Saturday, April 22, 2006

Have you ever noticed that when someone is nice to you...smiles, says hi, holds the door...offers feel better. When you go unnoticed or are scowled at or someone is can make a large part of your day crappy. At least for me. I can go into a store and if the clerk is not nice, I get ticked off. If someone sees me struggling with the stroller and packages and still doesn't help me with the door...I say "hurumph" to myself!

So...I have decided to start letting people know that I appreciate things about them. I started with this guy at Red Robin's. He is one of the hosts...seats you and gets you started with some water. He is just so dang cheerful. So sweet and happy...always smiling...paying attention the kiddos...he just makes me smile. Great kid. So...I let him know how he brightens my day and how I like when he works. I made sure to say this when his managere was standing next to him too.

Then, at the dollar store...where a lot of grumpy people work, lol. I thanked the gal behind the counter for being cheerful, for saying thank you and have a nice day. For not rolling her eyes when the lady in front of me was searching her purse for change "forever". I told her that she is doing a great job!

I am going to start letting people know how they make me feel they touch my life...even in small ways.

But...I am going to also look at the not so obvious too. Everyone has something special about them. Some are easier to love and appreciate, that is for sure...but maybe if everyone gets a little love and appreciation...they would be more apt to make their positive attributes shine through more often. a different is Brandon and my fifth wedding anniversary. We had our wedding in the gardens of the California State Capitol. The week prior to our wedding just poured and poured rain. We were all a little worried. That morning, the sun came out and just shone with brilliance. It even got a little too warm. Such a gorgeous day and wedding. I walked down the aisle to him to Shainia Twain's From this moment (playing now on my blog).

How did we meet you might ask? Well...I was an aerobic's instructor at a gym. One of my student's came up to me and asked me if I would like to meet her great wonderful single friend. It was his birthday and she thought we would have a good time together. I said no at first, but eventually said she could give my number to him. We ended up talking, then meeting for coffee...which lead to dinner...which lead to now, lol. (8 years ago...5 married)

here are a couple layouts I have done in the past.

(I used Carrie Stephen's Sunshine on a Cloudy Day kit from Fishscraps and Jeana and Ma Sexy fonts)


Anonymous said...

So many people are selfish and seem to get pleasure out of spreading "crap". It's so nice to hear your words. I have a good life but my 3 teenagers seem to bring the crappy attitude stuff home from school added with others who just seem to try to make life difficult. I was finding it just too much and was zoning out. Not feeling anything. Then I found you and the great community at Rak's. Complete strangers have made me want to get out of bed in the morning instead of just going thru the motions. Maybe I sound sappy and "disturbed" but what I really want to say is THANKYOU! You have brought a ray of sunshine to several days when it seemed like it was pouring insults and hatered!

Tania said...

Ah, happy anniversary doll! And I just love your new outlook on life, you're such an awesome person!

Raji said...

Happy Anniversary Tracy. You are an amazing person Tracy. I always admire you.

Kim Smith (vkimmycat) said...

I'm a bad blog-hopper! Happy Belated Anniversary, hon!!! Best wishes for many, many happy years together! Huggles,

SammyD said...

Never were truer words spoken Trace! "Manners cost you nothing and mean so much to the person receiving them" (thankyou Mum for drumming this into my head) it is something I try to live by! It makes you feel good too if you can bring a little cheer into someone else's life!
Happy Anniversay too!