Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Ain't no sunshine when she's gone.
It's not
warm when she's away.
Ain't no sunshine when
she's gone.
And she's always gone too long.

Anytime she goes away.

lol....thanks Marvin...I'll take it from here.

That's right people...this time tomorrow I will be taking my family up to the gate getting ready to embark to Minnesota. woohoooooooo!

But I couldn't leave you without someeeeee sunshine to keep you warm til I can post again.

You all liked the layout I lifted from Ms. Gina Miller and requested a template be made from it. Well....I couldn't do that...since I lifted it from Gina. So...I made a different one for you...it has a sun too. You have to be aware that you need to give credit for people's layouts too. If you copy their layout...you need to put that in the credits. And you can't create a template from their layouts. A lot of ppl don't seem to know this.

So...here you go. And I will post pics and tell stories of our trip...and hopefully get in a freebie for you too.

are you a template freak like me?

Well you have to go visit france and grab these wonderful templates...remember to leave her some love...tell her tracyb sent you,lol.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Hi all. Sorry I have not a lot of time today. Hayden is under the weather...I think Chase is getting pink eye (somethinggggg is going on with his eye) and I am running on just a few hours of sleep. I have tons to do before our trip (we leave Wed) and now I get to throw a Dr appt on top. So...no freebie today....it will be here tomorrow. But...Please grab all the ones throughout the blog...I will be taking them all down to make room for new.
hugs to you!
ahhhhhh. it is a gorgeous sunny morning here...it is supposed to rain here but you couldn't tell it right now. We are all being so lazy and cuddly...ahhhhhhh. hehehe

ok...so let me recap.

My bday...after getting the kiddos off to school...my friend Dawn came and picked me up and took me to Emili's house. Soon after our arrival...Jill hobbled in (she broke her foot BADLY in three places while in the jump house with her kids). They cooked me sourdough french toast, blueberry-choc chip muffins, all kinds of fresh fruit, juice, coffee and diet soda for me. There were tulips, a mini rose bush, balloons, and pressents. Emili's daughter was home (she isn't in school yet) and made me a card. We talked and talked and ate and laughed. It was so awesome.

Then she took me home and my mom and I picked up the kids. We then met my buddie MaryAnn and her kiddos (Raymond called me that morning to sing to me and asked me to go to lunch with him...he is going to be 4). I just nibbled as I was still full. The kids were CRAZY but we kept them JUST in check, lol. She gave me some great presents too.

Then we went shopping a bit and I brought Hayden home to cuddle and nap a bit while Mom and Chase went shopping.

When they got home, they played while I got ready. We then went to Brandon's Grandpa's viewing. It was sad...I DO NOT do well at those things. While up by the coffin I felt all clammy and sweaty and nauseaus. I had to go to the back quickly. But...his family that came from the east coast...they are the nicest nicest nicest people in the world. REally. I was instantly in love. They are so warm and genuine.

After that was done...we went to this really nice restaraunt in town. It was our first time there...so they gave us free champagne?!?!?!? We had hot Crab/artichoke dip on toast tehn I had yummy pasta and Bran had Salmon. It was so fantabulousssss! We talked for hoursssssssssssss. ahhhh.

Yesterday was Haydee babyyyyy's birthday. THREEEEEEE. After loving him to the point of his irritation, Bran and I took off to the funeral while my mom and aunt took the boys to the arcade for Aaron's (a friend of Chase) birthday party. The service was so wonderful and beautiful!!!

I then met up with them at my house again where we gorged on chinese food, cake and icecream and got lots of presents out to play with!!! He was in HEAVEN. They had a blast!!

After everyone left, the four of just plopped on the couch and breathed in and out. TIREDDDD.

So. here I sit. buried under 700 pounds of laundry! A house that is completely buried under wrapping and junk and stuff!! I have to start packing for our tripppppp...we leave WEDNESDAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY ackkkkkkkkkk ackkkkkkkkkkkkk ackkkkkkkk ackkkkkkkkkkkkkk accccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. wohoohoohhohoohohooo!!! I misssssss missssss missssss them terribly. Can't wait!

Ok...off and running. See ya tomorrow you little freebie goddesses...I will have some more out for you!

Also..make sure you grab all the ones I have in all the posts below and in the old freebie section to the right. I will be taking them down to make room for new ones.

Friday, February 16, 2007

happpppppppppppppppyyyy birthdaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyy to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee,lol.

today I am having a bday. phew. I have so much to talk about, but some friends are having a little get together for me while the kidlets are all at school. then off to shop and eat with my mom and kids. then home to get ready for the viewing and a reception (for bran's grandpa).

I thought I would share a bday treat with you guys....I took stuff out of my bday doodle kits and put this together.

sorry..this freebie is no longer available.

have a great dayyyyy!!!!!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's dayyyyyyy

I am not really a huge fan of this day...not sure why....I always have gotten treated special so it isn't like I have these hidden bitter memories. I guess it just isn't one of my faves,lol.

That being said...I got all kinds of goodies for my family and teachers of my kiddos,lol. I made the starbucks coffee tumblers with cute little inserts for each teacher, my mom, dh, aunt, dad and gramps. I filled them all with chocolates and some have starbuck's gc in them. Movies, games etc will be with them. The boys classes are having a party today...I will be at the kindergarten one...the preschool is small (only 5 kiddos) so she is doing it herself. My mom spent the night to help out. We have the strangest class I have ever seen. I am the ONLY parent who helps out in the class on a regular basis. We have one or two other moms who have come in like twice. We are one of hte few who bring in supplies of any kind...don't even mention parties. I just thought the parents would be more involved. I know some work and go to school...but they don't even send in the art projects etc on time. We are the ONLY class like that at the school too. STRANGEEEEE

I am getting excitedddd...our trip to see Missy and family is coming up fast. We leave next wed!!!! ackkkkk. I just wish I liked to fly...I just so hate hate hate it. I am a wreck the whole time and days before. sighhhhh.

I am having a hard time getting excited about my bday (friday) and Hayden's (saturday). We will be spending both days doing funeral stuff for bran's granddad so it just is sad.

Speaking of bdays...I have met so many women in the scrapping community that are Aquarians...it is kind of eerieeeee. So...how many Aquarians are really out there?? Speak up in the comment section...I wanna know.
On to better news

I also have gotten some layouts done. It feels soooo good to scrap I tell you. This is a lift of Gina Miller's So Summer layout at DST. For complete credits...go here

And as promised...a template. I am so glad you guys like them and can use them. I love seeing your layouts. I will be putting some up on the blog soon.

This one is for you rectangle scrappers...I made a bunch of brag books for xmas and this is one of them. I really like it. It is 8.5x11 but you can resize it to whatever.
Here is the layout I did with it. (I just changed it a tad and did something diff for the journaling tabs for you guys)

My Mom with Chase after he was born

sorry..this freebie is no longer available.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Happy Birthday to a great friend of mine. We have never met officially...yet she feels like family. I hope she knows how special she is.

I would love it if you guys would go over to this forum SDK or this one Raks and post a special birthday wish for her! It would make both of our days!!! REally.

I used her sometimes kit and ConnieB's freebie Template (Thank you again Conny!!!!)

I will be back tomorrow with new things to talk about and a new template to share!
hugs to you all! (I get to watch my grandson again today...hehheheyayayayay)

Monday, February 12, 2007

Hi THEREEEEE! happy monday!

Had half sad half great weekend here. We went to Bran's grandpa's house on Saturday to meet up with people, share some hugs and have a lunch. It was terribly sad, but we were all together. Then on Sunday I took my boys and met up with a friend and her 4 kids and we went bowling, had pizza and played in the arcade. sometimes I wonder what we are thinking when we do things like that,lol. A madddd houseeee I tell you. But I had a lot of fun! Then shopping and hanging out. Bran cooked us a really yummy dinner....thank you God for giving me a man so yummy and so talented, lol.

I got some layouts done also...so that made me happy.

Did this one for the Eclectic Team of Jessica Bolton's Challenge on her blog...it was so fun!

This is just some introspective stuff I am working on

And this was for the cookie cutter challenge at SweetShoppeDesigns

Click here to go to my gallery to see full credits etc

Now....Here is your regularly scheduled Template freebie, heheheh. Leave some love too!

sorry..this freebie is no longer available.!!

More later...Hayden had preschool today but Chase didn't have school. We are going to hang out...we never get time just the two of us...so yeah...ttyl! ;)

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Freebie in post below this one...this post is just some thoughts etc.

ok...so just a little rambling here from me.

I am a consumer. I loveeeee to shop. I love to get new things. I equally love to get "new" things from the thrift store. But I get things we do not need. When I grocery shop....same thing. I impulse buy.

Since I have had children...a little seed has been growing in my head. And growing. And growing.

Here is what is going on in my head.

We need to stop being such consumers.
We need to recycle more. Much more.
We need to Give to people who have less than us.
We need to walk more, less driving.
I need to write letters or call...means so much more than an email (to some)
I need to buy as much as possible second hand.
I need to garden

Some other things going through my head.

As much as I love living where I can just go to the store etc...I would really love to have a piece of land. To build our own home. To have a huggggeeee garden to grow food. To look out and see nature. To be able to let the boys have some room to run.

I would love to live in a community where we are friends. I long for talks over coffee or juice. For bbqs and game nights. For sewing circles (yes you heard me...sewing circles. I want to learn to sew, ;) ). I am just so needing more of a connection in this age of computers and all. Don't get me wrong. I have met some amazing people all over the world that I never would have met...but I so need some face to face time, kwim. maybe I need to start a commune, lol ;)

I feel trapped in a mind that longs for two different worlds. And when I feel this way...my first impulse is...to do nothing. My laziness makes me just say...oh well...not much I can do about it. I will just keep doing what I have been doing. It is too hard to change the world.

But why do I feel I need to make HUGE changes all at once to be effective? Why can't I start small and be ok with it? Go to the thrift store and buy some canvas bags. Use those when I go to the grocery store instead of paper or plastic bags. Make a schedule for my computer and tv time. Recycle more...and not just the city approved things but clothes, toys, books, magazines etc.

I really am going to start trying to change this. Only buying the things we need and buying second hand every time possible. To start getting out in the real world more. I already joined my book club, so that is a start. I am also organizing monthly game nights with friends, neighbors and family. Brandon and I have been spending a lot of time thinking and talking about all of this lately. I really feel that the time is now to take action. The boys are little men now (5 and 3). They are watching the way I live and learning from me. I need to walk the walk. I need to teach them what I feel is important...even if it is as I am trying to learn what it is myself.

Here are some sites I have been checking out and enjoying on the subject. I am learning about what I really want to do. NOt ready to give it all up nor am I willing to keep being the way I am. Moderation and simple changes. that is what I want.

Consumption REbellion--she has everything from her journey to sew, not buy new, recipes for making own beauty products to why we shouldn't buy certain chocolates due to child labor to Greed and Oil.

Live Simple

Frugal village

Frugal Living

world works

Live simply but elegantly

share with me your thoughts and finds etc please
Happy Saturdayyyyyyyyyyyy! hope everyone is fine and ready for a 3day weekend off from school, lol. It is still pouring rain here...sighhhhhh.We have a swamp in our backyard.

Not sure what we are going to do this weekend, other than go to a memorial. I didn't let you guys know yesterday, but Bran's grandpa passed away Thursday night. The one who was married to momo nette that just passed away recently. I was hoping we would have a break from the streak of loss we experienced at the end of 2006.

moment of silence for my loved ones.

Well...I hope you all have a good day...I am off to shower and play with the kiddos bouncing off the walls, lol.

Here is a little freebie for you...yet another template...do we really need more out there? I say yessssss...you can never have too many. Remember...you don'thave to use them just as they are. You can alter and or add to them to make them yours.

sorry..this freebie is no longer available.

Friday, February 09, 2007

~Goodies Galore Post, lol~
Hi guys! Happy Fridayyyyy! Wooohooooooooooooo! I loveeeeeee Fridays! I think it is still left over from my working a State Job,lol. I know it has nothing to do with my job now as being a SAHM is 24/7.

Not much planned for today...just relaxing. I did tons of laundry and housework yesterday, went to the grocery store and went to the DREADED dentist,lol. I paid my dues to relax a bit today don't you think? Untill, that is is....when I pick up three preschoolers (hayden and his twin friends) and take them to my friend Dawn's (the twin's mom) until she gets home with Chase and her son Joey. She works at the school on Friday so she will get the older boys and I will get the younger kids. On wednesday...when I work...we switch it. It works out good. Then home to finish up some Valentine's crafts I do belive.

Once again...thank you so much for checking out the fun site over at SDK. And thanks for the emails and fuzzies regarding the freebies. Mawwwaaaahhh to you.

I have had a few of you ask if I still am going to sell my designs. If so...where. I decided to stay at SDK to do this. It was the first store I sold at, they are dear friends of mine, and they are being so terribly kind to me by letting me work at my own pace. (I haven't made a new kit to sell since December, lol) So..that being said..yes...I will still do this. And I also had ppl ask me where my pic and bio was at the site, heheh. I thought that I had it up...but bad meeeee.no. So I mailed sammy my pic and it and bio should be up soon.

As for my designs...here is where you can find them...and from now till the end of next friday (my bday,lol) they are 50% off.

Here is a freebie from me to you...I hope you can use it. It is a fun one for beach pics.

sorry..this freebie is no longer available.

So...how bout some TREATS from my girls over at SDK???? hmmmmm?

First up...Kim Smith has a great freebie for you to sample her work and an additional 10% off her designs until the 12th(use coupon code 99c8c93ff6) on check out. Kim's Store
<Click here to download Kim's freebie..don't forget to leave her some love

Sandy has a great freebie and coupon for you as well. Coupon code is f9cafe44f6
and is good for 10% off until the 12th. Sandy's Store

click here to download Sandy's great freebie~~

And last but not least today is Jen...she is sharing a freebie and coupon of her own. Coupon code 68baa09014 Jen's Store
valid for 10% off till the 12thclick here to download Jen's freebie...leave some his and howdies for her.

I really hope you guys join in on some of the challenges over there...they really are neat. I am going to do some this weekend for sure!

Hope you all have a fabbo day!!!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Hi all...from rainy northern california. I am so tickled that so many of you are playing in the template challenge and the sdk trivia challenge...and that you like your prizes...makes me all warm and fuzzy inside,lol!

And for those of you who are leaving me the wonderful warm fuzzies regarding my templates and goodies...I am SOOOOO glad you are liking them. I really really am. I would love to see them in action, wink hint hint hint. So if you use them, please send me a little linky-loo so I can ohhhh and ahhhhh.

So...I have showcased the wonderful forums and challenges over at SDK...how about the designers??? They are good friends and fun ladies full of great ideas that give digiscrapping a fun little boost of energy!

Click on the designer's preview to go to their store to see their fun designs. Oh..and in some of the stores you will find additional freebies :o And another bonus...the first week things are in their store...they are on sale...big time!!

And tomorrow I have special treats from them to you, so make sure to check backkkk ;)

As for today...I have to go to the dentist...ackkkkkk. wahhhhhh poooorrrrr meeeeee! lol I hahahhahahahahtetteeteteet the dentist. no offense, heheh. I hope you have a fabbo dayyyy! And I am working on a couple fun freebies for you guys too, wink!

ohhhh...I also just started a new element challenge at Rakscraps.com I know I know...I said I wasn't on the team anymore...but I can't just stop...they are the first place that made me feel comfy in digiland and I just love those gals!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

happy humpdayyyyy! wooohooooooooooooooooooo! read through my post for freebieeeee, hehe.

Another short morning post, lol. I get to work with a bunch of wild and crazy 5-6 year olds this morning, hehehhe.

So....so happy to see you guys answering my questions...keep them coming...and yes...I totally don't mind you using email.

here are some layouts I have done lately...just wanted to share, hehe.

Credits can all be seen here
And here is today's freebie....some add ons for the kit you get for answering the questions below!

sorry..this freebie is no longer available.
TTFN...more later!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Hi all....hope everyone is feeling feisty and happy today. All is good here...spent yesterday running errands. Today will be getting my car in AGAIN. Funny...they take your car for its scheduled maintenance...and it comes back with something wrong. Nothing was wrong when it went in people. sighhhhh.

Also...guess what....laundry...woohoooooooooooooooooooo. lol. I H a t e Laundry!

But...we will be making some fun valentine crafts (pics will follow,lol).

This am will be short...wanted to give you guys a template since today has become template tuesday in digiland!

sorry..this freebie is no longer available.

don't forget to scroll down for my challenge...use one of my templates...send me the link in my blog (the thread with challenge below or this one) or to my email (tmblankenship@gmail.com) and you can choose one of my kits. You can do this two times...two layouts and two kits.

And...go check out the site I talked about below and answer those questions. The valentine share the love kit will be yours...just 7 or 8 small answers for a free kit. have a great day and I will talk to you all later today...got more to talk about, heheh.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Do you love great challenges? Do you long for a fun atmosphere and sweet helpful people? Do you want to learn as you scrap? Do you like greattttttt FREEBIES?!?!?!
If you answered yes to any or all of these questions I have the place for you!

~*~click picture above to go to the site~*~

Some great friends have been working hard at Scrappindigikreations to make all this possible. They have a free mega kit each month, awesome challenges with twists, and they are allll soooo sweet! One thing I really like about this site is they are so helpful in teaching you how to be a better scrapper and how to design.

My good friend Kim has this awesome challenge going on right now...the SDK calendar challenge:

"Each week, you will receive the following:
- a 1 or 2 page sketch, or a mini album series of sketches

- a list of techniques

- a list of supplies you will need to complete the layout

- the requirements to fulfill the challenge to be eligible for a posting bonus

- a list of resources to research for more information pertaining to the techniques for the challenge

- a download link that includes any extras I will provide for the challenge

- a completed example by me, to refer to for inspiration

You will have until the end of each month to complete the challenges for each month, so you can pace yourself and do 1 challenge per week, or do the entire month's challenges during the last week of the month."

I am going to spend time on this old blog of mine letting you get to know the gals and their designs...find the great challenges and get some awesome goodies along the way (think coupons, qps and more ; so make sure that you check back to get more more more, lol)

So...to get this fun little kit I made (see preview in post below this one)...you must answer the following questions and email them to me at tmblankenship@gmail.com by Sat Feb 10th 12a EST.

1. What are the four names of the craft challenges they have in the forums?
2. What is the name of the thread that talks about what is just going on??
3. Who runs the kreative recipe challenge?
4. What does Jen have up her sleeve for Feb's Altered Art challenge project?
5. Who did Orianna put in the Kreatie Kharacter spotlight this month?
6. Who runs the sketch challenge?
7. Go to the Hello and Welcome...please introduce yourself. The owner and
leader comes from the "land down under". Who is she?

Now go on....go register, get the newsletter...go grab the first few parts of their
free mega kit...play some games and get your computer dirty with scrapping challenges. Go ONNNN!

Hi there! Do you want to know how to get this kit (plus many more goodies) for FREEEEEEE?!?!?!?! Check back in about 1/2 hour and I will tell you,lol. It will be worth coming back, I promise! ;)

Thursday, February 01, 2007

so much going on this week!!!

Chase has been star student all week which in turn means....momma has a lot of work to do at night, lol. last night I was cutting out eyes, lips, and tons and tons of tissue squares. will show you what it is all for later, lol.

today I get to watch my little lump of sugar grandson Tobee again, so this will be short today.

First....here is a freebie for you.

second....do a layout with one of my templates and send me the link. you can chose a free kit. You can do this for a total of two times
sorry..this freebie is no longer available.