Monday, April 10, 2006

I just had to share this before we get going today, lol. need a little background info here first.

My hubby works from home now...well since June. The first couple months he worked in our dining room...and mind you...we live in a track there is no "real" dining room...just one great room which makes up the kitchen (seperated by a small short bar), dining spot (as I call it) and the living room. Man...that was a PIA!!!! He was always in the way with his wires and piles of papers (he is a Fire sprinkler system disigner so he has huge rolls of plans, blue prints, books etc all over the place) and getting calls etc. The boys didn't know what to make of it...they were used to daddy being gone from 6a till 8p so they wanted to play play play. It REALLLLLY threw our routine into a tailspin. So...I kicked him out, lol. He went out to his dad's and worked on their porch, in their barn and finally in their den. My MIL wasn't too happy either, lol.

So...during this time, he converted this little shed in our back yard into his office...really not too hard. It was very well made...all wood, had he just put in sheet rock, texture, paint, cool lights and set up. It is a cool little set up.

Now he is out there. It is "usually" not too bad...he only comes in to eat or to use the bathroom...we have gotten to the point that we can almost forget he is out there. I like that he is nearby if there is an emergency or if I am going to lose my mind and run screaming from the house (which almost happened a couple times when Hayden was going through his little "testing momma stage" awhile back.) He is never late anymore (a constant problem before)and he is a lot less stressed and is way happier than he was.

But...let me just tell you....there are times that I just want to string him up by his wiggly litte toes!!!! Like this morning.

When he doesn't have anywhere to go, he is the world's laziest person...he can sit in from of the tv in his undies alllllll day and never even notice that there is laundry to fold or toys to put up.

But...when he is up and moving...he expects everyone else to do the same (though he begs to differ). At 7a he is making his coffee....turning down the tv...getting in the way of my waffle making...moving the dishes around...putting his body in my path at EVERY step I make. I finally remove myself from the kitchen and stand on the other side of the bar and watch him. He asks "What???" I politely tell him he is nutting me up...I like to move slowly in the morning...we have no school this week so I can putter around. The kiddos are in front of the tv, I can leisurely make their breakfast and putter on the computer for a few mins before my whirlwind of a day starts. And here you are bustling about, getting in my way, moving everything...I feel like you are always watching me...I hate how you come in and mess up my routine...I never have any time just for always know exactly what I am doing and not doing and! (by this time I am ranting and must have a crazed look in my eyes!! We both just start laughing so hard!!! He was like...sorry sorry...I won't touch anything else...I was just trying to help!!!!!

Hahhahahahahahahah...ohhhhhh...boy.....I REALLLLLYYYYYY wish we could afford to rent an office in town for him to go to, lol...shhhhhhh don't tell him that.

Why oh why did I feel the need to babble all of this to you? I don't know...just wanted you to understand my life a bit more...and my craziness too, lol. to start my day...

clean the kitchen...finish some laundry...take back some clothes to Ross that are too BIG (yay), let the kiddos run at the play are in the mall (since it is so soggy we have had a lot of rain),go to the grocery store and the library, finish some prizes while they hopefully rest, make dinner---it is monday...oldest stepdaughter Breanna is coming over for dinner, go over plans for new garden she is helping me design, throw kids in bath, story time and bed!

Talk to you later!!!!!


Jen said...

I had to laugh when you said you'd gotten to the point where you didn't know he was out there... can I get a place like that for Rick? LOLOLOL!

Melinda said...

Oh, I so totally understand, Tracy! Mark is on this work schedule where he gets every other Friday off and he just totally messes up my day being underfoot and expecting me to do things with him (gee, who does he think he is? LOL). I just write those days off as ones where I won't get anything done that I want to do.

I love/hate when he helps clean around the house. Love the help because I hate doing it myself, but hate the fact that he feels that cleaning means he has to rearrange everything and then I can't find what I want.

SammyD said...

Tracy I couldn't stop laughing! I had Darryl home for 3mths once, he drove me round the bend, always in the way and trying to be helpful....aaarrrrrhhhhh......but ya gotta love 'em!

Gina said...

ROFLOL! I hate state holidays when DH is home - totally throws off the schedule and our routine. But, if he grabbed my waffle? I'd have to kill him. ;)