Sunday, February 18, 2007

Hi all. Sorry I have not a lot of time today. Hayden is under the weather...I think Chase is getting pink eye (somethinggggg is going on with his eye) and I am running on just a few hours of sleep. I have tons to do before our trip (we leave Wed) and now I get to throw a Dr appt on top. freebie will be here tomorrow. But...Please grab all the ones throughout the blog...I will be taking them all down to make room for new.
hugs to you!


Melinda said...

why does it work that way? just when you don't have any extra time, a kiddo gets sick and makes it even worse. I hope the doc is able to help get whatever it is under control!

lori said...

hope all are well soon - hang in there..

Serena said...

Hey sweetie, did you get my emails? :) Miss ya. Hope everything is okay!