Friday, April 21, 2006

Hi all...been a couple eh? Sorry...I know you have missed me terribly, lol. Just seems like life keeps going faster and faster! I am updating don't mind the rambling, typos etc.

Our Easter got rained out so we stayed at home and had a really quiet time. It was actually quite nice.

So...feeling guilty... I took the kiddos to Folsom on Monday. We stayed the night and had a grand time with my aunt and grandparents. The kiddos got yet another Easter egg hunt and took walks and got lots of love.

Tuesday night we hung out with some friends till way too late. We have been friends with the Strands since before Chase was born...but really started hanging out with them after they had their twin boys. We even moved across the street from them. It is so nice having them so close...they all play well together (the twins are 3 and they have a 19month old litte boy too) and we just have a great time with mommy and daddy. Well...they are moving!


They are going to Minnesota. sigh. His family lives there...they want a fresh start...he has gotten a good job there...they can get a huge house with lots of land for the same price as a little one here. But I am so sad. Her kiddos call me aunt tracy....wahhhh.

Chase got his uniform last night...I am a little perplexed as to why their hats and shirts are turquoise...since they are named the turtles, lol. But I will still make it work in my kit!!

His first game is tomorrow...and it is supposed to RAIN!!!! ALL night and morning!!!

Not sure how that is going to work!!!

And talk about overkill, is a list of all the people who are coming to see his first game

Mommy, Daddy and Hayden
Grandma and Grandpa Dalton
Aunt Carol
Maybe Great Grandparents
Sissy Kristen and her friend Heather
Auntie Becky
Cousin Ted
Cousin Daniel
maybe Grandma and Grandpa Blankenship
maybe sissy Breanna
lol...sooooo cute is part two of the freebie I am giving you (by the end you will have the full mini kit--I will be taking part one off soon). It was a challenge prize...but wanted to share here too.

Once not share the kit or the link...send them here. And please send me any layouts you have done with my creations so I can show them off!! Make sure to leave a comment pleaseeee

Click here to download

ok...have to go give number two son a time out...he is currently freaking out because Dora the Explorer isn't on and his breakfast bar broke. Goodness, the Drama King! heheh


Melinda said...

love the colors of this goodie, Tracy!
Bummer on the rain for tomorrow's game :( we could use a little of that here- send it my way!
Oh I am sorry to hear that Missy and family are moving. I know you will miss them terribly.

Linna said...

nice colors

Vicki said...

Thanks so much for this great freebie, and for part 1 too!


Kim Smith (vkimmycat) said...

Thanks for the freebies, hon! Wow what a cool song - have to find that one!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you! These are lovely gifts.

mRsGaToR said...

TY for the freebies! Like always, they are beautiful!

mrs.S said...

TracyB, you are such a funny lady!!! It's been a while since I last visited and I missed your stories.

Hope the sun is finally shining in your part of the world, hun! And that freebie looks just fab!!!

Smoochies, bella!

Anonymous said...

One year my son's team got pink shirts. Almost floresent pink. I was going to scrap a picture that had all my boys in it. With the pink shirt, I couldn't help thinking he'd have made a cute girl.
Sorry your friends are moving.
Thanks for the freebie.

Anonymous said...

Pretty kit! I love the frame it's so cute. Thank you so much for sharing.

Mish said...

Love those flowers Tracy. Thanks so much for sharing this!

slkone said...

Love all the flowers and swirls. Thanks for sharing!