Tuesday, November 11, 2008

edited to add...this was supposed to be posted yesterday but I was having technical difficulties,lol.

Hi sweet scrappers! So good to be here with you. First of all...thank you to all of our Veteran's and soldiers! We are appreciative for all you have done!

We are home today...no school. Chase's boyscout Pack will be marching in the parade today!!! Yayyyyy! Though it is cold and overcast. yuckkkkk.

Life has been good....hanging with the family and enjoying lots of preschool time with Hayden. They are growing so fast.

It has been awhile since pics....

my mom celebrating her 60th bday

the boys at the pumpking farm....in front of the display our preschool made.

where I would like to put the boys sometimes.

my webslingers

heheheheh. I love those guys.

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hugs and happy scrapping!!

Thursday, November 06, 2008


october came and went like a dream or mist. I know it was there...I remember feeling and seeing it...but cannot quite get a grip on it. I was sooooo soooooo
busy. Between a TON of birthdays, family visiting, the boys school, cubscouts (which is getting a lot more involved) tons of homework for my poor second grader (;) ), watching my grandson etc etc. I cannot believe it is NOV. We say that half jokingly all the time...but I really mean it.

So. I am starting to get a little better at juggling it all...but will really be glad when the holidays are over. Not that I want to wish time away...it is too fleeting as it is and my boys are growing way too fast....but I would like to be less stressed and frantic. I am not one of those put together has it all under control mom's. I am one of the means well forgets a lot no make up on fall asleep with the kids mom. lol.

Chase turns seven this weekend. Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. We are doing just a family thing this weekend...the friends next. Now that the boys are all getting older...my tiny house is just NOT big enough to hold them all....especially when they are all hyped up and crazy. I looked into having it somewhere else...but they are all SOOOO expensive. Geesh. I just don't know what we are going to do yet. I wish my guys had summer birthdays instead of fall/winter. The park would be so welcome!

I have been loving working with the girls over at Funky Playground still. They are so sweet and loving. They really take good care of me.

I have been working on lots of element packs....but am going to be doing some more sketch templates...some brand new ones. yayayaya.

today I have a new set out for one dollar...and a couple more on sale.

here's todays dollar deal

and some others I have out

and as a little hey I am still alive and happy to see you gift...a little template for you. PSD format. If you grab it...leave me a little hi and email addy and I will pick someone for a suprise gift!

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well....since I am out of practice with this whole blogging thing...I will leave it simple for today. It is actually sunny here so I am going to take the little munchkins for a walk (us) bike ride (hayden)! we need it!

hugs and happy scrapping lambchops!!