Friday, April 07, 2006


Today and yesterday we had NOOOOO was glorious. We stayed outside as much as we could!!!!

At Chase's preschool we decorated hardboiled eggs and had an easter egg hunt and ate our snack outside...and wouldn't you know it....NOOOO pictures. I was soooo mad. Oh well.

Today is also dh's bday...the boys and I got his presents all wrapped and dinner and cake ready. They are reading while right now. Tomorrow I am having some friends and family over for another celebration for him, lol.

I figured out how to get videos on here, so I that tickled me.

Chase got his tball letter...his team name is the Turtles (look for a kit to come soon for all the pics I am sure to get, lol).

I am not going to worry about designing as much the next couple weeks...going to work on some layouts...finish my review for raks and get those all mailed off. Then I am going to just catch up on more layouts.

I also really need to get pictures of all the clothes I want to put on ebay...Brandon will be VERY happy to get those out of the garage!

I need to finish up FIVE prize kits for challenges I am having...two at DF, one at Raks and two at Scrappindigikreations. PHew.

My dear friend Kim (vkimmycat at raks) spoiled the heck out of me this week. She sent me a care package via UPS full of goodies and gave me one of her kits to pass out for my March Element Challenge Prize. She is such a sweetie to me....and it cracks me up how we keep finding things in common (her bday is just a few days before mine).

ok....I have to run...time to open daddy's presents!!!!

hope to get some more fun stuff on the blog soon!


Jeannie said...

how very sweet of Kim to send you a package. How wonderful to get that. Isnt all her kits great.

ShanesMommy said...

Hi Tracey!!!!! I TAG YA hehehehehe
See it here:
have a BLESSED day HUGS!!!

Julie said...

Glad you figured out how to get the music on finally sweetie.. :-)

Enjoy your nice weather while I get the down pours.. :-(


Audimc said...

I love the team name of Turtles!! LOL Hey I have a kit for your exchange club :) I'll send you a PM.

Gina said...

What a sweetie Kim was! :)

I can hardly wait to see the turtle kit :)