Saturday, April 15, 2006

Happy Saturday. I am having a pretty fab day. I went shopping with mom and then we brought Chipolte's home for lunch. And my daddy came up to visit too. Ahhhhh.

I have a little goodie for you...if you grab it, please leave me a comment.

Don't share the kit or direct link with people....have them come here to get it.Thanks.

Also...if you ever use any of my creations, please send me a link to I would love to see them and put them on my blog.

here is the goodie preview

click here to download little sweetie on his first day of T-ball Practice...they were so funny.

First they ran the bases and learned what they were all called and when to go to them. A round of stretches were next.

Then they split up and 1/2 went out in the field and the other went to bat. Well...the ones out in the field wanted to chat and look at the sky and Chase's was practicing his snapping, lol. One girl went running toward the playground and had to be called back.

Then...the ones batting...when the first one hit the ball...we were calling "run run...go to first....." so they all ran to first. I was laughing so hard!!! Then they wouldn't run to we had 2 kids with helmets on first (mine being one) and they were butting heads and listening to them click. After first, they would skip third and just run across the "pitcher's mound" and go to home...or keep running straight past 3rd. After a while Chase calls to the coach..."Can we have a time out...I am you bring me my water?!? Can we go play on the swings now???"

Oh it was something precious let me tell you! Good fun!!!


Melinda said...

Oh my!! that sounds so cute and funny. I'm sure it was hard not to fall over laughing at the end of practice. It reminds me a bit of Bryce's first season of soccer- all of the boys off in their own little world most of the time :)

Love the prizes and sketch down below!

DigiBrandi said...

What a cute LO of the teeball practice. They're so cute doing sports at that age! And I snagged the freebie too - very nice, thanks!

Annette said...

Thank you very much for the goodie!
Happy Easter!

SammyD said...

Oh Tracy, this brings back so many memories...of us laughing at the kids antics....littlies are so cute when they first learn to play team sports!

Love ya freebie!

enableem said...

You are so sweet to share this with everyone - they are going to lovvvee it - I know I do! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

this is so cute! Thank you so much for sharing.

Kim Smith (vkimmycat) said...

Tooooo funny about Tball practice!!! I'm in tears - wish I had been there and you'd better have taken the video cam!!!

shawnyrvr said...

Love the alpha! Thanks Tracy!!!

Mish said...

Very cool Tracy. You are such a sweetie. Thanks!