Friday, April 27, 2007

good morning! not much going on is is still asleep...sun is rising. we are all sniffling and puffy faced...not sure if it is allergies or colds...seems a little coincidental for us all to have allergies, kwim??

yesterday was great...tobee was on super duper happy that is fun. we went shopping, to lunch, and to two pet stores. We sure spend a lot of time at pet stores...the cheap mom's zoo, ehheheh. no...not cheap as we have a season pass to the zoo. It is just less of a drive, not as many people etc etc. But I actually bought stuff, hehehe, so there was a purpose. We bought another hermit crab for the one at Chase's school...they live longer if they are not alone. Got them some fixings for the hermi-tat I am setting up too. A climbing ladder, new house, forest bedding, etc.

If you are ever going to purchase a hermie or already have one...please email me ( A lot of people do not know the proper care and they don't live long. I have had mine for 2yrs now...I have heard of them living a very very long time. They are not low low maintenance...but it isn't that hard to learn proper care. I would be glad to share all I have learned.

After that we just hung out...Chase had a tball mom and bran took the boys so I could rest. I feel yucko with whatever this is.

I have had a couple of you ask again how to use layered templates. I put the link to a post I made regarding this in the upper right corner. hope this helps. ;)

Also. Please do NOT use my templates to try out for creative teams. I don't mind you using them once on teams etc...but not for tryouts. They are looking for YOUR work only, kwim. thanks.

Also...when posting in the galleries...make sure to use my name in the credits...I will be going through them in the next few weeks and doing a little raking :)))) If you post places other than DST, TDS, or Raks...please send me links via email or leaving comments on the blog so I can check them out.

ok...have to go get the supa 5 year old up for cuddles before breakfast and grooming! Hope to check in later:)))

Hugs and Happy scrapping!!!


Brooke - in Oregon said...

Happy Friday! I've got the cold/maybe allergy thing going too. I just can't quite tell which it is. All I know is whatever it is I would really appreciate it if it was GONE :) lol

Have a great weekend

grambie said...

SO nice to visit you. I got the rectangular template but forgot to mention your fantastic layouts. Love them all, but the one with the paper bg, lines & all, just drew my attention. The orange just pop along with the film strip. I am still smiling over the Thursday's pet photo with the huge eyes for expression. So cute. Girl you are just fantastic.