc etc. But I actually bought stuff, hehehe, so there was a purpose. We bought another hermit crab for the one at Chase's school...they live longer if they are not alone. Got them some fixings for the hermi-tat I am setting up too. A climbing ladder, new house, forest bedding, etc.

If you are ever going to purchase a hermie or already have one...please email me ( A lot of people do not know the proper care and they don't live long. I have had mine for 2yrs now...I have heard of them living a very very long time. They are not low low maintenance...but it isn't that hard to learn proper care. I would be glad to share all I have learned.

After that we just hung out...Chase had a tball mom and bran took the boys so I could rest. I feel yucko with whatever this is.

I have had a couple of you ask again how to use layered templates. I put the link to a post I made regarding this in the upper right corner. hope this helps. ;)

Also. Please do NOT use my templates to try out for creative teams. I don't mind you using them once on teams etc...but not for tryouts. They are looking for YOUR work only, kwim. thanks.

Also...when posting in the galleries...make sure to use my name in the credits...I will be going through them in the next few weeks and doing a little raking :)))) If you post places other than DST, TDS, or Raks...please send me links via email or leaving comments on the blog so I can check them out.

ok...have to go get the supa 5 year old up for cuddles before breakfast and grooming! Hope to check in later:)))

Hugs and Happy scrapping!!!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

hi ya peeps! No wayyyyy has it been 4 days since I was last here!! Wowowo! Crazy.

Well....what have the Blankenship's been up to?

On Sunday we went to bday parties and hung out. Had a nice anniversary..nothing too crazy this year.

Monday was school for the monkies and petstore runs. We had Tobee all day, so that was fun. He was in a good mood, which always helps.

Tuesday was our big day! Took Chase and his class (plus 3other kindy classes) on a 45min BUS RIDE( 78 kids)
to go see a highschool production of Peter Pan! It was soooo sooooo fabulous. Actors were first rate...they even rented a flying machine so that the characters could really fly. The kidlets were mesmerised. One boy told me...that was the best "movie" I have ever seen. So sososo cute. Chase got Captain Hook's autograph teehee. We then had lunch in a park and hung out. After that we took a pretty good hike through this nature preserve...where we saw lots of birds, baby owls nests, bever dams and otter homes...but all the critters were sleeping. It was actually pretty warm in the sun (no shade) and the kiddos were getting whiny by the time it was we were to hike back. I was like...look...if this chubby mommy can do can do it! goodness. On the busride home...they were falling like leaves...heads were wobbling, eyes were closing...drool was pooling. We were gone 7.5 HOURSSSSSSS. I was poooped!

Hayden had a good time too. He hung with his preschool teacher in the morning...she took him and two other little boys to the carwash, the party store and to get corndogs. Then he went to grandma and grandpa's (who just returned from 6months in Texas). So he was pretty spoiled all day.

Yesterday I recovered, hehehe, and today I get Tobee again...not sure what we will do.

haven't shared layouts for a hehehe here they are:full credits here

I used Robin's sketch template freebie for her challenge at Raks (click here to play)
I wanted to point you over to part of the freebie supa mega kit is up:
I also have been feeling badly for the rectangle scrappers...I treat you like bad stepchildren, don't I??? So I made something special just for you guys (though square scrappers can adapt it..that is what I will do).

click here to sharing, spitting, swearing, throwing, etc etc. and leave me a cockadoodledoo if you please!
hugs and happy scrapping!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Hi again. I just wanted to get you some bigger glimpses of the templates I just put up at you can see some of the cool details.
This one has the fun stitched star and framed border
This one has the cute little doodled swirls
This is my fave by has the folded paper complete with shadows, the dotted doodles etc.
Thanks for looking! is coldddddddddddd here! we had to be at the tball field at 7:45a and we were frozen! and it is getting ready to storm (kind of has all day). needless to say...we didn't go to the festival this afternoon. We have just been hanging out. I am making a Corn/chicken chowder for dinner in the crock pot. Last night was homemade pizza and pineapple/coconut/walnut upside downcake for dessert.

I spent a lot of time going over old pictures. I am in charge of creating the announcement for my Grandma's memorial and all the photo collages and pages for the actual memorial. NO PRESSURE there,lol.

Everything in town has calmed down after the scare on friday...though tons of people are still upset. They are making him out to be some poor misunderstood boy in the paper...even the exwife that he threatened to kill and who he was arrested 4 times for abusing and who was so scared of him she left the state is standing up for him. Goodness!

Other than that...just hanging out. Tomorrow is our 6 Year wedding anniversary. Not going to do much I know that.

Some of you have asked me to make some stitching sets for sale. Here is my first bunch. I have a couple others in the works as we type. They are available at SDK and are 40% off right nowAnd you wanted some old templates offered for here is the first batch. One is a never before seen one, two are altered older ones and three are oldies. More will be released soon. They are on sale over at SDK and are 40% off right nowAnd as a little thank you for looking, being my buddies, listening to me ramble, etc etc...I made you a double template with Attitude...per some requests. The best thig about this is it is at least three different layouts. You have the double and then you can do two singles from it too since I supply the left and right side seperately. (Remember can get even more layouts from sketch templates by moving things around and adding or deleting things!!)
Preview of freebieclick here to download...leave me a little note...a hi a howdy or somethin somethin. ;)And...if you run over to SDK's blog...I have a stitching freebie too woohoooo! to scrap and surf the forums and galleries. I HAVE gotttt to finish some layouts!! I want to order a new book or two from shutterfly!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Someone purchased things from my bargain basement using the name leeloovermorel from france. I am unable to send the links to that email you used through paypal. I get a message back saying that email does not exist. Could you contact me please?? I want to get those to you ASAP. Sorry about that.

Hi all! Boy was yesterday a HORRIBLE day! a lot of you know...I am a mom of 2 boys (Chase 5 and Hayden 3) and three stepdaughters (Brea-21;Jen-20;Kristen-16). We have been so fortunate with them and their safety and health. Well...the U.S. is still going crazy over the tragic happenings at Virginia Tech (Fox News And when something like this happens...the crazies come out. touched my little world.

Sent Chase off to school and was getting ready for my cardiologist appt...running around like a chicken with my head cut off....Brandon calls me out to his office and tells me to sit down. Tells me that there has been threats against our schools and that they are going on lock down. We can't get in. I am like...huh...what does that mean???/ Then the phone starts ringing. I have mom after mom calling me. They all think of me as class mom. They heard the news and want to know what to do. I have no idea. They haven't told us what to do in times like these. Then I get on the computer and find out that a man told his priest that he was going to go on a rampage. He was still loose. Fast forward through me trying to hold it together (poorly, lol) and talking to the moms. We get a call from the school to come get our kiddos. Fast forward through horrible parking situation, lines, signing in, waiting for a teacher to bring us our child, child asking what is happening momma, going home and realizing you have had your entire body clenched the whole 2hours.

I really believed that they had to make a BIG deal about it and that my child was fine. The thing that was bothering me was that it was the first time since he has been born that I couldn't get "right" to him if I needed. The first time someone else was controlling that. It was a strange feeling.

The man finally turned himself in last night at 10pm. After all open houses throught 3 counties were cancelled. After all schools were closed for today also. After all sport games and practices were cancelled. What is the matter with these people. I am just so so so.....can you believe it folks...for the first time I am with out words.

So...I am tired and grateful. The town is all up in arms with how it was handled. They think they should have been made aware of this earlier...they knew of the threats the night before. I am not sure how I feel about it. I know that during times like this...threats come out of the woodwork. Which do you take "seriously". When do you close schools. How do you make EVERYONE aware of them. I don't envy the school system their position. I, as a parent, of course would have liked to know as soon as they did. But when do you know, as a parent, if you should keep your child at home. Do you pull them any time there are threats. Of course...that is my first instinct. I just have not had to deal with this before. I really don't know. I am just glad we are all here together and safe.

Ok...thanks for listening to me babble, hehehe.

I, of course, did not finish my layouts yet due to nothing new to show you there.

Anyone have fun plans this weekend?

I also want to thank you all for your links to things you have made with my goodies...I loveeeeee to see them! I am going to go through and leave love and see if I can put some on the blog if you let me.

Don't forget to grab the beach freebie below!
you rock

hugs and happy scrapping

Thursday, April 19, 2007

I can NOT believe that is Thursday! My goooodnnessss! The week is a blur...spent cleaning and shuttling the kiddos around.

Here are the highlights, lol

**Monday...I chickened out of getting plugs for my tearducts. I will do it...really
I will.

We took both boys for a free lesson of Kuk Sool (martial arts) that our
friends love. Chase was in the dragons and Hayden was in turtles a pre-
school program). They were too cuteeee. I loved it. they ran, they did
lots of stretching and bends, they learned to wrestle (Chase was not too
sure about this since I am always telling him to stop wrestling his bro.)
Kicks and jabs etc...they were exhausted. They really want to keep going,
though not sure we can afford it. It is pretty pricey...the same as all
the others in town...but still.

**Yesterday I worked in Chase's class...they have eggs in the incubator, silk worm
eggs hatching, butterflys in their chrystalis'...we made coffe filter
butterflies and painted ones...then had a safety class.

The boys and I hit Petsmart afterward. We try to go at least once a week
just to check out all the kritters...we stay for at least an hour. they
are getting to know us there, hehe.

Last night was his open house...he was so cute a proud showing us around
(like we haven't seen him working on it all since we both work in his
class every week teeehehee). but it was so fun.

Today I have a meeting with the cardiologist and plan the big tests for me...oh joyyy
and then will just play with my mommy. Bran and I are celebrating our
anniversary tonight since we have no sitters this weekend (6yr wedding ann
on Sunday). Not sure where we will go...he wants to make a night of it...
I am like...dinner and home, hehe. We will see.

I have several layouts in the works but none ready for viewing...I haven't been able
to scrap as much as usual this week...been too tired at night ;)

I have had several people asking about my Beach House kit and where they can find it. Sammy took it out of the store (she likes to keep it fresh and new). So I put it in a new bargain basement part of this blog...go here. This is where I will put things I retire etc. Here is what it looks like:

I am offering the bonus to it again for those who missed it. I like the alpha...can be used on all kinds of layouts. I need to use some of my own kits...isn't it funny that I don't really scrap with my own goodies? I have heard a lot of people say they don't either

Click here to download...leave me a hi and howdy-o!

don't forget to head over to SDK to see all the new stuff from my is 40% off the first week...some are almost to full price now. Hurrryyyyy!!

oh...and I am working on a new freebie double template for ya...per your request! ;) and running!
hugs and happy scrapping!!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

happy saturday!!! it is pouring rain tball was cancelled! and a good thing cause I am pooped,lol. My girlfriends and I had a garage sale yesterday....between the three of us we cleared almost $360.00. not too bad I guess...though I really don't like having them. It was fun just hanging with them though.

not much is going on other than that....been spending time with my momma..talking and stuff.

I did get some scrapping done...which is always fun! you can see full credits here!

I used my free template below for this...and the fun creations of the sDK girls too!

For this one...I used a ton of Bren Taylor-Boone's goodies. man oh man they are fun!

Did you know that she is involved in Scraps for Charity? They made a cute kit to benefit a children's hospital!

for more information and to learn about her awesome CT call...head over to Bren's Blog!

Now....I got to be on SaraAmarie's Guest CT this month...and use her fabulous Natural's collection! It is so great!

These next two layouts used them! Yumminess!!! that I made you look at my layouts, heheheheh....

my friends at SDK are at it again...they have a total of FIVE freebies for you (three on the blog and two through their store) and tons of new releases that are 40% off right now. RUNNNN over to their blog to check it all out!!!

and how bout another template with Altitude??? A little crazy, lol. (I have had some of you ask if they will all be for sale in one you talked me into it. I will release them next month. HOpefull with some new ones too!!)

hugs and happy scrapping!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

hi there! long time no blog! I have been in computer lala land. long story has been running hot, fan going a lot...kept getting wierd norton error them and they walk me through it. external hard drive wouldn't open and I kept getting error messages from my c drive and the computer is making a wierd whirring noise. I ran all my virus stuff *which I do alllll the time...and all is good. Bran messed with it a bit and got it working again...I backed up everything. Good news...I will be getting a new machine soon! Man...computerrrssss. I misseddddd mine,lol.

So...let's see....Saturday was crazy...we had birthday parties all over the was so fun. bounce houses, cake, etc etc.

Sunday was so fun...the boys ran all over the house searching for their easter goodies...then off to Bran's family's place for the huge celebration. Pics to come.

Gonna be short today...want to scrap a I said...been missing my baby.

You def want to stop by SDK's Blog...I have my new challenge link up...Sandy has a sweet little goodie and Gen has a cute freebie for you (make sure to grab both freebies and leave some lovin'). Check there tomorrow for a wonderful freebie from Kim!!!

oh...and you asked how I got my siggie on here. I scanned it, saved it as a jpeg and then just uploaded it as a picture. easy peasy. is a little somethin somethin for ya from me

Friday, April 06, 2007

Is it friday all ready??? lol. I know I have said it before...but man does time fly! I cannot believe it.

The last couple days ahve been spent just playing with the boys. Nothing really exciting to report at all. They have been pretty good, no terrible tantrums or fights (knock on wood).

Brandon has been hanging out with our friend from Minnesota. He was here for a couple days between business trips. They have almost closed the house here...and are renting to the family until it does. It feels so strange seeing another family in the house. It will always be the Strand home. I at least wish the family with the two boys took it...but they have older girls. sigh.

Have been doing REALLY horrible on the dieting front. I mean bad. I used to be soooo good. I just need to get the mindset going. It is so strange to me. I HATE being so big. I hate the way it looks and feels. But just cannot get motivated to do anything about it. The logical side of me really finds this fascinating. I am a total emotional eater so I know I have a lot of issues to break through.

Really looking forward to Easter. Brandon's family has a big shindig at his uncles. They have a huge property with creeks, cows, chickens etc. We have egg hunts, egg tosses, lots of food etc. The only time we all get together anymore.

What do you all do?

I guess that is all today...didn't sleep well again the last two got some layouts done and another freebie.

the layouts: see full credits here

and the freebie:
click here to know the do's and don'ts. if you have a question about what you can do...just read the TOU. Leave me a G'day too..that is always nice to see.
have a great day!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

hi all! happy hump day!

Not much going on here...just being lazy. My aunt took the boys overnight last night. I went out with a girlfriend...we went to Chili's and talked for 3.5hrs. It was fun...haven't chatted with her for a while.

Today been dealing with doctor crud...oh joy!

Just wanted to thank you all for your wonderful comments and emails you send me..they so make my day. Big ole chunky hugs to you all. I hope you all know that I am a total drama queen,lol. These things really do happen but are not really that big of a deal. I just like to play it up with words and silliness as I know a lot of us are in the same boat. I just like to laugh.

I wanted to take time today to answer some questions I have received since some of y ou don't leave email addy's for me to respond to them directly. ;)

first...for the pics behind the filmstrip in my template below...just play with them to get them the right size. I didn't come up with a set size...just placed them over the white strip..angled them and adjusted to get the right things showing.

1) What did I decide to do about my son's field trip. Well...first I wanted to update ya'll on the whole situation. We have a little girl in our class who is quite the handful. She is loud, attention hungry, love starved, always in trouble...always acting up and pushing the kids around (especially my little Chase, lol). She has punched the principal in the face and just caused us so much grief. I know she comes from a broken home and her grandparents take care of her. When I am there she just clings to me. She breaks my heart. But...I hate that it disrupts our class so much. Well...the other teachers going on the trip and the principal said that she had to bring her grandparent on the trip with us...or she couldn't go. So...they took my spot. That is why I got booted. I do understand this...I can't imagine her on an outing...though I am not sure she should be allowed to go with all the trouble she is in...but that is another story.

I talked with the teacher and some other concerned parents (like me...we are not so sure of our wonderful teacher...she really did lose a kid walking from the lunchroom to the spot where we pick our children up for the day)

We are going to carpool down there and hang out at the park near the highschool and go to the picnic after. I was zoo trip that day...that is the following month. The park they are having their picnic at is large with a huge fortlike area for the kids and a water park. So...that is what we are doing. :)

2) Hayden did NOT get throw up...though that whole night he told me his tummy hurt and his ummm...bowel movements were frequent and GREEN?!?!

2) Why don't I design anymore? Well....I am still technically a designer over at my buddies shop. I haven't made anything new in quite a while to put in the shop. I give out prizes etc. They want me to put a few things in the shop...we will see if I can get to that.
Long story October I lost my grandmother...who helped raise me. She had been ill for awhile...with breathing problems. But in September she was diagnosed with colon cancer advanced and she was gone the beginning of Oct. It was very very very hard on me and my family. The next week my uncle was hit and killed by a car. the following three months we lost three more people. It just changed my life, my priorities etc. I wanted to scrap with my kids more...not adhere to too many deadlines etc. So I left Digital Freebies and am just doing my own thing now.

3) How did I do my Shutterfly Cover? I designed it myself using their template guidlelines only. And used my own fonts from the computer.

4) How did I learn to design? I started as a member at all their how to's and met people who tutorials etc. Then started doing freebies. then joined Raks element team and that was that.

5) What did I do in my before kids life?
When I met my dh I was 29. I went to college, taught aerobics and kickboxing and worked for the California State legislature. I started there when I was 23 in the mailroom. Moved up to a Senator's office as a clerk, then an Committee Assistant and a scheduler. After Bran and I got married and preggo's I went to the Legislative Travel Office as one of three agents. WE arranged all the travel for the Legislators (Assembly and Senate) and their staff as well as take care of delegations. Chase was born and I went back to work when he was 10wks old I was a messsss. He was across the street in our daycare, but still I hated it. I worked from 7a to 6p and during Budget times...would sometimes be at work till 10p or 2a. Brandon was traveling all the time for work. I hardly got to spend time with my baby. So...he took a better job with even more away time and I quit work when Chase was 15months old. My hubby now works for himself from the home (very hard on me,lol) and we have two beautiful boys, three great girls (my stepdaughters) and one wonderful grandson. there are times that I really miss working. I had so many friends there. I felt so useful. Times now I feel brain dead,lol. But I am so lucky to have this time with the boys. I feel we are all working mothers...some go outside the home to work and have to come home to work...and others stay at home and then everything in between. We find what works best for us and our family and do the best we can. No easy or right way about it.

So...that is all the ??S I can think of now...will go back and read some other ones to funny that people are curious...I love it. I am so an open book...very much a people person...and love getting to chat with ppl from all over. the internet is so fabulous.

I just have a little treat for you guys today...I was having troubles sleeping last night and made this little frayed thing....kind of like a paper tear...but frayed. I used atomic cupcake to achieve this...wish it was a tad more frayed...have to work on that.

click here to download...leave me a howdy ho
hugs and love

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Hi all. It is monday monday monday.

This weekend was pretty low key. Of course...the boys passed their colds on to me...and I am feeling cruddddddddddy.

We went to tball on Sat (mom and auntie spent the night on Friday) and then daddy took the boys to his mom's for a picnic without me. I SHOULD have gone...but was so tired (after being up with the boys) so I opted out. Then we just hung out that night

Sunday the boys and I played and then went to a play date at a friend from schools. then we went to Walmart. What oh what oh what possessed me to do thatttt?

Come with me if you will.

We pull into the SuperWalmart parking at 3:45pm Sunday afternoon. I got a parking spot right upfront so thought...yayya me...this will be cool ( mind you...I thought at should not go on a weekend) We got in...looked a little busy..not too bad).

After 5mins I realized everyone was drunk and or on drugs. Why else would they stop in the middle of the isle talking like they were the only ones on earth? Why would they suddenly make a left turn...from the far right of the walkway? Why would they let their children stand (barefoot and with out pants) up in the little sitting area of the cart yelling at top of their lungs?? Why else would they not see me as they try to occupy the same EXACT same spot of the planet I was standing on...and not even say excuse me as they grabbed the FLIPPING LAST box of infant's Tylenol cold medicine! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRr

So...we get to the grocery part of the store. It is now that Hayden starts to voice his displeasure. Momma. I too need my blanky....cudda me momma. I assure him he are almost done. I fight my way through the pork section (I want ribs for some reason), grab the bevarges, cereal, yogurt etc. Then we get to the produce. Don't People. Please. Single file line...grab what you need...move along. It is produce. Not a car. Not a house. Not even a pair of shoes. Nothing that takes a lot of thought. Grab it, bag it and MOVE! Ok...I am starting to lose it. Hayden is now whining at full volume. Chase has his fingers in his ears and is starting his mantra of "I can't take it anymore I can't take it anymore I can't take it anymore" over and over and over...and did I say over again.

So...we round the corner and I relief in sight...but about 15 lines of person after person. My goodness isn't disney isn't your chance to meet your fave ball player. It is Walmart. But, my dear is Walmart on a Weekend. Ackkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. Note to self..never ever ever ever will I ever ever ever go on a weekend. AGain. eVERERERERE. so not worth the money you save. How many bottles of wine will I need to down to fix this CRAP?@?@

Now...we are almost to the middle of the line. Hayden starts crying ever louder. It ISSSS possible. He now wants to be held. So I hold him and sing twinkle twinkle as I smile at the burly man with dog food behind me. Chase now has to go "PEEEEE" as he yells top voice. sighhhhhhhhhhh. hold it son. please. now hayden is hiccuping. but a noisy wet sounding hiccup. and tellign me "my tummy hurt momma". oh please oh please oh please...nooooo. (friday in of chase's classmates starts puking all around me. I then learn there is a tummy bug going around the school). I am now starting to feel caged. To feel on edge. To feel like just leaving the dang cart and running for starbucks ( do they put a shot of something else wink wink in their mocha's). We now get to the front of the line. Hayden is now on floor (I am never ever one of THOSE mom's that get THOSE looks from the ppl around them. Now is my turn) The clerk is hurrying his way one wants to see/hear this. We are all loaded, paid etc. I look at him and say "have a nice night" as he is already scanning the dogfood man behind me. I hear nothing. I stop and turn and say "Excuse DID tell me to have a good night too. Or at least you too or uh huh or something right???????" I think I had a really crazed look on my face at this point. The scared clerk says...uh yeah...I did. EVERYONE around me starts giggling and I start laughing...I tell him...Always always always say that to your customers....especially the crazed looking moms."

We aren't even out of the parking lot before the monkies fall asleep. My hubby empties the car and I go hide in the bathroom...hey...when I get to be in there for any amount of time ALONE...I don't want to come out, :)

So...we are all tucked in for the night. I even got to play on the puter here and there.

I played with Janel and her CT member Rez to celebrate the opening of Pink Poodle Studios. I got my layout using Janel's Alexander kit in the newsletter and that won me a GC. I got to use her beautiful Freebie kit she is giving out for Same Kit/Different Ways Challenge for this layout.
I won a free alpha and we get 50 percent off her goodies~~~ wow I had a good scrapping day ;)

I played at Blue Flombingo and am loving the chance to hit a Karah sale!!

I did this layout which I love...of my grandbaby. It is my first layout as SaraAmarie's Guest CT!!! I used her Natural Collection:Pacific at Oscraps.

And of course...since you made it this far....I made it into a template for ya ;)
Click here to download...only if you leave me love and promise to not share, sell, claim and all that jazz.
Chase is on spring break (hayden still has preschool) so we are going to do some art work that is a little hard to do with Hayden around. He is excited to have me all to himself, so I am signing out!