Wednesday, April 26, 2006

"Life always involves a balancing act between how things are and how you'd like them to be..."

My horoscope for today.

Too hilariously funny! I am not one to follow horoscopes or fortune cookies...but goodness!!! Someone is trying to tell me something.

The cookies: "You will find peace and contentment at home"-when I am feeling like I don't want to be a SAHM anmore.

"Creating is the greatest proof of being alive"-when I was feeling like I should just stop designing for a little while

Then this horoscope when I have been dealing with figuring out how to do and be all I want.

Kind of a huge coincidence!


On to other news...yesterday was Happy Admin Professional Day...and Kim (vkimmycat) got all of Rakn Team to donate a mini kit to give to our wonderful Admin team at Raks: Jeanine, Robin, Correen, Rachel and Jen. It is gorgeousssssssssssssssss!

It will be donated to The Day Old Donuts Section of Scrapdish. If you buy things there, you will be helping keep Rakscraps running. (all proceeds go to the site's exprenses.) I will let you know when it goes up for sale.

Have you ever had this happen to find a product you REALLY it a nail polish shade, a brand of shoes, a food etc and then it is discontinued? I have! Quite a few times. But nothing has gotten to me like Bath and Body works discontinuing their White Ginger and Amber line! I love love love it!

So...when I couldn't find it as easily two years ago...I asked and sure enough...they broke the news. I went to every store within a 50 mile radius...I reallllly did. I bought it all up...anything from the line. And I am running low now. Wahhhhh. I know you can sometimes find it on ebay. Will go check that out. Oh...maybe too. But why do they do this to me. It is so warm and sensual. I always get comments about how yummy it smells. *sigh* I will have to find a new scent now.

So...if you have any recommendations for me....lotions/sprays or colognes/perfumes that I might like. I like something soft/sensual/warm but not overpowering. I also like one that stays for a little while.

I am realllllly wanting to scrap! It has been a hopefully I will have something new to show you soon!

Decided against putting down my whole to do stresses me out, lol.

So here is todays:

Catch up on emails
finish Scrappindigikreations' prize and challenges
make doctor appt for is another post
take shower
get boys dressed
do an once over on the house--dust, do floors, counters, bathrooms, playroom (with boys)
sweep porch and patio
feed boys
Chase's friend from school comes over
pull weeds while boys play out back
Give snack (the yummy homemade banana/oatmeal/choc chip/walnut/applesauce bread I made...yummmmmmy)
Visit with his mom when she comes to get him
fix dinner
get chase to practice
get to bed at a decent time....I work at the preschool tomorrow!

Monday, April 24, 2006

Last Part of the Freebie Kit is at the bottom of this post!

Hi my friends. Feels weird writing here, lol. I was thinking about it. I know people are reading this ( it shows up on the digiblogger thing), and it feels kind do I put am I really talking to anyone...or is it just me talking to journal....I have such a hard time not putting things down that I feel like typing. I def think it is time to start back with my personal journaling. There are things I would share here that I wouldn't have a problem sharing...but might not be P.C. enough for everyone. Isn't that so censor our thoughts and feelings....for me...when I start many things come out...and I end up going back and trying to find the spelling errors, too personal things, things that might not be taken right and fixing them.

So...our anniversary was pretty anti-climatic. Don't get me wrong...I am not feeling mad or cheated....I have a pretty great husband. He is such a babe (to me), he is accepting, understanding, funny, super smart, great with the boys. He does whatever I ask without hesitation...he reallllly tries to make me happy. But it gets so hard sometimes. I am such a happy, wordy, people, gabby kind of person...and so EMOTIONAL! and he so isn'''''''ttttttt. He is the epitome--the stereotype of ENGINEER,lol. Very analytical, unemotional...very here and now...lines and numbers. But he has just enough of humor, sexiness, desire etc to keep it together. But....sigh...sometimes I REALLY miss the romance and spark that comes with the fire of like minds.

We went to Chase's first t-ball was so funny...more of the same....but totally adorable. Pics to follow soon.

Then we hung out together all day. We took the kiddos to Bran's sister's house so we could go to a yummy Italian Dinner then hit the the way we should have as we were celebrating our anniversary *wink*. I had Hayden and he had Chase. Really need to either get over this co-sleeping issue with the boys or just break down and get a bigger bed.

Yesterday I got to finish a kit that I had made awhile ago...but I redid it...revamped it. It will be released tomorrow at digital freebies for 40% off then over at SDK. (Make sure you are signed up for both of their newsletters...I will be having a bonus in both)

I actually like it a lot, lol. I am so hard on my kits.

Ok...not sure if anyone one point we considered adding on to this house so that my parents could move in with us. WAIT!!! Don't run in terror. My dad is retired and my mom will be in a few years (and she works graveyards). So....we wouldn't all be together all the time. Plus...I grew up in an extended household...from 8 till 16 I lived with my mom, aunt, grandparents and stepdad was added at 12. I turned out But...due to some concerns I had with things I won't go into...we have decided maybe they should just get a house in town (right now they live over 2hrs roundtrip....we are super close so this doesn't work). So..we are going to go look at a house for them tomorrow. I would really love them to live up here. The boys would love it too.

Missy just told me today that they have an actual date for leaving...May 24th...sigh..I am sooooooo sad about the whole thing. For so many reasons. Bran doesn't have many friends...and he and Greg get along so easily. The boys just love playing together. I have gotten soooooo attached to their boys...Missy called me today because Reide said my name for the first time and he said it to me and I silently let some tears fall. And I like having Missy to hang out with. I am an only child...much to my sadness. I am also a VERY social person. I love people...all sorts for all reasons. I love talking, sharing, exploring. When I worked this was just fine. But now that I am a SAHM my resources are a little limited (working on this, lol) So...the thought of someone I actually like, that the kiddos like and that lives just across the street leaving....really just makes me sad.

Totally off subject...I have an obsession....yummy yummy Pita Chips. OMG...I love love love them.

I can't have them around without almost eating the whole bag. self-control.

Oh...and on my journey to self really really has a strong affect on me...I love to sing, to hear dance. When I can do any or all of takes on a new glowing sparkle for me. Maybe that is why I am not as happy as I once was...I used to go dancing Everyyyyyy week. I lovedddd it! Now...just me and the boys getting our groove on once in awhile...I need to dance and immerse myself daily in music that makes me feel alive.

Ok...have lots more to say...but boys are calling to me, lol. Brandon is still working VERY long it is Supermom to the rescue 24/7.

Did you read this far....????

Well, if you did--- you deserve some love.

here is part three of the blog freebie kit...last installment for this one.

You can download here: do not share...send them here. All three links will be taken down in a few days making way for the next goodie. Please leave a comment if you snag it...or heck...even if you don't. And...send me a link to anything you make with my creations.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Have you ever noticed that when someone is nice to you...smiles, says hi, holds the door...offers feel better. When you go unnoticed or are scowled at or someone is can make a large part of your day crappy. At least for me. I can go into a store and if the clerk is not nice, I get ticked off. If someone sees me struggling with the stroller and packages and still doesn't help me with the door...I say "hurumph" to myself!

So...I have decided to start letting people know that I appreciate things about them. I started with this guy at Red Robin's. He is one of the hosts...seats you and gets you started with some water. He is just so dang cheerful. So sweet and happy...always smiling...paying attention the kiddos...he just makes me smile. Great kid. So...I let him know how he brightens my day and how I like when he works. I made sure to say this when his managere was standing next to him too.

Then, at the dollar store...where a lot of grumpy people work, lol. I thanked the gal behind the counter for being cheerful, for saying thank you and have a nice day. For not rolling her eyes when the lady in front of me was searching her purse for change "forever". I told her that she is doing a great job!

I am going to start letting people know how they make me feel they touch my life...even in small ways.

But...I am going to also look at the not so obvious too. Everyone has something special about them. Some are easier to love and appreciate, that is for sure...but maybe if everyone gets a little love and appreciation...they would be more apt to make their positive attributes shine through more often. a different is Brandon and my fifth wedding anniversary. We had our wedding in the gardens of the California State Capitol. The week prior to our wedding just poured and poured rain. We were all a little worried. That morning, the sun came out and just shone with brilliance. It even got a little too warm. Such a gorgeous day and wedding. I walked down the aisle to him to Shainia Twain's From this moment (playing now on my blog).

How did we meet you might ask? Well...I was an aerobic's instructor at a gym. One of my student's came up to me and asked me if I would like to meet her great wonderful single friend. It was his birthday and she thought we would have a good time together. I said no at first, but eventually said she could give my number to him. We ended up talking, then meeting for coffee...which lead to dinner...which lead to now, lol. (8 years ago...5 married)

here are a couple layouts I have done in the past.

(I used Carrie Stephen's Sunshine on a Cloudy Day kit from Fishscraps and Jeana and Ma Sexy fonts)

Friday, April 21, 2006

Hi all...been a couple eh? Sorry...I know you have missed me terribly, lol. Just seems like life keeps going faster and faster! I am updating don't mind the rambling, typos etc.

Our Easter got rained out so we stayed at home and had a really quiet time. It was actually quite nice.

So...feeling guilty... I took the kiddos to Folsom on Monday. We stayed the night and had a grand time with my aunt and grandparents. The kiddos got yet another Easter egg hunt and took walks and got lots of love.

Tuesday night we hung out with some friends till way too late. We have been friends with the Strands since before Chase was born...but really started hanging out with them after they had their twin boys. We even moved across the street from them. It is so nice having them so close...they all play well together (the twins are 3 and they have a 19month old litte boy too) and we just have a great time with mommy and daddy. Well...they are moving!


They are going to Minnesota. sigh. His family lives there...they want a fresh start...he has gotten a good job there...they can get a huge house with lots of land for the same price as a little one here. But I am so sad. Her kiddos call me aunt tracy....wahhhh.

Chase got his uniform last night...I am a little perplexed as to why their hats and shirts are turquoise...since they are named the turtles, lol. But I will still make it work in my kit!!

His first game is tomorrow...and it is supposed to RAIN!!!! ALL night and morning!!!

Not sure how that is going to work!!!

And talk about overkill, is a list of all the people who are coming to see his first game

Mommy, Daddy and Hayden
Grandma and Grandpa Dalton
Aunt Carol
Maybe Great Grandparents
Sissy Kristen and her friend Heather
Auntie Becky
Cousin Ted
Cousin Daniel
maybe Grandma and Grandpa Blankenship
maybe sissy Breanna
lol...sooooo cute is part two of the freebie I am giving you (by the end you will have the full mini kit--I will be taking part one off soon). It was a challenge prize...but wanted to share here too.

Once not share the kit or the link...send them here. And please send me any layouts you have done with my creations so I can show them off!! Make sure to leave a comment pleaseeee

Click here to download

ok...have to go give number two son a time out...he is currently freaking out because Dora the Explorer isn't on and his breakfast bar broke. Goodness, the Drama King! heheh

Saturday, April 15, 2006

So I loveeee when people pm me and tell me they used something I made. It makes my dayyyy! I have decided I will start showcasing them here before I move them to my layout part of my blog! So send me those links gals!!

Stacey (slkone) sent me this layout she did of Colin and Carl. I love it.

Kit is Beach house by Tracy Blankenship (at version soon to be released at Digital Freebies)

Click here to go to her gallery.
Happy Saturday. I am having a pretty fab day. I went shopping with mom and then we brought Chipolte's home for lunch. And my daddy came up to visit too. Ahhhhh.

I have a little goodie for you...if you grab it, please leave me a comment.

Don't share the kit or direct link with people....have them come here to get it.Thanks.

Also...if you ever use any of my creations, please send me a link to I would love to see them and put them on my blog.

here is the goodie preview

click here to download little sweetie on his first day of T-ball Practice...they were so funny.

First they ran the bases and learned what they were all called and when to go to them. A round of stretches were next.

Then they split up and 1/2 went out in the field and the other went to bat. Well...the ones out in the field wanted to chat and look at the sky and Chase's was practicing his snapping, lol. One girl went running toward the playground and had to be called back.

Then...the ones batting...when the first one hit the ball...we were calling "run run...go to first....." so they all ran to first. I was laughing so hard!!! Then they wouldn't run to we had 2 kids with helmets on first (mine being one) and they were butting heads and listening to them click. After first, they would skip third and just run across the "pitcher's mound" and go to home...or keep running straight past 3rd. After a while Chase calls to the coach..."Can we have a time out...I am you bring me my water?!? Can we go play on the swings now???"

Oh it was something precious let me tell you! Good fun!!!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

HEYYYY GUESSS Whattt???? lol

Tracy just emailed out a surprise sale over at Digital Freebies...50% off until Sunday night! I am going to stock should too! lol.

Here is the link to the can navigate to all the diff designers from there.

Also...You have till midnight tonight to finish the first part of my scraplift challenge over at Digital Freebies

Here is the prize you will get after finishing all four parts.

Here is the first sketch for the Double Trouble challenge I am doing over there too!

Click here to go to challenge

You get this prize after completing both sketches. to get ready for Tball Practice Number OnE!!!hehhehehehehehe
HOW DO THEY DO IT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

I seriously want to know!!

I feel like I am just treading water lately...barely afloat!!!

I am scrambling trying to get all of my prizes made (2 for Digital freebies, 2 for SDK and 2 for Raks), finally got my sponsor layouts all done, trying to get some freebies for everyone made (here at the blog, DF and SDK), keep the house clean and the laundry caught up, play with the boys, do their "homework" I give them every day, spend time with my mom and aunt, make new kits, see friends, IM with friends online (which I haven't been able to do a lot of lately), grocery shop, see and spend time with my daughters...brea came over for dinner the other night and I spent 3 hours helping her with her essay while bathing the boys and doing dishes and practicing t-ball with Chase (for my non-american friends who is beginner's baseball. the kiddos hit the ball off of a t (long stick attached to a base) to help them learn.

I just don't know how ppl with more kids do it. And then there are those that are constantly coming up with new product to sell every other day....and then some even have other part time jobs!!!!! Or who have special needs children....or both! What the heck???? lol. I know I am in bed by 10p so that doesn't help. And I know that Dear hubby has not been around to help me like he was, lol. darn him anyway. But I seriously am in awe and very perplexed at how they do this!!!

Oh well...I know that I should not compare myself to others and that I should just do the best that I can...but I would so love to be able to do it! I want to be able to do it alllll! Super MOMMMMMM! Sigh.

Oh...I got a layout done that I really love: I used Jessica Bolton's Signa kit from Eclectic Scraps. Lots of fonts...if you want to know what they are go check it out in my Raks gallery.

So...enough of that...the sun is shining here today! OMG we so needed that. I am going to take the kiddos to the park...dress them in play clothes and bring towels since it has been non-stop raining for days. I know they will get filthy...but who cares, right??? They need to run and play and momma needs the walk and fresh air!!!

Hope you are all good...I will take pics of Chase's practice tonight and share with you!!! heheheh.

Monday, April 10, 2006

I just had to share this before we get going today, lol. need a little background info here first.

My hubby works from home now...well since June. The first couple months he worked in our dining room...and mind you...we live in a track there is no "real" dining room...just one great room which makes up the kitchen (seperated by a small short bar), dining spot (as I call it) and the living room. Man...that was a PIA!!!! He was always in the way with his wires and piles of papers (he is a Fire sprinkler system disigner so he has huge rolls of plans, blue prints, books etc all over the place) and getting calls etc. The boys didn't know what to make of it...they were used to daddy being gone from 6a till 8p so they wanted to play play play. It REALLLLLY threw our routine into a tailspin. So...I kicked him out, lol. He went out to his dad's and worked on their porch, in their barn and finally in their den. My MIL wasn't too happy either, lol.

So...during this time, he converted this little shed in our back yard into his office...really not too hard. It was very well made...all wood, had he just put in sheet rock, texture, paint, cool lights and set up. It is a cool little set up.

Now he is out there. It is "usually" not too bad...he only comes in to eat or to use the bathroom...we have gotten to the point that we can almost forget he is out there. I like that he is nearby if there is an emergency or if I am going to lose my mind and run screaming from the house (which almost happened a couple times when Hayden was going through his little "testing momma stage" awhile back.) He is never late anymore (a constant problem before)and he is a lot less stressed and is way happier than he was.

But...let me just tell you....there are times that I just want to string him up by his wiggly litte toes!!!! Like this morning.

When he doesn't have anywhere to go, he is the world's laziest person...he can sit in from of the tv in his undies alllllll day and never even notice that there is laundry to fold or toys to put up.

But...when he is up and moving...he expects everyone else to do the same (though he begs to differ). At 7a he is making his coffee....turning down the tv...getting in the way of my waffle making...moving the dishes around...putting his body in my path at EVERY step I make. I finally remove myself from the kitchen and stand on the other side of the bar and watch him. He asks "What???" I politely tell him he is nutting me up...I like to move slowly in the morning...we have no school this week so I can putter around. The kiddos are in front of the tv, I can leisurely make their breakfast and putter on the computer for a few mins before my whirlwind of a day starts. And here you are bustling about, getting in my way, moving everything...I feel like you are always watching me...I hate how you come in and mess up my routine...I never have any time just for always know exactly what I am doing and not doing and! (by this time I am ranting and must have a crazed look in my eyes!! We both just start laughing so hard!!! He was like...sorry sorry...I won't touch anything else...I was just trying to help!!!!!

Hahhahahahahahahah...ohhhhhh...boy.....I REALLLLLYYYYYY wish we could afford to rent an office in town for him to go to, lol...shhhhhhh don't tell him that.

Why oh why did I feel the need to babble all of this to you? I don't know...just wanted you to understand my life a bit more...and my craziness too, lol. to start my day...

clean the kitchen...finish some laundry...take back some clothes to Ross that are too BIG (yay), let the kiddos run at the play are in the mall (since it is so soggy we have had a lot of rain),go to the grocery store and the library, finish some prizes while they hopefully rest, make dinner---it is monday...oldest stepdaughter Breanna is coming over for dinner, go over plans for new garden she is helping me design, throw kids in bath, story time and bed!

Talk to you later!!!!!

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Hi again!!!! Happy Sunday! Had a mildly uneventful weekend. Got 5 layouts done...can only show you one....the rest are for the newsletter for Rakscraps. heheheh

This is using Jessica Bolton's "Love the guy" kit available at Eclectic Scraps and Ck's Lazy day's font.

Went walking, hung with the hubby and kiddos, organized my mp3 music files on the computer.

It is so funny...I have so much to say, but can't find the unlike me. let's start with my to do list:

finsh AAM layout and bio for Raks newsletterand mail to Correen

finish sponsor layouts for Raks newletter and reviews and mail to correen

finish challenge prizes

finish putting care packages together and mailing

Do three loads of laundry, fold and put away


Dust, bathrooms and do floors

Read through "Fly Lady's" website and start

email old friends

organize things to give Jenny for baby

take pics of things to sell for ebay

pick out flowers for garden

ok ok ok...enough lol

Friday, April 07, 2006


Today and yesterday we had NOOOOO was glorious. We stayed outside as much as we could!!!!

At Chase's preschool we decorated hardboiled eggs and had an easter egg hunt and ate our snack outside...and wouldn't you know it....NOOOO pictures. I was soooo mad. Oh well.

Today is also dh's bday...the boys and I got his presents all wrapped and dinner and cake ready. They are reading while right now. Tomorrow I am having some friends and family over for another celebration for him, lol.

I figured out how to get videos on here, so I that tickled me.

Chase got his tball letter...his team name is the Turtles (look for a kit to come soon for all the pics I am sure to get, lol).

I am not going to worry about designing as much the next couple weeks...going to work on some layouts...finish my review for raks and get those all mailed off. Then I am going to just catch up on more layouts.

I also really need to get pictures of all the clothes I want to put on ebay...Brandon will be VERY happy to get those out of the garage!

I need to finish up FIVE prize kits for challenges I am having...two at DF, one at Raks and two at Scrappindigikreations. PHew.

My dear friend Kim (vkimmycat at raks) spoiled the heck out of me this week. She sent me a care package via UPS full of goodies and gave me one of her kits to pass out for my March Element Challenge Prize. She is such a sweetie to me....and it cracks me up how we keep finding things in common (her bday is just a few days before mine).

ok....I have to run...time to open daddy's presents!!!!

hope to get some more fun stuff on the blog soon!

Monday, April 03, 2006

Here is the layout I did since I talked to you last. I actually LOVE it, lol.

I used Amy Bleser's Keep Truckin kit from Scrapmommie's
fonts are Beltane and Billy
inked edges from Atomic Cupcake's Inked Edge Action

woohooo..happy rainy Monday! I worked at the preschool today! Yikes a roonie...those kids were wound up two-sheets to Tuesday! Wowza! I was exhausted, lol. Just got BOTH boys down for a nap...gonna scrap a couple pages....YAY for me!

Wanted to tell you before I do....this is the freebie kit I made for Amanda to give out at digital freebies this week for the doodle challenge.

and...I got the full kit done too. It will go in the store tomorrow and be 40% off until next Tuesday!

A little Country Chic by TracyB

Ok...I will go scrap and come show you what I got done!

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Kim told me she had seen a challenge to scrap a photo from behind...I have several that are perfect for it...doesn anyone know where it was?
Saw this layout today in Rakscrap's is just too cool! I love it!! She said she was inspired by an ad by Rosewood Hotels. Go leave her some love in the gallery: her layout here

layout by Scrapdz
Been kind of a laid back weekend. It started with DH being a total PIA..won't get into it...but I was MAD!!! lol

Boys have been crazy wild, lol! Cleaning, playing, trying to work... Same ole same old! hehehe

but I did get some things almost wrapped up!

Started a new challenge over at Raks today....for International Children's Book Day. You should check it's a fun one...I actually am going to do two layouts for it, lol.

My scraplift challenge at Digital Freebies is every wednesday...I missed last week due to home life.

The next sketch challenge there starts Saturday

I am creating a free mini doodle kit for Amanda's challenge over will be part of a fun kit I am releasing on Tuesday. You get the mini kit free and then use it for her challenge.

Here is a sneak peek of the full kit's papers. I am excited about this kit...I am really liking the way it is turning out.

I am so tickled that Laura aka lmayruby at Raks pm'd me saying she used my Sweet Grandson kit I gave ya'll on the is her layout...go here if you want to leave her comments

If you use any of my freebies or kits...please send me a link so I can ohhh and ahhhh and put you on my blog! I love seeing my creations in use, as do most designers.

I have been loving blog hopping...very addicting...I feel like such a voyeur though, lol! Nosey Nelly that I am.

The whole tart thing is cracking me up! Funny how things become the "in" thing...and how quickly it spreads. I wish I were still in my psych classes so I could write a paper on this, lol. It would be a fun topic. to try to get some more designing done...and hopefully a couple new layouts to share!