Sunday, April 29, 2007

thanks for all the love yesterday...I know we all have stuff to do...and especially on a gorgeous weekend. I was just feeling a tad whiney, hehehehe.

which made me think....this is why I am now more than pleasantly plump. I spend all my free ME time here at the puter. Instead of the gym, or walking the neighborhood, or biking or rollerblading....all of which I did before scrapbooking. hmmmm. and my house was cleaner, hubby happier, yard prettier...hmmmmmm. So...I am going to start small...going to recommit to ME! I have got to get off 40lbs. To be healthier. To get off these blood pressure meds. To look cute (let's be honest here, lol). To play with my kids without feeling like a lump of lard.

Which reminded me of something I posted at Rakscraps years ago. I thought I would share it here.

This Just In:

The SBG (Scrapper's Butt Group) has released the the following new clip to the public. Scrapper's Butt Plague has broken out in Northern California and is "spreading" to other areas. It seems to be mainly affecting Digital Scappers. The long hours spent in front of the computer, neglegting housework and other hobbies and the hunched position that is all associated with digi-scrappin all seam to be factors in the "spread" of the plague. You should do this at home test ASAP to see if you have been infected. Get up from computer....walk to full length mirror...(are your thighs slapping together like two puppies fighting? that is the first indicator)...grab small hand held mirror......face away from full-length mirror while looking in small mirror and look at your butt. Has it grown out of control without you even knowing it? You might Have Scrapper's Butt. The SBG recommends 40mins of aerobic activity, the removal of all snack food from house, the limiting of scrapbooking for awhile and walking around in reallllly tight jeans to remind you of how big your butt has gotten.

Please pass this along to all of your friends....remember....friends don't let friends get big butts!

So...I am going to try..once again,lol. Who is with me????

To help us...I created this cute little food journal page...I will use it daily and post it on another part of my blog.

click here to download....leave me a comment if you want to joing me in avoiding permanent scrapper's butt!

ughhhh. to the store and to finish cleaning for the party. Better enjoy the chicken mango enchiladas and margaritas and seven layer bean dip I will be serving tonight, lol heheheheheheh.

hugs and happy scrapping.


kim199173 said...

LOL, My "Butt Plague" originally began with taking college course. Then it was further aggrevated by homeschool work. Now it is out of control due to excessive scrapbooking!

Funny post! Thanks for sharing!

IkeaGoddess said...

I've got it too. Count me in.

Shell said...

LOL that's too funny. Im up for joining you in fighting scrapper's butt lol. I have 35 lbs I would like to get rid of.

sb said...

I'm with you. I actually started a couple of weeks ago and doing well... haven't cheated once yet. I'm not sure I'll last but for now it's good. Good luck! The hardest part is just starting.

Anonymous said...

I'm in!!! I feel yuck, overweight and none of my clothes fit!! I will need to buy a complete new winter wardrobe in extra fat clothes for winter, and I can't really afford to. Much cheaper to lose some weight and fit into the less fat clothes I had to buy last winter because I'd already put on weight then.
HELP!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't get motivated! I feel like a slob! I look bloated!!!!

Thanks for your motivation Tracy.
Kisses & Big pudgy cuddles,

JenBreeze said...

OMG, I could have founded the club, too. I've got major scrappers butt, so count me in. But before you do, please send a care package my way 'cause I'm really craving Mexican after reading your party menu!! Then I'll start on the weight loss!!

beth said...

20 lbs off my frame and I'd be real happy! :)
Thanks for the NEAT freebie.

Julie said...

Heck I am so there with you.... I have already started.... I have lost 20 lbs since the first of the year..... (Note this is only 20 of the 50 I gained from Predisone during the toxic mold phase..) So I am still slowly truggin along with the struggle...

Luvs girl...

Leslie said...

Can't stop laughing and so agreeing with EVERYTHING you said (I'd stopped running, so that I could "sneak in" some ME scrappin time. Husband has noticed that this has taken over my former behaviors. I was just going to check out the WW time for tomorrow (I know the drill, but think I'll commit if I pay the $10 fee). Count me in and know that you're not alone (if I didn't know better,
I'd have thought my hubby had written your post!

Time for change said... there's a name for this entity behind me, eh? ;) Yes, I believe it is scrapper's butt. I do want to do something about this but I have no motivation and I'm getting more & more depressed. I'll try to keep up. Thanks for doing this & making the journal page. Best of luck to you & everyone!

Janeal said...

You know you just crack me up don't you Tracy. I am with you gal! I have also linked to your blog on mine highlighting your SBG comment. I hope that is okay. LOL! You should start up a challenge at SDK. Way to go!

danaB said...

So that is what you call it. I have Scrapper's Butt too. thanks for the freebie. I need to lose 30 lbs.

The Grubbs said...

This is great! Scrappers butt it is! Thanks for the laugh and inspiration to get it together. Now I just need a treadmill with a stand to put my laptop on =)

Gemma Clarke - said...

I am in!! You are so funny!!! I actually came to this realisation on the weekend!

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Happy Scrap Girl said...

I'm with ya on this one. I actually found myself using the excuse that I just had a baby. Uhh, that was 16 months ago! I better find a new excuse!

I actually started a few weeks ago, cause I start swim lessons with my 2 kids at the Y tonight - Us northerners don't usually have to prep for swim suit season for at least another month or so - so wish me luck!

Brooke - in Oregon said...

OH I am soooo with you! If it gets any bigger I am going to feel like 'someone' is following me! lol

Sharon-shutterbug said...

Count me in!!! I have never been able to start, much less stay on a diet, with the exception of the one I needed to be on for gestational diabetes last summer. My doctors all told me I should continue it after he was born, but I just can't seem to do it. But now that the weather's looking good, I should at least be able to get my butt out of this chair long enough for a walk every day . . . and who knows what that may lead to!
Thanks for the motivation, and the journal page.

Brooke - in Oregon said...

Hey remember I told you I was headed out to mow my field on Sunday? Well here is a link so you can see I was not kidding! lol

Kim said...

LOL, this is too cool, Tracy! Great page - gonna use mine for WW points - starting up with that soon as I get back from vacation! Thanks sweetie!

Oh yeah, hope you had a margarita for me last night!!

a said...

omg - i love that :) i'm in. thanks for the freebie!

Amber1279 said...

Mine has started getting out of control again. I had worked some of it off thanks to The Biggest Loser Digi Style (the 1st round) but I found out this morning that I have gained back 15 of those pounds :( So add my to the club and watch my blog for a weight loss section with daily food journals!