Thursday, February 08, 2007

Hi all...from rainy northern california. I am so tickled that so many of you are playing in the template challenge and the sdk trivia challenge...and that you like your prizes...makes me all warm and fuzzy inside,lol!

And for those of you who are leaving me the wonderful warm fuzzies regarding my templates and goodies...I am SOOOOO glad you are liking them. I really really am. I would love to see them in action, wink hint hint hint. So if you use them, please send me a little linky-loo so I can ohhhh and ahhhhh.

So...I have showcased the wonderful forums and challenges over at about the designers??? They are good friends and fun ladies full of great ideas that give digiscrapping a fun little boost of energy!

Click on the designer's preview to go to their store to see their fun designs. Oh..and in some of the stores you will find additional freebies :o And another bonus...the first week things are in their store...they are on sale...big time!!

And tomorrow I have special treats from them to you, so make sure to check backkkk ;)

As for today...I have to go to the dentist...ackkkkkk. wahhhhhh poooorrrrr meeeeee! lol I hahahhahahahahtetteeteteet the dentist. no offense, heheh. I hope you have a fabbo dayyyy! And I am working on a couple fun freebies for you guys too, wink!

ohhhh...I also just started a new element challenge at I know I know...I said I wasn't on the team anymore...but I can't just stop...they are the first place that made me feel comfy in digiland and I just love those gals!


Melinda said...

so glad you are still with us at RAKs :D love you too, hon!

Josie said...

Thanks for the beautiful QP!