Wednesday, April 04, 2007

hi all! happy hump day!

Not much going on here...just being lazy. My aunt took the boys overnight last night. I went out with a girlfriend...we went to Chili's and talked for 3.5hrs. It was fun...haven't chatted with her for a while.

Today been dealing with doctor crud...oh joy!

Just wanted to thank you all for your wonderful comments and emails you send me..they so make my day. Big ole chunky hugs to you all. I hope you all know that I am a total drama queen,lol. These things really do happen but are not really that big of a deal. I just like to play it up with words and silliness as I know a lot of us are in the same boat. I just like to laugh.

I wanted to take time today to answer some questions I have received since some of y ou don't leave email addy's for me to respond to them directly. ;)

first...for the pics behind the filmstrip in my template below...just play with them to get them the right size. I didn't come up with a set size...just placed them over the white strip..angled them and adjusted to get the right things showing.

1) What did I decide to do about my son's field trip. Well...first I wanted to update ya'll on the whole situation. We have a little girl in our class who is quite the handful. She is loud, attention hungry, love starved, always in trouble...always acting up and pushing the kids around (especially my little Chase, lol). She has punched the principal in the face and just caused us so much grief. I know she comes from a broken home and her grandparents take care of her. When I am there she just clings to me. She breaks my heart. But...I hate that it disrupts our class so much. Well...the other teachers going on the trip and the principal said that she had to bring her grandparent on the trip with us...or she couldn't go. So...they took my spot. That is why I got booted. I do understand this...I can't imagine her on an outing...though I am not sure she should be allowed to go with all the trouble she is in...but that is another story.

I talked with the teacher and some other concerned parents (like me...we are not so sure of our wonderful teacher...she really did lose a kid walking from the lunchroom to the spot where we pick our children up for the day)

We are going to carpool down there and hang out at the park near the highschool and go to the picnic after. I was zoo trip that day...that is the following month. The park they are having their picnic at is large with a huge fortlike area for the kids and a water park. So...that is what we are doing. :)

2) Hayden did NOT get throw up...though that whole night he told me his tummy hurt and his ummm...bowel movements were frequent and GREEN?!?!

2) Why don't I design anymore? Well....I am still technically a designer over at my buddies shop. I haven't made anything new in quite a while to put in the shop. I give out prizes etc. They want me to put a few things in the shop...we will see if I can get to that.
Long story October I lost my grandmother...who helped raise me. She had been ill for awhile...with breathing problems. But in September she was diagnosed with colon cancer advanced and she was gone the beginning of Oct. It was very very very hard on me and my family. The next week my uncle was hit and killed by a car. the following three months we lost three more people. It just changed my life, my priorities etc. I wanted to scrap with my kids more...not adhere to too many deadlines etc. So I left Digital Freebies and am just doing my own thing now.

3) How did I do my Shutterfly Cover? I designed it myself using their template guidlelines only. And used my own fonts from the computer.

4) How did I learn to design? I started as a member at all their how to's and met people who tutorials etc. Then started doing freebies. then joined Raks element team and that was that.

5) What did I do in my before kids life?
When I met my dh I was 29. I went to college, taught aerobics and kickboxing and worked for the California State legislature. I started there when I was 23 in the mailroom. Moved up to a Senator's office as a clerk, then an Committee Assistant and a scheduler. After Bran and I got married and preggo's I went to the Legislative Travel Office as one of three agents. WE arranged all the travel for the Legislators (Assembly and Senate) and their staff as well as take care of delegations. Chase was born and I went back to work when he was 10wks old I was a messsss. He was across the street in our daycare, but still I hated it. I worked from 7a to 6p and during Budget times...would sometimes be at work till 10p or 2a. Brandon was traveling all the time for work. I hardly got to spend time with my baby. So...he took a better job with even more away time and I quit work when Chase was 15months old. My hubby now works for himself from the home (very hard on me,lol) and we have two beautiful boys, three great girls (my stepdaughters) and one wonderful grandson. there are times that I really miss working. I had so many friends there. I felt so useful. Times now I feel brain dead,lol. But I am so lucky to have this time with the boys. I feel we are all working mothers...some go outside the home to work and have to come home to work...and others stay at home and then everything in between. We find what works best for us and our family and do the best we can. No easy or right way about it.

So...that is all the ??S I can think of now...will go back and read some other ones to funny that people are curious...I love it. I am so an open book...very much a people person...and love getting to chat with ppl from all over. the internet is so fabulous.

I just have a little treat for you guys today...I was having troubles sleeping last night and made this little frayed thing....kind of like a paper tear...but frayed. I used atomic cupcake to achieve this...wish it was a tad more frayed...have to work on that.

click here to download...leave me a howdy ho
hugs and love


Erin and Leslie and the boyz! said...

That is so wonderful for you to answer all the questions.. Great job! :) And I love the frayed denim.. GREAT JOB on that too. It is so awesome! THANK YOU for sharing them!!

Kim said...

Wow, that was quite a Wal-Mart adventure. Precisely the reason I go during the week after the kids are in bed or early in the morning while they're at school. :-b

That was a lot of questions! Sounds like a great decision re the field trip. I sometimes miss working too, but the brain dead thing, or rather for me the inability to focus, started when I had kids. I kept working until I got laid off when Matthew was 2¾. Being home hasn't made it worse - I'm just scatterbrained about different things now! LOL

Melinda said...

Yep, I avoid Walmart at all costs during the weekends if I can! I go after everyone else is in bed sometimes and I can't believe the number of small children out with their parents at 10:30-11P. crazy!

Thanks for the denim piece!

Janice said...

I think this is a great frayed edge. Thank you Tracy!

twoboyz00 said...

The frayed denim looks great - Thanks for sharing it!

Brooke - in Oregon said...

Sounds like you made a good decision on the field trip. :)

Thanks for the frayed denim and for sharing

Happy Easter

IkeaGoddess said...

We sure are a nosy bunch, aren't we? Thanks for taking the time to answer all those questions.
Thanks for the cute freebie, it that comes out of every sleepless night, I hope you never sleep ;-)
Happy Easter to you and your family.

Nancy72 said...

Losing all those loved ones...especially the Sweethearts who raised very difficult even if the deaths occurred further apart...GIANT HUGGGS to you...;o) Thanks for the goodies!!!

korib said...

Thank you for the wonderful denim. It was fun to read your's great to get to know you a little better.

*** Moneypenny *** said...

Gorgeous, thank you :O)

Vanda xXx

OrianaVianey said...

Humping day girlfriend???? LOL my mind went to sooo many posibilities... ROFL!!!!
Is always nice to know you better, and is also nice to have you aroun more often again...

hugs, Oriana

Anonymous said...

Thank you - for the lovely frayed denim.

Anonymous said...

Love the denim look. Thank you so much for sharing, it is appreciated! BettyJoR

Miss J said...

YOU ARE SO WONDERFUL! Don't tell the other girls but I usually don't even read their blogs. But you are so funny I have to stop and read yours.
I am sorry you so lost so many important people to you unexpectedly like that. It is very hard. I recently just learned that. My friend was murdered last week and we buried him Monday(4/2) which also was his birthday. It has had me so upset and sick. I still cry everyday.
Well I just wanted to say thank you for all the freebies and keep being funny.

Nancy P said...

Lovely frayed corner - I like the flower accent! Thank you for this very nice gift.
I lost my Dad just like your grandmother. Very quick. It still makes me cry when I remember all we went through. I miss him, and my Mom. And it does effect you. But it gets better, I can tell you that. Being with your kids is very important, even thought you feel brain dead. Get them into scrappin and have fun! Many hugs,
Nancy P

Barb said...

Thank you so much for sharing the frayed denim freebie! It's really nice getting to know you better...the happy and the sad. You sure have had quite the interesting life so far!! I'm so sorry for all of the loss you went through (especially in such a short hardly have time to start to heal..when you get hit AGAIN with another loss). Hugs to you.. :) Your Walmart story had me laughing and nodding my head (even though we only have regular Walmart stores here in Canada...not SUPER stores with pork and produce?!!? WOW). Take care..I'll be back soon.
Barb, from sunny Manitoba, CANADA

Joanna said...

Thanks a lot for the goodies.

Anonymous said...

thanks so much, been looking for something like this! Allie

Mish said...

Ah ha...there's the one for the girls! How nice of you to remember them too, even though you've got boys in your house. Thanks babe!

PSharp said...

Thank you for the great frayed denim.

Connie said...

Thanks for the denim! Love it!

crosstown said...

Thanks Tracy