Sunday, February 18, 2007

ahhhhhh. it is a gorgeous sunny morning is supposed to rain here but you couldn't tell it right now. We are all being so lazy and cuddly...ahhhhhhh. hehehe let me recap.

My bday...after getting the kiddos off to friend Dawn came and picked me up and took me to Emili's house. Soon after our arrival...Jill hobbled in (she broke her foot BADLY in three places while in the jump house with her kids). They cooked me sourdough french toast, blueberry-choc chip muffins, all kinds of fresh fruit, juice, coffee and diet soda for me. There were tulips, a mini rose bush, balloons, and pressents. Emili's daughter was home (she isn't in school yet) and made me a card. We talked and talked and ate and laughed. It was so awesome.

Then she took me home and my mom and I picked up the kids. We then met my buddie MaryAnn and her kiddos (Raymond called me that morning to sing to me and asked me to go to lunch with him...he is going to be 4). I just nibbled as I was still full. The kids were CRAZY but we kept them JUST in check, lol. She gave me some great presents too.

Then we went shopping a bit and I brought Hayden home to cuddle and nap a bit while Mom and Chase went shopping.

When they got home, they played while I got ready. We then went to Brandon's Grandpa's viewing. It was sad...I DO NOT do well at those things. While up by the coffin I felt all clammy and sweaty and nauseaus. I had to go to the back quickly. But...his family that came from the east coast...they are the nicest nicest nicest people in the world. REally. I was instantly in love. They are so warm and genuine.

After that was done...we went to this really nice restaraunt in town. It was our first time they gave us free champagne?!?!?!? We had hot Crab/artichoke dip on toast tehn I had yummy pasta and Bran had Salmon. It was so fantabulousssss! We talked for hoursssssssssssss. ahhhh.

Yesterday was Haydee babyyyyy's birthday. THREEEEEEE. After loving him to the point of his irritation, Bran and I took off to the funeral while my mom and aunt took the boys to the arcade for Aaron's (a friend of Chase) birthday party. The service was so wonderful and beautiful!!!

I then met up with them at my house again where we gorged on chinese food, cake and icecream and got lots of presents out to play with!!! He was in HEAVEN. They had a blast!!

After everyone left, the four of just plopped on the couch and breathed in and out. TIREDDDD.

So. here I sit. buried under 700 pounds of laundry! A house that is completely buried under wrapping and junk and stuff!! I have to start packing for our tripppppp...we leave WEDNESDAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY ackkkkkkkkkk ackkkkkkkkkkkkk ackkkkkkkk ackkkkkkkkkkkkkk accccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. wohoohoohhohoohohooo!!! I misssssss missssss missssss them terribly. Can't wait! and running. See ya tomorrow you little freebie goddesses...I will have some more out for you!

Also..make sure you grab all the ones I have in all the posts below and in the old freebie section to the right. I will be taking them down to make room for new ones.


Tania said...

OMG, I missed your birthday, hope you had a great one sweetie!!h

IkeaGoddess said...

Hey that sounds like a fun birthday after all. Good for you, sweetie.

Melinda said...

So glad you had a great day, doll! (well not counting the viewing anyway). All of the food sounds delish! I think I gained an ounce or two just thinking about it all ;)