Monday, May 15, 2006

Oh yeah...I got tagged...been a while for that, lol. Gina and Julie both tagged me. cool.

Five things in my fridge: lots of chicken from the going away party; salad and salad and salad...on my healthy eating kick you know; diet pepsi; 36 eggs....our family has chickens, lol; two gallons of milk...little milk hounds I have.

Five things in my car: car seats; way too many pairs of kids shoes...need to clean the van out again...boys kick off their shoes in there; kleenex...darn allergies; diapers/wipes...will not be caught without them again, lol; notepad/pen...have to have them in my purse, my case, my car...everywhere.

Five things in your bag: lots of pens, notepad, new sexy and yummy, lol, more kleenex, mascara...the only time I can put it on lately is at stoplights, hehehe

Five things on my DVR or video player: Big Love; CSI; Desp Housewives; House; E.T. (the movie) tivo'd it to watch with Chase.

Five things in my wardrobe: my black knit comfy; my flair jeans; new sandals; black lacy that thing; new over-the-shoulder-boulder "girls" are way happy now...phewwwww, lol

Now...I think it would be fun to add some of your own when you get here I go.

Five fave foods: chicken fried rice; chicken fajita bowl from chipotle; pita chips; frozen yogurt; lasagna

Five things you are working on: Raks layouts; my weight; my attitude; my house; my garden

Five things you wish you could do right now: finish school (I want that darn B.A, dang it); find balance; find happiness with myself; travel; have a Raks convention

Now...will have to find some gals to tag. xoxoxoxoxo

Kay...gonna have to tag some gals!

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Robin said...

How fun Tracy! I need to get answering these because Gina tagged me too! BTW, sorry about Mother's Day. But at least he made it up with the kids. You deserve to be spoiled rotten!!!!