Friday, February 09, 2007

~Goodies Galore Post, lol~
Hi guys! Happy Fridayyyyy! Wooohooooooooooooo! I loveeeeeee Fridays! I think it is still left over from my working a State Job,lol. I know it has nothing to do with my job now as being a SAHM is 24/7.

Not much planned for today...just relaxing. I did tons of laundry and housework yesterday, went to the grocery store and went to the DREADED dentist,lol. I paid my dues to relax a bit today don't you think? Untill, that is is....when I pick up three preschoolers (hayden and his twin friends) and take them to my friend Dawn's (the twin's mom) until she gets home with Chase and her son Joey. She works at the school on Friday so she will get the older boys and I will get the younger kids. On wednesday...when I work...we switch it. It works out good. Then home to finish up some Valentine's crafts I do belive.

Once again...thank you so much for checking out the fun site over at SDK. And thanks for the emails and fuzzies regarding the freebies. Mawwwaaaahhh to you.

I have had a few of you ask if I still am going to sell my designs. If so...where. I decided to stay at SDK to do this. It was the first store I sold at, they are dear friends of mine, and they are being so terribly kind to me by letting me work at my own pace. (I haven't made a new kit to sell since December, lol) So..that being said..yes...I will still do this. And I also had ppl ask me where my pic and bio was at the site, heheh. I thought that I had it up...but bad So I mailed sammy my pic and it and bio should be up soon.

As for my is where you can find them...and from now till the end of next friday (my bday,lol) they are 50% off.

Here is a freebie from me to you...I hope you can use it. It is a fun one for beach pics.

sorry..this freebie is no longer available. bout some TREATS from my girls over at SDK???? hmmmmm?

First up...Kim Smith has a great freebie for you to sample her work and an additional 10% off her designs until the 12th(use coupon code 99c8c93ff6) on check out. Kim's Store
<Click here to download Kim's freebie..don't forget to leave her some love

Sandy has a great freebie and coupon for you as well. Coupon code is f9cafe44f6
and is good for 10% off until the 12th. Sandy's Store

click here to download Sandy's great freebie~~

And last but not least today is Jen...she is sharing a freebie and coupon of her own. Coupon code 68baa09014 Jen's Store
valid for 10% off till the 12thclick here to download Jen's freebie...leave some his and howdies for her.

I really hope you guys join in on some of the challenges over there...they really are neat. I am going to do some this weekend for sure!

Hope you all have a fabbo day!!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the add on for Beach House. I already had the kit.

Also thanks for the info on SDK and the sales. It's always great to save money and pick up more great kits.


Donnatopia said...

I just yesterday went through a bunch of my beach photos to use with your beach house kit (which I just LOVE!!!) and then I see this Beach House add-on. I was thrilled (to say the least)... Thanks Tracy!!

jburkhart said...

Thanks so much Tracy for all the great goodies! Love them all! Hope you have a nice relaxing day and a wonderful weekend!

kimsmith said...

Thanks for promoting our boutiques and the forums on your blog, Tracy! That was really cool of you to do!

Thank you for the freebie, too!

Hoping the eye is better and that the boys aren't driving you batty today - give Hayden his binky, why don't ya?! ROFL

Hugs sweetie!

IkeaGoddess said...

The beach house extras are fabulous. Thank you for sharing.
Wishing you and the boys a great weekend.

... that LadyD! said...

thanks you so much ladies for the fantastic freebies!!!! LOVE, Love, lOVE... thanks again!

Anonymous said...

thank you very much,

konjaro said...

Thanks for the Beach House extras!

Anita Theuma said...

Wow, love the colours - a little different from the traditional love kits - Thanks it's awesome.

Serena said...

Thank you for the Beach kit, it's lovely! Did you get my email sweetie? I emailed you right after I got your comment! How's Hayden?

How are you doing? Have a wonderful day my friend!

LoriM said...

Thank you for sharing...