Sunday, May 21, 2006

Happy Sunday....can't believe it is rainy and cooler here...this weather is so crazy. What is going on???

Chase had his last t-ball game a really cool trophy. He was soooo proud of it! But poor little Hayden just kept saying....."Too??? Too, please mommy? Too" Broke my little heart. This whole experience has been hard on him. He hasn't understood why he can't get a shirt and hat like brother (though we tried to get him one to isn't like brother's!!!), why he can't play on the field with them, why he didn't get in the team photos and now...the biggest and worst...why he didn't get a trophy. Try to explain that to a two year old...especially one who has ALWAYS gotten to do what brother did. Sigh. I think it was harder on meeeee, lol.

Then my fam damily came over for a bit...I am so lucky. As crazy as they make me (and the DOOOOOOOOOOOO make me crazy!!!) we are always there for each other. They came up (my aunt and grandparents drove from Folsom (about 1.25 hrs from here) and mom and dad came from 1hr--Sacramento just to see little man's last game...they haven't missed one game! Bran's sister has come to every game too! And his mom came from an hour away to see it. I have so many friends who do not have this kind of support...and I really do feel blessed. These boys will know with out a doubt that they are important and loved.

Then Brandon and the boys and I just hung out in the backyard...played some tunes, played with the squirt gun and then did our home made slip and slide. Bran puts down some bubble wrap (bubble side down) under the slide...sprays it with the hose and the boys go whizzing down. They have sooooooo much fun! I had a blast just watching...though I did want to jump on in and slide...but it might have broke and that would NOT be good!

Wanna see some pics??? huhuhuh do ya? ;) click on it to make it bigger.

We really had a nice evening together. I didn't even have the itch to come in and scrap or design?!?!?!? CAn you believe that? We reallllllly needed a good family night...things have been so tense and wierd here.

Then today Bran and the boys let me finish designing this fun kit I started...almost have the add-on done too. Decided that would be my prize for Digital Freebie's Two Sketch Challenges this month. If you haven't joined in yet, you better jump on is going to be a good prize this month, lol.

Here is the kit....Birthday Doodle (will go in the store at digital freebies on Tuesday for 40% off the regular price)

Speaking of challenges....I have a couple going on.

My monthly element challenge at Rakscraps. I really love to see what everyone does with these. know how Raks ct make a mega kit every month? Well I am doing another Use it challenge. Use what you get from any of the mega kits (the layout has to be a new one too) and you will get an add on to my kit I made this month. It was a great theme....Boys. You know I love boy kits, lol!

Here is the preview for all the kits that were created:

Here is the part of it I made:

so....go ahead and make a layout using part of any rak's mega kit(s) (give proper credit to each designer). Post in your gallery and post a link here at Rakscraps in this thread. Make my day!!!

hugs and smooches.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006 is finally released!!! I was going to wait till next week...but Tracy released it for me, lol. The Bug Hunter Kit is out...and 40% off this week at digital freebies.


ok...was just reading my friend Tin's (Mrs. Schmuck, Bob, etc) blog and she asked if we have any wierd little habits that only your best friend would of hers is not having the volume on her car radio set at 13. I was cracking up when I was answereing her...I have LoTTTTSSSS. So it got me curious....what are yours?? Please tell me some...I am so nosey! Leave it in the comment section please.

Here are some of mine:

let's see...wierd little habits...I have tonssss, lol. I have to vacuum...alllllllllllll the time. I do. It is compulsive. If I see something on the floor (we now have wood floors...well laminate) I have to sweep it all up into a little pile (we get dust and stuff like you wouldn't believe up here) and then vacuum it up. I am not by any means a compulsive housekeeper (I wish)...I just get the strangest little rush watching it get sucked up by the hose. shhhhh...don't tell on me.

What else. I have to the airconditioner in the car just so too. The vent on the left has to hit just when I hold my arm on the wheel the blast of air goes up my sleeve. And the one on the right has to hit my chin and neck. heheheh. I could go on, but won't.

I have to have the boys closet organized just so. From left to right:long sleeve dress shirts, long sleeve t's, short sleeve button ups, short sleeve t's, nice pants, jeans then sweatshirst/jackets. I used to do it with all the closets..I still kind of do Brandon's that way too.

hahahah..funny things you never really think about.

Here is another layout I did too. I hate hate hate pics of myself the last couple years (I used to love to jump in pics, lol...maybe once the weight is gone, lol) But I promised myself for the kiddos sake I would do more pages with me in them. This is one of Chase and I at his preschool's Mother's Day luncheon.

Kit is Rainbow by Eve Rencilla at 3 scrapateers
fonts are Paulinho Pedra Azul and bell mt to do some back later.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Oh yeah...I got tagged...been a while for that, lol. Gina and Julie both tagged me. cool.

Five things in my fridge: lots of chicken from the going away party; salad and salad and salad...on my healthy eating kick you know; diet pepsi; 36 eggs....our family has chickens, lol; two gallons of milk...little milk hounds I have.

Five things in my car: car seats; way too many pairs of kids shoes...need to clean the van out again...boys kick off their shoes in there; kleenex...darn allergies; diapers/wipes...will not be caught without them again, lol; notepad/pen...have to have them in my purse, my case, my car...everywhere.

Five things in your bag: lots of pens, notepad, new sexy and yummy, lol, more kleenex, mascara...the only time I can put it on lately is at stoplights, hehehe

Five things on my DVR or video player: Big Love; CSI; Desp Housewives; House; E.T. (the movie) tivo'd it to watch with Chase.

Five things in my wardrobe: my black knit comfy; my flair jeans; new sandals; black lacy that thing; new over-the-shoulder-boulder "girls" are way happy now...phewwwww, lol

Now...I think it would be fun to add some of your own when you get here I go.

Five fave foods: chicken fried rice; chicken fajita bowl from chipotle; pita chips; frozen yogurt; lasagna

Five things you are working on: Raks layouts; my weight; my attitude; my house; my garden

Five things you wish you could do right now: finish school (I want that darn B.A, dang it); find balance; find happiness with myself; travel; have a Raks convention

Now...will have to find some gals to tag. xoxoxoxoxo

Kay...gonna have to tag some gals!
Holy schmoly it is hottttttttttttttt! Yesterday it got to 101 in the shade here...right now it is 92 and really muggy! What the heck happened to my SPRING! Ok done whining, lol.

Yesterday was crazy buys...went to my MIL's (an hour away) and Bran made breakfast for all of us (including his sister's family). That was pretty nice.

Then went to his dad's house here in town and celebrated with all of them. OMG...those kiddos (mine and their cousins) were We had this pool there...about 2 ft deep...they were having a blast. Running and jumping, diving, sliding in! Even my daredevil 2yr old Hayden. He has no fear...not even of water. How scary is that for a momma. sigh. and I didn't have my camera! Baddddd scrapper!

We sat around and hung out...that was fun too...until we got to presents. I am the only mom who didn't even get a card.




So then had Bran drive me home so I could run the exchange club chat over at Raks. that was a hoot, holler, and ho diddly good time. Love getting together with my girls in a chat room. We have so much fun...time just flies.

Finally the kiddos come home...I hear them outside. I spy on them through the door camera (we have all kinds of gadgets...dh does this stuff for a living)...see children and daddy doing something.

They come in and Chase sings me his song he learned at school...too stinking sweet and they brought me my fave dinner. I guess dh got in trouble at his dad's for neglecting me. I couldn't help but tell him that he hurt my feelings...I know I am not his mom for goodness sake...but he could have done something...and before someone had to tell him he was an ass. He REALLLLLLYYYYYYY has not been earning many points in the right direction, has he, lol.

I am getting ready to sign the boys up for swim lessons and Chase for soccer (though that does not start until August). My oldest stepdaughter--Breanna (almost 21) is graduating from Yuba Community College this Friday. I am so happy...she is doing so good! Sniff sniff.

I had one heck of a squirt gun fight again with the boys, some really yummy red wine and I am getting ready to work on some more layouts.

But are my newest addtions to the store at digital freebies...both 40% off right now.

My Pink Petal Perfection Kit

Country Chic Alpha

Now...for all you sweeties who realllllly read this, lol

Here is a freebie for you...some ribbon flowers I made as a bonus to my Pink Petal Kit

Please do not share with others....send them here to my blog to get them.

Download here Please leave me a little hello if you grab it...hey...if I can make and share, you can say hi ;-)

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Hello and happy Saturday! What a whirlwind life has been lately. May is one of my busiest months...lots of bdays, end of school, anniversaries, etc. I am still trying to catch up, lol.

I wanted to share some more layouts with is one I did of my beautiful mommy....I used New Beginnings by Eve Recinella at scrapgirls(font is Susie's Hand)

Here are some more ppl who played with my scan in an object challenge at Rakscraps

Done by s3js

Done by Teddyprayer

Then A couple people have sent me their layouts that they made with the Friday freebie I gave away at Digital freebies...I just love when people do that!

This one is by Gloria

This one is by is her granddaughter and her best friend over in Iraq.

How funnnn!

Then....I have a couple new kits coming out....but Digital Freebies is having some ftp as soon as they are fixed, you will have them. And I will have a special little bonus available here...goes with one of them.

I also had someone contact me regarding more illegal sharing of one of my freebies I shared. I know people still don't get what the big deal is....I know it is really hard for some people to get their head around. But...a lot of people who give away freebies later make them into kits to sell. Sometimes I do that and sometimes I don't. But the thing that gets me...the reason sites like Digital freebies etc give away freebies is to give samples of the designer's work and to get people to come to the site. So if you give away a link for the kit, they are not going ot the site.

Here are the newest people on my Poop List!!!!

Jessica who is a member of run by Miss Sue!

On to better news....tonight I am having a going away party for my I will have some fun pics to share...hope you all have a great weekend!!!


Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Where oh where has Traccccyyyyy gone...oh where oh where can she beeeeeeee??????


I won't bore you with the details...but Brandon (hubby) and I have been having some problems lately. When dating, I never knew he was kind of chauvanistic and selfish...but he is!!! We have been having a lot of differences in opinions about our "duties" and my "hobby" of being involved in the digital scrapbooking world. Hurruuummppph! The house is clean...the kiddos get to do fun stuff, learn, play, go on play dates....he gets fed and gets to work as long as he wants most of the time...oh well. So...without further comment....that is where I have been.

In othere news....Chase is already down to his last couple t-ball games and last month of school.

We have been cleaning and getting ready for one heck of a garage sale in a couple weeks.

Also getting ready for the going away party I am having for Missy and Greg on Saturday.

Girls are good....Jenny is in her last trimester of pregnancy...she is still so tiny, lol. Planning her shower and myself for being a grandmaaaaaa?????@!!!!!!

The boys got a ladybug kit from their grandma the other day...been watching them eat and grow...will let them go tonight.

Today I took the munchkins to Burger king so they could get a burger...Chase has been begging me..."you neverrrrrrrrrrrrrr take me there" (they went with school one time, he KNOWSSSS) and they played in the huge gym there for 2hrs with all these kids. After they got out, I practically scrubbed them with anit-bacterial soap, lol....too many fears on my part I guess.

Then we went off to the pet store again...the boys lovvvveee looking at the hamsters, mice, fish, scorpions, snakes, tarantulas, birds, lizzards, chinchillas etc. We spent a long time there.

Made my yummy chicken and home made mac and cheese that everyone seems to love..will supply the recipe soon.

In scrapping news....we are in the middle of Scrap Week at should go and check out all the fun stuff going on. I am being spotlighted...if you ever wanted to know more about ya go,lol.

I am also running a challenge...Scan something other than a picture and use it in your layout. You will get an awesome prize from Corrine. Here are some layouts that have been submitted.

By Irene aka enableem

by bocca

by Meganmecrazy

by signoraM

and last but not least for tonight....

by Stacey aka slkone

untill tomorrow....I really wish I could show you some layouts...but I cannot decide what I am putting in the newsletter...since I have to have them submitted by the end of the tomorrow...guess I should look through them and pick. lol. You can see them then.


Thursday, May 04, 2006

Hi again! Wow...yesterday was a gorgeous day again here. It was actually starting to get a a little too warm for me....I am soooo not a hot weather person....but there was a nice breeze blowing, sun was shining and the birds were chirping. The boys and I cleaned in the morning...we had the Strands over the night before last for a bbq....and then we made a picnic lunch. Drove across town to my fave park...silly since there are two just down the street...but I reallllly like this other one. We played and ate and playeddddd! Both fell asleep on the way home, so I got a little me time.

Oh yeah...I went to target and got some cute knit gaucho pants (black)...sorry Amy...I like them, lol. And they don't make me look huge and they are light weight...had to get them. I also got a cute ruched shirt (well...ok 2...liked it so much I got a diff color too)...wayyyyy to low cut so I had to get a cute lacey tank for underneath. is still killing me....there are soooo many clothes I would get if I were my smaller self! It is so hard...when I gain isn't just all is in the where a lot of women pay a lot of money to get enhanced....kwim. Almost impossible to find shirts that will work for me. If I get them to fit my chest, I look pregnant...they just hang off me everywhere else. Grrrr. And...I am so unhappy at this weight.

So...why is it so flippin hard for me to get motivated to lose it? I never had it easy in the weight department...but from 24 to 31 I had it under control. Diet (lifetime member of WW) and teaching at a gym (ie...working out 5-6 days a week) kept me tone and in shape. I know I have def food is all emotional. And I know that this last year of being sick has made me feel just tired and TIREDDDDD! But you would think that being this unhappy with my body would give me the motivation I need. Not so. Got to get to the root of this.

I think that is part of the reason I have being staying away from the computer so much lately. Between Bran making me feel guilty and him working from 6a-11p or later...and so busy with the kiddos schedules...I just haven't been around as much. That alone should help me lose some...not that I eat while on the computer...but I am at least moving instead of sitting, lol.

Ooopppsss...sorry got off on a little side note there, didn't I, lol.

So today....gonna drop off Chase at preschool and head over to Super Walmart for some grocery shopping and to get Raymond a Bday present....his party is tomorrow.

Then my mom is coming up and we will hang out!

I also decided that I am going to make up some of my recipes and give out little books for Christmas. A lot of my friends and family want my recipes, so this will be a fun way to do it. So...jumping on the bandwagon, lol.

Here is one of my most asked for at preschool...all the kiddos and mom eat it up!

I used SBB's Vintage kit they gave out. Font is Mom's Printing that Christine S gave as a Rak over at Rakscraps. to shower and get kiddos and me ready.


Tuesday, May 02, 2006

howdy howdy howdy! Wowza!!! Is it Tuesday night?!??!!? Already?!?!?! Where does time go...seriously? Let see....Saturday we went to chase's game...still amuses me to no end. Do you want to see how my lil' guy spends his time in the field?

(the pics aren't very aunt took them..but get the idea...not paying attention to the game in the slightest, lol)

A bday party at the park was next on our agenda. It was for one of Chase's preschool buddies. Wowza...that was a wild time. They all played wonderfully together....and I got to hang out with this beautiful little girl...a sister of one of the boys. Everytime she is around she latches on to me. Big blue eyes....curly blonde hair...she is just a sweetie pie. Sighhhhhh....I want a girlllll, lol.

Yesterday I worked at the preschool...then we came home and played in the kiddie pool and with the squirt guns! Love squirt guns. I do wish I could find some that are easy for them to shoot but that last and are sturdy.

Oh.....I am starting on a new kit....want to see the little chipboard critters I made for it? I got the basic idea from some stickers I found last year...but I assure you...I made every inch of these, lol. The kit will be out Tuesday, but there will be an add-on as this Fridays Freebie at Digital Freebies. *wink*

Ohhhh.....and a dear friend gave me a GC to Scrapbook-bytes. I picked these up by Jen Wilson....I love them.

Hope you all have a fab Day!!!!