Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Where oh where has Traccccyyyyy gone...oh where oh where can she beeeeeeee??????


I won't bore you with the details...but Brandon (hubby) and I have been having some problems lately. When dating, I never knew he was kind of chauvanistic and selfish...but he is!!! We have been having a lot of differences in opinions about our "duties" and my "hobby" of being involved in the digital scrapbooking world. Hurruuummppph! The house is clean...the kiddos get to do fun stuff, learn, play, go on play dates....he gets fed and gets to work as long as he wants most of the time...oh well. So...without further comment....that is where I have been.

In othere news....Chase is already down to his last couple t-ball games and last month of school.

We have been cleaning and getting ready for one heck of a garage sale in a couple weeks.

Also getting ready for the going away party I am having for Missy and Greg on Saturday.

Girls are good....Jenny is in her last trimester of pregnancy...she is still so tiny, lol. Planning her shower and myself for being a grandmaaaaaa?????@!!!!!!

The boys got a ladybug kit from their grandma the other day...been watching them eat and grow...will let them go tonight.

Today I took the munchkins to Burger king so they could get a burger...Chase has been begging me..."you neverrrrrrrrrrrrrr take me there" (they went with school one time, lol...now he KNOWSSSS) and they played in the huge gym there for 2hrs with all these kids. After they got out, I practically scrubbed them with anit-bacterial soap, lol....too many fears on my part I guess.

Then we went off to the pet store again...the boys lovvvveee looking at the hamsters, mice, fish, scorpions, snakes, tarantulas, birds, lizzards, chinchillas etc. We spent a long time there.

Made my yummy chicken and home made mac and cheese that everyone seems to love..will supply the recipe soon.

In scrapping news....we are in the middle of Scrap Week at Rakscraps...you should go and check out all the fun stuff going on. I am being spotlighted...if you ever wanted to know more about me....here ya go,lol.

I am also running a challenge...Scan something other than a picture and use it in your layout. You will get an awesome prize from Corrine. Here are some layouts that have been submitted.

By Irene aka enableem

by bocca

by Meganmecrazy

by signoraM

and last but not least for tonight....

by Stacey aka slkone

untill tomorrow....I really wish I could show you some layouts...but I cannot decide what I am putting in the newsletter...since I have to have them submitted by the end of the tomorrow...guess I should look through them and pick. lol. You can see them then.



SignoraM said...

Hey! I know that LO :-D

Thanks for the mention...never had anyone put me in their blog before LOL

Julie said...

Awwwwwwww Tracy, I am sorry to hear you are having a difficult time...No wonder I havent seen you around sweetie.. I was gettin worried. Sounds like you are keeping super busy... I have updates for you too when ever we talk again.... Hang in there... and if you need anything at all... just drop me a note.

HUGS Jules

Raji said...

Hey Tracy, I was wondering about where you were:) I'm so sorry to hear about your problems. Hope everything works out fine for you.

enableem said...

This is so nice of you to put the layouts here - I love seeing what everyone did all in one spot! Thank you!
And remember - Digital Scrapping is cheaper then valium in the long run!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mention. I'm so sorry you and dh are having some tough times. I hope you're able to work through them soon!


Kim said...

People should come with ingredient labels while dating...
chauvanistic... 60% USRDA
selfish........ 50% USRDA

Etc. LOL Of course, it would list all the "healthy" stuff too. Hope you get it all sorted out soon. If your house is clean, you're a huge step above me! LOL

Stephanie said...

My Dh doesn't understand my love of digi scrappin either....so I feel your pain.