Thursday, April 13, 2006

HOW DO THEY DO IT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

I seriously want to know!!

I feel like I am just treading water lately...barely afloat!!!

I am scrambling trying to get all of my prizes made (2 for Digital freebies, 2 for SDK and 2 for Raks), finally got my sponsor layouts all done, trying to get some freebies for everyone made (here at the blog, DF and SDK), keep the house clean and the laundry caught up, play with the boys, do their "homework" I give them every day, spend time with my mom and aunt, make new kits, see friends, IM with friends online (which I haven't been able to do a lot of lately), grocery shop, see and spend time with my daughters...brea came over for dinner the other night and I spent 3 hours helping her with her essay while bathing the boys and doing dishes and practicing t-ball with Chase (for my non-american friends who is beginner's baseball. the kiddos hit the ball off of a t (long stick attached to a base) to help them learn.

I just don't know how ppl with more kids do it. And then there are those that are constantly coming up with new product to sell every other day....and then some even have other part time jobs!!!!! Or who have special needs children....or both! What the heck???? lol. I know I am in bed by 10p so that doesn't help. And I know that Dear hubby has not been around to help me like he was, lol. darn him anyway. But I seriously am in awe and very perplexed at how they do this!!!

Oh well...I know that I should not compare myself to others and that I should just do the best that I can...but I would so love to be able to do it! I want to be able to do it alllll! Super MOMMMMMM! Sigh.

Oh...I got a layout done that I really love: I used Jessica Bolton's Signa kit from Eclectic Scraps. Lots of fonts...if you want to know what they are go check it out in my Raks gallery.

So...enough of that...the sun is shining here today! OMG we so needed that. I am going to take the kiddos to the park...dress them in play clothes and bring towels since it has been non-stop raining for days. I know they will get filthy...but who cares, right??? They need to run and play and momma needs the walk and fresh air!!!

Hope you are all good...I will take pics of Chase's practice tonight and share with you!!! heheheh.


lmayruby Laura said...

Tracy, I could have wrote that blog entry myself. My thoughts exactly!!! How DO they do it? Actually you were one I was in awe of, but it is good to hear you are 'normal' in my book heehee. I'm not selling kits, but I do an occasional funeral memorial video. I look at these people out there selling all those kits, just as you said, and wonder how they are able to do it all. Is their laundry and dishes piling up like mine? Are they getting to all those dr appts, school functions without a hitch? How are they squeezing in the time and being so creative at the same time??

Melinda said...

If you get any answers please pass them on!!! I deliberately stayed off the computer most of today because there was just so much going on that I knew I couldn't sit here much. OK- I need to pick up the screaming baby and get the kids' fed so we can go out the door again.
I will be so glad when Easter is over! I'm tired! LOL