Wednesday, April 26, 2006

"Life always involves a balancing act between how things are and how you'd like them to be..."

My horoscope for today.

Too hilariously funny! I am not one to follow horoscopes or fortune cookies...but goodness!!! Someone is trying to tell me something.

The cookies: "You will find peace and contentment at home"-when I am feeling like I don't want to be a SAHM anmore.

"Creating is the greatest proof of being alive"-when I was feeling like I should just stop designing for a little while

Then this horoscope when I have been dealing with figuring out how to do and be all I want.

Kind of a huge coincidence!


On to other news...yesterday was Happy Admin Professional Day...and Kim (vkimmycat) got all of Rakn Team to donate a mini kit to give to our wonderful Admin team at Raks: Jeanine, Robin, Correen, Rachel and Jen. It is gorgeousssssssssssssssss!

It will be donated to The Day Old Donuts Section of Scrapdish. If you buy things there, you will be helping keep Rakscraps running. (all proceeds go to the site's exprenses.) I will let you know when it goes up for sale.

Have you ever had this happen to find a product you REALLY it a nail polish shade, a brand of shoes, a food etc and then it is discontinued? I have! Quite a few times. But nothing has gotten to me like Bath and Body works discontinuing their White Ginger and Amber line! I love love love it!

So...when I couldn't find it as easily two years ago...I asked and sure enough...they broke the news. I went to every store within a 50 mile radius...I reallllly did. I bought it all up...anything from the line. And I am running low now. Wahhhhh. I know you can sometimes find it on ebay. Will go check that out. Oh...maybe too. But why do they do this to me. It is so warm and sensual. I always get comments about how yummy it smells. *sigh* I will have to find a new scent now.

So...if you have any recommendations for me....lotions/sprays or colognes/perfumes that I might like. I like something soft/sensual/warm but not overpowering. I also like one that stays for a little while.

I am realllllly wanting to scrap! It has been a hopefully I will have something new to show you soon!

Decided against putting down my whole to do stresses me out, lol.

So here is todays:

Catch up on emails
finish Scrappindigikreations' prize and challenges
make doctor appt for is another post
take shower
get boys dressed
do an once over on the house--dust, do floors, counters, bathrooms, playroom (with boys)
sweep porch and patio
feed boys
Chase's friend from school comes over
pull weeds while boys play out back
Give snack (the yummy homemade banana/oatmeal/choc chip/walnut/applesauce bread I made...yummmmmmy)
Visit with his mom when she comes to get him
fix dinner
get chase to practice
get to bed at a decent time....I work at the preschool tomorrow!

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Tania said...

That was quite a to-do list darling, I hope you put a dent into it! And you crack me up with the lotion thing, Mom does the same darn thing, LOL!