Tuesday, May 02, 2006

howdy howdy howdy! Wowza!!! Is it Tuesday night?!??!!? Already?!?!?! Where does time go...seriously? Let see....Saturday we went to chase's game...still amuses me to no end. Do you want to see how my lil' guy spends his time in the field?

(the pics aren't very clear...my aunt took them..but still..you get the idea...not paying attention to the game in the slightest, lol)

A bday party at the park was next on our agenda. It was for one of Chase's preschool buddies. Wowza...that was a wild time. They all played wonderfully together....and I got to hang out with this beautiful little girl...a sister of one of the boys. Everytime she is around she latches on to me. Big blue eyes....curly blonde hair...she is just a sweetie pie. Sighhhhhh....I want a girlllll, lol.

Yesterday I worked at the preschool...then we came home and played in the kiddie pool and with the squirt guns! Love squirt guns. I do wish I could find some that are easy for them to shoot but that last and are sturdy.

Oh.....I am starting on a new kit....want to see the little chipboard critters I made for it? I got the basic idea from some stickers I found last year...but I assure you...I made every inch of these, lol. The kit will be out Tuesday, but there will be an add-on as this Fridays Freebie at Digital Freebies. *wink*

Ohhhh.....and a dear friend gave me a GC to Scrapbook-bytes. I picked these up by Jen Wilson....I love them.

Hope you all have a fab Day!!!!


Jen said...

Those photos made me laugh. That it sooo Jessica when she's playing soccer. Never paying any attention. And if there happens to be a friend close by who she can chat with all the more better! lol! One time the soccer coach put 4 girls in the goal together to play goalie... umm... that was a mistake. The next time he turned around, the 4 of them were sitting on the ground just chatting up a storm. Jessica of course was one of them. lol!

And your critters are SO CUTE!!! Love them!! Can't wait to see your kit. Looks like a fun one!

Julie said...

Sounds like a very fun weekend.... I too dont know where the time goes.... Its WED afternoon YIKES...LOL Critters are precious Tracy... HUGS

Tania said...

I just love those photos and how you blended them into one. Your little critters just look fabulous!

mrs.S said...

Are those the cutest critters or what?!?! They're adorable, Tracy!!! Glad you had a little shopping done...love the JW kit you got! Smoochies!!!