Tuesday, May 16, 2006

ok...was just reading my friend Tin's (Mrs. Schmuck, Bob, etc) blog and she asked if we have any wierd little habits that only your best friend would understand...one of hers is not having the volume on her car radio set at 13. I was cracking up when I was answereing her...I have LoTTTTSSSS. So it got me curious....what are yours?? Please tell me some...I am so nosey! Leave it in the comment section please.

Here are some of mine:

let's see...wierd little habits...I have tonssss, lol. I have to vacuum...alllllllllllll the time. I do. It is compulsive. If I see something on the floor (we now have wood floors...well laminate) I have to sweep it all up into a little pile (we get dust and stuff like you wouldn't believe up here) and then vacuum it up. I am not by any means a compulsive housekeeper (I wish)...I just get the strangest little rush watching it get sucked up by the hose. shhhhh...don't tell on me.

What else. I have to the airconditioner in the car just so too. The vent on the left has to hit just so...so when I hold my arm on the wheel the blast of air goes up my sleeve. And the one on the right has to hit my chin and neck. heheheh. I could go on, but won't.

I have to have the boys closet organized just so. From left to right:long sleeve dress shirts, long sleeve t's, short sleeve button ups, short sleeve t's, nice pants, jeans then sweatshirst/jackets. I used to do it with all the closets..I still kind of do Brandon's that way too.

hahahah..funny things you never really think about.

Here is another layout I did too. I hate hate hate pics of myself the last couple years (I used to love to jump in pics, lol...maybe once the weight is gone, lol) But I promised myself for the kiddos sake I would do more pages with me in them. This is one of Chase and I at his preschool's Mother's Day luncheon.

Kit is Rainbow by Eve Rencilla at 3 scrapateers
fonts are Paulinho Pedra Azul and bell mt

ok...off to do some stuff...be back later.


Mish said...

Cute layout Tracy! I think you look great...wish you wouldn't be so self-conscious. Besides, black and white is slimming...right?

Hmmmm...strange habits? I like to make sure the bed is made every day, even if the rest of the room is a disaster (which is usually is...LOL).

T-Wan said...

I really like this layout and the choice of papers you used. BTW you look great in that picture.

I would have to say the weirdest thing I do is turn the tv down low I can hear it but if anyone else in the room is with me more than likely they can't. Then I turn the captions on. I don't know why I jus tlike them on. So if I'm doing something else while the tv is on and they say something that catch my attention I just look up and read the caption.

And don't tell anyone but I sweep up piles and vacuum them up too.

Kim said...

What a sweet layout! And you look great! :)

I can't think of any personal oddities at the moment. I'm sure absolutely everything I do is perfectly normal, right? ;)

Kim Smith (vkimmycat) said...

You know I love this lo - still waiting for my copy!!

Regarding your little "habits", yup, you're weird, lolol. Can I call you "Monk" now???? Please???

But I am with you on the closet thingy, lol.